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9/12/2017 - gmpilp Likes this wine:
85 points
Incroyable goût de réglisse.
2000 Château Lesparre Bordeaux Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
3/25/2010 - gmpilp wrote:
78 points
Beyond the drinkability window: flat, acidic. What a tragedy...
1/22/2010 - gmpilp wrote:
55 points
Bitter after-taste, no actual taste, headache-inducing. It's been a long time since I had white wine this bad, and it's not cheap either (by French standards).
White - Off-dry
1/13/2010 - gmpilp wrote:
85 points
Still bemoaning the fact that this wine and armagnac producer called it quits.
2003 Domaine Bisconte Vin de Pays d'Oc Red Blend (view label images)
1/8/2010 - gmpilp wrote:
87 points
After 7 years, still very full-bodied and replete with ripe fruit and tanin.
12/29/2009 - gmpilp wrote:
72 points
A bit beyond the drinkability window... too bad.
12/13/2008 - gmpilp wrote:
86 points
Suprising, pleasant taste of very ripe plums
9/12/2008 - gmpilp wrote:
80 points
The 2006 is still a bit young, probably needs to mature 1-2 years. Right after opening the bottle, it's almost pearly with effervescence, but after an hour, it becomes much more rounded and the tannins take over.
9/10/2008 - gmpilp wrote:
79 points
Excellent rapport qualité-prix.
2005 Yellow Tail Shiraz - Cabernet South Eastern Cabernet-Shiraz Blend, Red Blend (view label images)
7/8/2008 - gmpilp wrote:
85 points
Because the 95 is at the edge of the drinkability window, it needs to breathe. Once it has, it's extremely flavorful, which is very pleasant if you're into this kind of stuff. Goes great with sharp hard cheeses.
11/11/2006 - gmpilp wrote:
90 points
Needs to breathe about 2 hours before drinking.
10/28/2006 - gmpilp wrote:
89 points
Smooth and full-bodied
6/23/2006 - gmpilp wrote:
Very full-flavored and full-bodied Chardonnay.
6/23/2006 - gmpilp wrote:
80 points
We thought it would be past it's drinkability, but after long decanting, it was still great.
White - Sparkling
5/7/2006 - gmpilp wrote:
85 points
Buttery taste, very smooth.
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