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Single piece cork, no sign of seepage.
Pale garnet, no bricking.
Deep cherry, floral overtone.
Good length, balanced finish on floral and cherry flavours. Slight drying touch at the end there.
Very honest, i liked it.
Drink or hold until 2027
12.5% abv
Single piece cork, no sign of seepage.
Very fine sediment.
Decanted for 1h.

Crimson, good clarity.
Nose has barnyard, some secondary development.

Drying tannins, some secondary complexity, but overall a bit short and lacking charm.
Palate has some brett, texture is quite acidic, a bit mineral with some leanness.
Nothing overly convincing beyond the pedigree of the producer.
Nice but not worth ageing, would be a good weeknight wine, yet a disappointing weekend wine, if that resonates with anyone.

Drink up, fruit seems dried up.
13% abv
Popped this last one a full 10 years later than my previous TN.
Very tight single piece cork, no sign of seepage, excellent fill level.
Sieving recommended.

Cloudy deep red, no sign of bricking, somewhat opaque.
Nose is a bit muted, a bit of VA, cherry,
Tasted over 4h, the wine remained hard and lean, with high acidity and not much fruit, development or interest.
Very little charm at 14 years after vintage suggests not much point in holding onto this one.
Drink short term, or avoid.
14% abv
Synthetic composite cork, no sign of seepage.
Caveat: I tested negative for covid.

Translucent bright red,
Aromas of grenadine and powdered strawberry drink.
Palate has no depth, the grenadine taste was predominant.
Short, simple, bojo like.
Fine if that's what you are after. I was hoping for burgundy lite.
Drink or hold. No upside expected.
12.5% abv
Single piece cork, no seepage.

No,formal note.

Weak, washed out flavours.
Tasted quasi dry.

Drink or avoid
11.8% abv
Single piece cork, no seepage, cork saturated to 95%.
No sieving necessary, filtered.
Tasted over 4h

Robust coloured gevrey, still quite red with minimal bricking at meniscus.
Palate has some vintage leanness, flavours were dilute wrapped in a very rustic styled wine. Cherry, autumn leaves and damp earth, into secondary development but not much else. Ca pinotte correct.
Length was below average, finish was ok.
Overall, an underwhelming gevrey.

Drink or hold to 2028, no upside expected. If you had any left you could sell them or serve to unlikeable in-laws.
13% abv
12/28/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Synthetic bio cork, no sign of seepage, excellent fill level.

Pale rust, translucent colour.
Fragrant strawberry nose
A bit short, refreshing acidity.
Drink or hold to 2025
12.5% abv
12/26/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Single piece cork, no sign of seepage, excellent fill level.
Flinty, fat, slight spice on finish.
Kerosene note is quite faint on finish.
I am tasting lemongrass, lemon and peach.

Drink up.
12/25/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Single piece cork, no seepage, excellent fill level.
Deeply coloured pommard, indicating barely into secondary development.
Flavours were slightly muted, tasted of some whole cluster fermentation.
Length was pretty average, pommard rusticity was typical on the finish.
The wine was a bit disappointing in terms of intensity given the vintage and age.

Drink or hold to 2030
13.5% abv
12/25/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Stelvin closure, no damage to capsule, fill level excellent.
Fragrant, aromatic pinot nose.
Acidity was low, slightly out of balance to my taste.
Fruit was ripe, verging on overipe.
Development is still secondary, slowly moving into tertiary.
Paired w xmas turkey at my brother’s first hosting party.
Ripeness was a bit much for me, similar to adelaide hills style pinot.

Drink up or hold to 2028, no real upside anticipated.
14% abv
Single piece cork, no seepage, excellent fill level.
Colour was medium gold, not showing any premox sign on the nose nor visually.
No formal note
Beautiful length and that oak kissed lemon curd finish I love.
Outstanding value for a barrel aged chardonnay

Drink now
13% abv
10/17/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Short, single piece cork. Good fill level.
Sieving recommended.
Slightly overripe.
Good, but not scaling the heights.
Deep crimson. No formal note.
Will keep developing, this datapoint was a mixed bag.
13.5% abv
White - Fortified
N.V. holmes Flor Sherry South Australia Palomino Fino (view label images)
10/14/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Single piece cork, small signs of past seepage, level into neck.
Cork was still somewhat moist, but loose fitting and barely providing a seal when pulled.

The wine is a pale, golden colour, quite translucent.
Nose has a definitive oxidative character but also a hint of furniture polish /Va and toffee. Definitely a fino styled wine at its origin.

Fully dry tasting, now recalling a simple amontillado rather than a fino, as expected for an aged example. The wine is enjoyable without lighting any fires either.
A definite Australian flavour running through making it ever slightly different to its andalusian style.

Somewhat intrguing, certainly enjoyable, but more a curiosity than anything else.
Miss Browne concurred.
Drink up

N/A varietal, but i would hazard to guess chardonnay.
N/A abv
9/28/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Mid weight aglianico
No formal note
Chalky tannins good balance
Slight fizz.
Drink or hold to 2030
13.5% abv
9/25/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Single piece cork, signs of seepage, fill into neck.
Filtered wine.
Decanted and tasted over 2h.

Ruby translucent.
Nose of cherry and damp earth. Nothing specîal here.
Plush, well balanced attack. Long finish. Rather satisfying for fans of red chassagne and the like. Nervy, exuberant red berried flavours.

Drink or hold to 2028+
This was a good value barbaresco, i found there was nothing lacking or extreme in its display of typicity.
Well done, when several producers are delivering subpar village quality wines, this was a noteworthy addition to the list.

Drink or hold to 2030, barely entering secondary development at this stage.
14.5% abv
Single long piece cork, no sign of seepage, good fill level.
Sieving recommended.

Beaucastel is generally a cut above most in any vintage, according to my taste on a 15-20 year age curve. They might be ordinary when tasted younger, dunno.
This one is no different. On the lighter side, not much if any brett on this occasion. Nice, mid weight palate, the blend seems dominated by grenache and cinsault.
Plush and well integrated, tasted secondary at most.

Drink or hold to 2026, limited upside anticipated from this vintage.
Enjoy it now.
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Single piece cork, no sign of seepage
Excellent fill level
Sieving optional, not decanted.
Uncharacteristically dark and deep red for a chianti
Muted nose, slightly aromatic
Takes a while to unfurl.
Balsamic notes under the forest floor, some lingering cherry.
Nice, if not scaling the heights tonight.
Is still tasting quite young.
Hold and revisit in 2026
13.5% abv
Stelvin closure
Anniversary wine
Still tasting quite primary
No formal note, busy having agreat time.
Nice and would recommend a longer slumber.
Slight impression of sweetness.
Plush and full, yet airy.
13.5% abv
Revisit after 2027
2010 Radikon Slatnik Venezia Giulia IGT Chardonnay Blend, Chardonnay (view label images)
Single piece cork, no sign of seepage, minimal saturation.
Slight cloudiness at the bottom of the bottle.

This is the wine that i tasted with my then girlfriend, now wife, on our first date.
I purchased a few of these on the night and tucked them away wondering what the future would hold.

Fast forward almost 8 years later.
We just made our first house purchase offer and cracked this one just a few days ago.
The wine has aged splendidly, just as i suspected. The impression of slight sweetness gets more convincing as the wine warms to room temperature. We've noticed this more on later vintages. The savoury, floral dichotomy in this wine still captivates me and i stand by my chance meetings of both this wine and my now wife.

I have a slight preference for the Radikon Oslavje with a decade of age. Both are quite compelling wines.

Happy days
Drink up, or hold short term. Limited upside anticipated.
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9/13/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Single piece cork, no sign of seepage, excellent fill level.

Darker than expected.
Medium bodied, not flabby or overripe. Some structure, grip, no greeness.
50yo vines
65% grenache, remainder syrah and mourvedre in roughly equal proportions.
Nice flavours, great food wine. Still needs to settle. Barely secondary flavours.
Drink or hold to 2028.
13.5% abv
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2009 Castellare di Castellina Chianti Classico Chianti Classico DOCG Sangiovese Blend, Sangiovese (view label images)
Single piece cork, minimal saturation and no sign of seepage.
Fill level into neck
Slight sediment, sieving recommended

Colour is still dark ruby, zero bricking on meniscus

Aroma was a bit muted, then some dense earthy mushroom. Had a slight feral tinge on the nose. Not brett but another signature smell.

Palate was simple, with the rustic tannins and refreshing acidity that is typical.

Drink or hold, limited upside anticipated.
95% sangioveto
Remainder colorino
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Single piece cork, signs of seepage, high fill level.
10% cork saturation
Dark ruby, looks youthful and would pass off as a grenache.
Some barnyard on the nose, grippy with cherry aromas
Palate is deep, rustic, with a feral streak on the aftertaste.
Robust tannins. Simple flavours otherwise.

Drink or hold to 2028, may round out yet.
13% abv
Fully dry, delicious mature riesling.
Malted flavours yet still fresh and vigorous.
A delightful pairing with tuna sashimi

Drink or hold, in a great place now.
12.5% abv
No formal note.
The wine tasted yeasty and reduced the way a tinto joven can be at times.
The wine went back into the fridge for 24h and emerged much much better than those first few hours. Nice tinto del pais flavours, not overextracted or boozy.

Drink or hold, no rush here.
14.5% abv
Ok, no formal note here, but having opened the 04 prestige less than 2 weeks prior, this was tasting vastly better. Where the 04 tasted tired, frustrating, stewed, and was one of those bottles that made me question the viability of grenache in chateauneuf, this wine was far more digestible and balanced, despite its size. I will concur with other TNs that it didn’t register as a delightful drink but my expectations weren’t outlandish to begin with. This has been a favourite chateauneuf bottling of mine for years but am certainly out of the honeymoon phase with this village.

Drink or hold to 2026
14.5% abv
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Single piece, long cork. No sign of seepage. Excellent fill level
Fine sediment, sieving recommended

Dark red, opaque.
Bitumen, balsamic, notes
Elegant, balanced palate. Great acidity and length.
Such an enjoyable moment, made better in the company of my wife.
This is just entering its window of secondary development

drink or hold until 2031 easily.
No formal note, this is very rhone like.
Served blind, i would be hard pressed to pick it different.

Stelvin capsule, excellent fill level
Fine sediment, sieving recommended

Deep ruby, beautiful balance between elegance and ripeness.

Drink or hold, there is no rush here.
Enjoy to 2030 easily.
Ardeaseal cork, no sign of seepage, excellent fill level
Filtered, no sieving necessary
Tasted over 2 h.

Ruby red, no bricking. Looks unevolved.
Restrained nose, cherry, sandalwood, not much more
On the palate, the wine is rustic, with tannin and a slight pinot funk that evolves over time. Not bad now, and i expect the best is yet to come.
Interesting datapoint given the warm vintage.

Revisit 2027.
13.5% abv
8/27/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Single piece cork, broke in half
Wine is in excellent condition, lively lean acidic.
Simple flavours of honey and lemon. Satisfying.

Drink or hold to 2025
13% abv
8/23/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Signs of seepage, cork was ok
Slight sediment
Orange and translucent
Ferrous nose
This tasted vastly overripe, under that ferrous acidic palate. Interesting but far from exciting.
Strange wine from a very wet, poorly noted vintage. Meh not worth more than satisfying a passing curiosity.
Drink up or avoid
13.0% abv
Perfect cork, no seepage, 30% saturation
Lots of sediment
Garnet, lots of bricking. Translucid.
Nose is all iron and something slightly feral, but not bretty.
This is a classically styled chateauneuf, meaty, dry, far more like aged pinot than port.
Wish the wines now were still like this.

Tired, but delicious.
Drink up.
13.5% abv
Perfect cork
Store suggestion was really off the mark for my tastes.

This tasted like a skin contact white made from pinot grigio or another low acidity, flabby varietal.
Flavoured pineapple juice. I tasted this over 90 minutes and no change. Let it warm up but still no significant improvement.
I didn’t enjoy this at all.

13.5% abv
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Single piece cork, no seepage
Pruney, tired aromas, a bit of garrigue. Opens up a touch but remains unexciting
Palate was also tired, finish was slightly bitter and the flavours were cooked.
I have had a fair amount of this cuvee, this bottle was clearly subpar.
Lot 2603
14.5% abv
Highly recommended for those seeking a well balanced brandy, without hard edges and that slight salinity imparted by the ageing process.

A stellar brandy with a great balance between smoothness, depths and complexity, if less powerful and boozy than many.

Very well done.
I tasted this over the course of 5 years, as it was a gift for a milestone birthday, hand carried by my brother to boot.

Lovely aromas, still enough power, possibly lacking depth.
Nose is nice,somewhat floral.
Palate had some acidity,a touch of burn.
40% abv
Single piece cork, w signs of seepage.
Decanted just before serving
No deposit

Translucent ruby colour
Nose is dominated by grenache, little garrigue.
The wine began by tasting very ripe, slight residual sugar, and fruit was faded
As the wine opened up, it faded rather quickly. Within 90 minutes, it went from sweet to sour, while remaining at a similar temperature. Overall, a rather simple wine that has likely peaked a few years back, but this is based on a single bottle. Meh.

Drink up, no upside anticipated
13.5% abv
1999 Agricola San Felice Chianti Classico Riserva Il Grigio Chianti Classico DOCG Sangiovese Blend, Sangiovese (view label images)
From 5L bottle

Wax seal in great condition.

Opened to celebrate the departure of a prick, unbeknownst to the host.
Celebratory it was. Wine was in fabulous condition, and kept opening up after 90 minutes or so. We had our fair share but decided the bottle was too much for the number of tasters interested. We stopped tasting after 4-5 hours in. Delicious wine, more ageworthy than we give this bottling credit for.

Drink up
13.5% abv
Cork crumbled. No sign of seepage. Poor cork quality seems consistent with this vintage. Shame given this special bottle.

Aromatically has a serious streak of reduction. Pleasant, but not giving up enough in the structure still. Blueberry and clove on the nose. Slightly four squared but still very enjoyable flavours. I will revisit this wine circa 2026. Its is evolving slowly, bery similar to previous conclusion.

Hold, with upside expected.
14% abv
7/28/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Single piece cork, no sign of seepage.
15% saturation
Filtered, but does benefit from 30 minutes in a decanter.

Traditional nose, but with a slight feral streak.
Flavours are balanced, there is the hallmark elegance of this bottling but it lacked the x factor from vintages like 2001. Still ahead of the pack in most vintages.

Tobacco, leather, an animal component…

Drink up, but no rush. Dubious about upside.
13% abv
Single piece cork, no seepage

Lemon gold.
N: floral, honey, typical white rhone aromas.
P: low acidity, again typical of place rather than the producer.
A perfectly fine table wine that doesn’t taste any worse or better than another well made saint peray. Meh….

80% marsanne
Remainder rousanne.

Drink now or hold, no real upside expected.
1994 Roberto Voerzio Langhe Vigna Serra Langhe DOC Nebbiolo Blend, Nebbiolo (view label images)
6/25/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Long single piece cork, no sign of seepage
No need to sieve
Level high shoulder
Decanted for 30min
Colour still red with limited bricking

Beautiful mature bouquet, earthy
Black tea, damp earth, perfectly smooth and savoury finish. Very satisfying.

Drink up but could hold, no upside though.
13% abv
6/24/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Very light bodied with succulent red berried fruit.
Tart, chalky finish.
Drinking well now
Drink or hold to 2025
Single piece cork
Requires sieving, slight deposit

Still tastes like it has barely reached secondary development
Characteristic barbera flavours, clean and medium bodied.

70% barbera
Remainder nebbiolo
Drink or hold to 2026
14.5% abv
5/19/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Single piece cork, no sign of seepage.
Decanting recommended for 60-90 mins
No sediment
Excellent fill level

The 2 bottles that were tasted to date did not have the unbalanced acidity that is widely reported, however I would never say that the wine is more firm and straight than plush and generous. Not exactly surprising for the appellation, nor the winemaker.

Drink up
12.5% abv
5/15/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Flimsy short single piece cork, no seepage
No sediment

Deep red, medium opacity
N: vanilla oak overpowers any fruit aromas
P: sharp acidity, vanilla oak is at the fore again. Excellent length.
Powerful style needs food, but still juvenile in its development.
Revisit in 2026.

90% nebbiolo
10% marzemino

13.5% abv
Bt 3805
L 03935151
2014 Marjan Simčič Ribolla Goriška Brda Ribolla Gialla (view label images)
Single piece cork
No seepage

No formal note but this was delicious with some complexity. A nice surprise.

Not an amber taste profile, more like a good dry hungarian furmint or a steely styled burgundy
Very good indeed

Drink or hold short term.
Orange - Sparkling
4/18/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Beer capsule closure
Medium effervescence
Light gold colour
Faint signature of skin contact, yeasty finish that adds interest.

12% abv
This is the only bottle i could taste but it was awful. Cooked prune juice.
3/30/2021 - Tony Molester wrote:
Crumbling cork, no sign of seepage.
Good fill level into neck.
Needs sieving to remove sediment.

Rustic tuscan blend, good interest.
Cabernet sauvignon and merlot. Undisclosed proportions.
Drink up, fully mature on a gentle downward slope.
13% abv
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