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2010 Radikon Slatnik Venezia Giulia IGT Chardonnay Blend, Chardonnay
Single piece cork, no sign of seepage, minimal saturation.
Slight cloudiness at the bottom of the bottle.

This is the wine that i tasted with my then girlfriend, now wife, on our first date.
I purchased a few of these on the night and tucked them away wondering what the future would hold.

Fast forward almost 8 years later.
We just made our first house purchase offer and cracked this one just a few days ago.
The wine has aged splendidly, just as i suspected. The impression of slight sweetness gets more convincing as the wine warms to room temperature. We've noticed this more on later vintages. The savoury, floral dichotomy in this wine still captivates me and i stand by my chance meetings of both this wine and my now wife.

I have a slight preference for the Radikon Oslavje with a decade of age. Both are quite compelling wines.

Happy days
Drink up, or hold short term. Limited upside anticipated.
  • Tony Molester commented:

    9/13/21, 1:04 PM - Cheers Tim!

2001 Eric Texier Côte-Rôtie Vieilles Vignes Syrah
7/23/2021 - ohne_musik wrote:
93 points
Berserker Offline (Mathilde Bistro - SF): Super gnarly brett upon first opening – was afraid this was going to be undrinkable by the time we got to dinner. Everyone seemed to think it was fine, and when I finally got around to it at the end of the night, the brett had magically subsided. Lovely texture, classic feral gamey notes, vibrant red cherry fruit with undertones of black plum. Excellent balance.
  • Tony Molester commented:

    9/4/21, 3:10 AM - Was probably reduced rather than brett. The latter doesn’t subside. If anything it gets harder to ignore. Though i do like some brett in wine.

2016 Domaine Auguste Clape St. Péray Marsanne
12/25/2020 - beezer6 wrote:
89 points
Limited notes. Kinda one dimensional.
  • Tony Molester commented:

    7/18/21, 5:06 AM - I agree, demand has pushed this wine to unreasonable expectations. Its a simple white rhone, low acidity and everything about it is typical of the place rather than the producer.

2010 Domaine Anne Gros & Jean-Paul Tollot Minervois La Ciaude Red Blend
8/20/2020 - beatles wrote:
90 points
Showing some maturity, but still lots of primary fruit left. Happy wine with good depth, ripe fruit, good balance, good acidity. A food wine with some finesse.
  • Tony Molester commented:

    5/19/21, 6:05 AM - I second that assessment, best is to exercise patience. It will be better around 2025.

1999 Isole e Olena Cepparello Toscana IGT Sangiovese
Single piece cork, no sign of seepage. 20% saturation.
decanted, tasted over 3 hours with dinner

This wine had a considerable time to wake up. Sadly it never really showed much of itself.
It was ripe fruited, blackberries, some herbs, some secondary development with balsamic notes. But well and truly tasted disjointed and underwhelming, not of a place. It didn’t have the briskness i associate with many chianti wines I’ve tasted in the last 20 years, but moreover its oak treatment imparts a sweetness that i found quite distracting.

Certainly plenty of people would disagree, but this failed to light any fires on this occasion.
14% abv
  • Tony Molester commented:

    5/26/20, 8:24 PM - Auction purchase so it’s anyone’s guess but the capsule suggests it was reasonable. Fill was good, cork was moist and supple, and no trace of seepage. I largely buy on auction and have had few disapointments in that regard. I am of the opinion that a well made wine at 20 years should generally show well or show past its prime. This had little to show despite some evidence of development.

2016 Domaine Lionnet Cornas Terre Brûlée Syrah
12/25/2019 - Ericsson wrote:
92 points
Je peux reprendre ma note d’il y a un mois!
Petite touche de Brett à l’ouverture mais qui disparaît vite.
Accompagne bien un plat relevé.
  • Tony Molester commented:

    12/29/19, 6:29 AM - Si une perception de brett disparaît avec l’aération, cela suggère davantage la réduction, et tant mieux car j’en ai 6 en cave.

2009 Jermann W.... Dreams ......... Venezia Giulia IGT Chardonnay
8/15/2015 - Raycheng77 wrote:
87 points
the fruit is starting to disappear. Premox? bottle variation....?
  • Tony Molester commented:

    9/28/19, 10:10 AM - I had 2 bottles within this week and they could not have been more different. One was deep gold, and tasted as though it was getting feeble. The other tasted as though it was bottled 3 years ago. Lots of bt variation it seems, always an interesting alternative to burgundy.

2003 Château du Trignon Gigondas Red Rhone Blend
Single piece cork, no sign of seepage
Tasted within hour 1 and then 24.
Cinsault - Grenache - Mourvèdre - Syrah
N:Spicy and herbal nose (thym, menthol),
P:Strawberry and garrigue, thym and herbaceous typicity.
Rustic texture, some tannin and minerality on the finish. Some sweetness, offset by the minerality. Quite stable over 24h in fact.
Note: bottling is prior to the change of ownership in 2007.
Drink, wouldn't hold unless I had to, no upside anticipated.
15% abv
  • Tony Molester commented:

    6/7/19, 6:52 PM - Had my second bottle yesterday, showed great and I stand by the assessment of maturity. It’s a big wine, and best served at 18C. Found it delicious after 60 minutes of air (not decanted).
    Drink up or hold short term

2013 Tablas Creek Esprit de Tablas Paso Robles Red Rhone Blend
1/17/2018 - MateusPetrus Likes this wine:
88 points
Not gonna last another ten or fifteen years - drink it now (2018).
Too tart to be my kind of GSM. My girl thought that there was still enough fruit - I guess I agree. Drink with food, though, roast lamb or grilled salmon. Too lightweight for charcuterie.
  • Tony Molester commented:

    4/2/19, 4:42 AM - Beaujolais crus are the perfect pairing for charcuterie IMHO, so I'm perplexed that your comment implies this would be equal or lighter than a cru bojo. I consider cru bojos to be about as light as you can get. Just bought a case of this, will crack one and taste in the coming days. Cheers

2007 Domaine de Marcoux Châteauneuf-du-Pape Arcane White Rhone Blend
3/22/2014 - Christoffer78 Likes this wine:
92 points
As lovely as during last tasting, but the pear compote and acacia honey is a bit subdued. Instead a very interesting oxidized tone of mature red apple has emerged. Do not be mistake, this is not a n oxidized wine, instead these tones are very typical for the varietal. The palate is velvety, silky and extremely rich with a length on the finish lasting some 50 seconds. Of course this is not a wine for everyone. It is rather extreme and as far as I know the only white Chateauenuf made from 100 % Roussanne. Still it is quite lovely and provides the taster with some very interesting and nice impressions.
  • Tony Molester commented:

    3/22/16, 4:57 AM - Beaucastel makes a better known chateauneuf cuvee called vieilles vignes with 100% Roussanne (old vines).

1997 Vie di Romans Friuli Isonzo Voos dai Ciamps Red Blend
7/3/2011 - jmault wrote:
91 points
I'm very fond of Friuli reds. Yes, this region is best know for tremendous white wines. With that said, Friuli might be my favorite merlot-dominated red wine region in the world, Bordeaux included. The damp-earth rustic yet refined style really suits me. Yes, I know that sound contradictory - how can a wine be 'rustic' and 'refined'? Open a high-quality bottle of Friuli merlot and you'll see what I mean. This particular bottle has a lot going on. It's a '97, but it acids are lively and the tannins are sweet and apparent. I'm really enjoying this.
  • Tony Molester commented:

    7/17/15, 7:15 AM - Thanks for the guidance. Indeed, I enjoyed this very much.

2013 Jauma 'Somewhere on another Hill' Gewurztraminer/Chenin McLaren Vale White Blend
Beer capsule closure.

12.5% abv
  • Tony Molester commented:

    7/3/15, 10:25 PM - Refers to 2014 vintage.

1996 Tenuta Cocci Grifoni Rosso Piceno Superiore Vigna Messieri Montepulciano
Popped and poured, served at 18C.
No notes taken, struck me as nice and with typical sangiovese austerity. Impressive core of sour cherry fruit, still vibrant and not showing signs of tiring.
Tasted after a day of hiking, so perhaps my judgment was less severe. Next bottle will tell all.

Drink or hold, but unlikely to improve much. Better with food and at least an hour after opening.
Solid table wine.
13% abv
  • Tony Molester commented:

    8/11/14, 6:21 AM - The second bottle was tasted a bit warm, and in any case did not make as good an impression. I didn't finish this, though others did in my place.
    Drink up or make a sauce.

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