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Stelvin closure

This was quite nice, with lots of subtle flavours emerging after an hour or so. More nuanced than most barossan shiraz. Well done.
Drink or hold to 2025
10/19/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
This was totally oxidised.
10/12/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
Popped and poured.
Perfect cork no sign of seepage.

Sweetish pruney notes on the nose once the reduction blows off. The wine gives an impression of sweetness on the finish. The warm vintage translates into lower acidity and a slightly cooked fruit character that isn’t especially appealing when i am drinking crozes. None of the crunchy deep fruit that can often be a feature is found here, as good as the winemaking is, the wine already tasted tired and out of balance, suggesting it’s unlikely that further cellaring will change anything.

Drink up or avoid.
10/9/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
Decanted 30min prior.
Cork was fully saturated and showed signs of seepage.
Garnet with burnt orange meniscus.

I don’t know what it is about grenache and exposure to air but it somehow seems that a bit of accidental contact through a faulty seal improves the wine vs perfectly sealed examples. I cannot explain it for such an oxidation prone varietal but it happens consistently with lots of late 90s rhone wines i have.
Anyway, this was a delicate and fine grenache. Still with fruit as well as the expected secondary development. Excellent.

70% grenache
20% syrah
10% cinsault
All concrete fermented and aged in foudres.

Drink or hold, this bt seemed fully mature for my tastes
14.5% abv
Perfect cork, no sign of seepage.

Popped and poured.
The acidity was off the scale. Not much else was there besides very faint oak, smoke and vanilla. Very poor showing, feeble and tired. I left it to air out and it improved by about 10%. Have had a few aged 904s but this is my first 890. I can accept that this bottle may have been off given other TNs but it is very unfortunate. I have had a string of disappointing experiences with 94 riojas of late. I believe it’s time to limit my loss for the infrequent pleasure they have delivered.

Bt 000716/16599

Avoid based on this single bottle.
12.5% abv
10/6/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
Decanted and tasted over 2h
Perfect cork no sign if seepage
Initially smells stewed but it must be served at around 18c and left alone for about 60min. It opens up and becomes this delicious savoury moreish wine. V good showing.

Drink up
10/5/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
Pretty simple, i recommend drinking up soon.
I popped and poured this wine.
Flabby cork, but no sign of seepage.
Single piece cork.
Right off the bat, i will say I’ve tasted many of this bottling and this was one of the best examples to date. Quite open and delicious. Some previous bottles had a shrillness that was noticeable and distracting. None here.

Delicious, red fruited and deliciously Victorian shiraz. So moreish and a huge contrast to its barossa cousins.

Drink or hold, still has many years ahead.
10/4/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
Revisiting this over a year later, the wine consisitently needs time to open up. This was tasting quite open after about 45-60 minutes.

Still only in early secondary development , with leather and tobacco at the fore and blackberry taking a back seat.
Just a bit near its zenith methinks.

Drink or ideally hold some more, depending on tastes of course.
14% abv
1995 Lievland Estate Lievlander Stellenbosch Cabernet-Shiraz Blend, Red Blend (view label images)
9/27/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
Single piece cork closure, no sign of seepage.
Popped and poured. Tasted over 2.5h.

Garnet with orange brown meniscus.
Aromas are undoubtedly south african, with the very smokey gun flint and furniture polish nose. Once that blows off, some pyrazines indicating there is likely some cabernet in the blend. The details of the blend are not clear, but seems to be
Cab franc
Cab sauvignon

In varying proportions. This held up remarkably well for almost 25 years. The tannins were unobtrusive, with a nice polished texture and nice secondary development. Certainly at peak or slightly past it, depending on your inclinations.

Drink or hold, no upside expected.
12.5% abv
Perfect cork, no sign of seepage.
The wine was completely oxidised. I couldn’t detect blindfolded if this was an old chardonnay or marsanne. Awful and inadmissible.

Avoid based on this single bottle.
Popped and poured. Perfect cork no sign of seepage
Deep gold colour.
Aromas of fresh pastry, butter and almond. Seemed a bit suspect.
On the palate, the wine was certainly showing its age, yet performed much better than a very oxidised 98 Chante-alouette by Chapoutier. Sure, it was 6 years younger, but it was way more alive and fleshy. Waxy and quite delicious, if a bit muted by its maturity. Comparing the above 2 marsanne wines to several aged marsanne wines from Victoria, Australia (Lindenton and Tahbilk come to mind), i couldn’t help but feel that the oz wines, generally under screwcap, age much more harmoniously and predictably than these 2 examples from the motherland of marsanne. Very expensive and disappointing. Sometimes i wonder why i bother with the risks of expensive cellared wines with crap corks.

Somewhat interesting, but ultimately a bit feeble.

14% abv
9/24/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
No sign of seepage, single piece cork
Tasted over 2 h.

While wine shows plushness and aged patina, aromas were more on the stewed prune side of the spectrum. Paired well with a bold flavoured dish (beef carpaccio with truffle oil), and kept up over the time it was open. Never less than delicious but never transcendent.

Drink up, this can only maintain or degrade over time. The structure isn’t sufficient to enable the wine to develop much more than its current state.

14% abv
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Popped and poured. Tasted over 24h.
No sign of seepage, single piece cork.

Aromas of blackberry and mulberry. Some oak perceptible, reminded us both of Tahbilk reserve shiraz on the nose, which is high praise for those in the know.
Palate is rustic at this point. Still needs to integrate over several years, i would anticipate revisiting around 2024.
51% carignan 41% grenache and remainder syrah from old bush vines.
Hold, this shows promise.
14% abv.
9/20/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
Nice crunchy fresh red fruited quaffer.

Best to decant an hour prior. A bit of VA on the nose blows off and the refreshing beauty of this wine shines through.

Drink or hold to 2023
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2008 Domaine Lafage Cuvée Centenaire Côtes du Roussillon Grenache Blend, Grenache (view label images)
This was a nice surprise.
Diam cork, no sign of seepage. Youthful light golden colour.
Popped and poured, that was a mistake. The wine shook off the aromatic opening aromas to make way for something more restrained and serious. The palate changed and deepened. The wine became much more profound with air and a few degrees warmer. The low acidity was still sufficient to keep the wine refreshing, however a succulent quality emerged with time, air and warmth. It would be a mistake to taste this too cool. A bit like some vintages of musar blanc.

Very fresh and just starting to gain interest at year 11.

80% grenache blanc, 100 y old vines
Remainder roussane
14% abv

Drink or hold, but decanting 1 h is recommended. Serve just cooler than room temp
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This had a single piece cork with minimal saturation. No sign of seepage.
Premox was prevalent. At this level that is unacceptable. Burgundy, you have the obligation to try harder to solve this issue. We are tired of pouring expensive chardonnay down the drain. Others produce excellent chardonnay that ages well past 10 years and usually costs far less.

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9/14/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
Single piece cork, no seepage.
Served at cellar temp, tasted over 2 days.
The first evening, the nose was sensational full of lavender and beautiful floral character
Palate was rustic and young, but not overblown as previous experiences with this producer. A bit four square on the palate but showing plenty of interest and upside. This is very primary.

This is a hold recommendation until 2024 before revisiting.
Single short cork, no sign of seepage.
Ullage into neck. Decanted and tasted over 2h.

Opens with significant barnyard aromas. Smoke and a tiny bit of brett. The oak is well integrated even though this era is notorious for its heavy handed use. Aromas evolve and anis emerges after 20 minutes. The barnyard tends to blow off.

Flavours remain heady and bold despite its age. The wine is fleshy and medium full. The wine opens up and gets spicier after 30 minutes.

Overall, this was a nice surprise for both of us. Quite enjoyable, alive and generous at age 22. This is not a reserve bottling, certainly a vote of confidence for the fruit quality at this estate.

Filter and drink up.
14% abv
2002 Chateau Musar Bekaa Valley Red Blend (view label images)
Perfect cork, a rarity for musar, no sign of seepage.
Single piece cork. Wine was decanted and tasted over 90 minutes.
Served at 18C
Aromas just started to soar from the glass after 30 minutes. Clove, orange peel, cinnamon. Sweet fruited finish.
Excellent wine.

Drink or hold, everything is in the right place at the moment but i expect it to drink well until 2028.
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Nice clean and well made pinot from this producer. Quite young and approachable, will be better between 2022 and 2027.

Drink or hold to 2022.
14% abv
Another amazing bottle. Like a fine burgundy, drink up.
Highly recommend to seek out.

Drink up
14% abv
Tasted over 3 h.
Agree with previous TNs. This is getting feeble already. Mine had a good fill level but was just just ok as an experience. Nothing like the 88 tasted years ago. Better than the 91 i tasted a few months ago.

Drink up.
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Stelvin closure.
This is drinking very well at the moment. Floral delicate and ripe.
Definitely showing the greatness of les clos terroir, albeit from a warmer vintage that may lack cut to some. Great nonetheless.

Drink or hold.
13% abv
White - Fortified
Amazing stuff. Slight residual sugar just enough to soften the richness from aged PC. Great wine.
Drink up
20% abv
7/17/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
Minimal cork saturation. Single piece cork
No sign of seepage

Astonishing youthfulness in colour, aroma and flavour

N:Cherry, bit of VA, very discreet oak. Promising.

P: significant acidity, but fruit is sweet if somewhat unbalanced by the acidity. Tannins are slightly rustic. Overall, this is good, but far from great, not withstanding the vintage. I have found the 5 or so 1998 Volnays I’ve tasted at about 20 years old to be generally lacking charm. This is no exception despite how youthful it is. I hardly see an upside to a hard, slightly tannic 1998 volnay, especially at current market prices.

Drink or hold to 2029 based on this single bottle. No upside anticipated, based on 2 tasters.

13.5% abv
7/13/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
Single piece cork, no seepage.
Decanted for 120min.
Dark crimson, purple inflections.

I read a lot about this cuvee and i generally seek out carignan based wines from the south of france whenever available, as a change of pace from the grenache or syrah based wines in neighbouring regions.

I also read the TNs on CT which were less than flattering. I generally agree this wine isn’t scaling the heights of its potential. It's got some slight sweetness and a bit of oak on the nose, and also a slight pyrazine (capsicum) aroma that was off putting. I didn’t find the wine unbalanced on the palate, but it was somewhat muted and boring to sip through.

The wine was decanted 2 h prior and tasted over another 2h. Not much change, nor excitement. Overall well rounded palate, without any major flaw, but anonymous.

I was expecting more personality from this wine, disappointing.
Mrs Browne concurred.

Approximate blend:
50% carignan
25% grenache
15% syrah
10% mourvedre

Drink or hold, no upside expected.
14% abv
Popped and poured
Single piece cork no seepage
Smokey oak, some faint cherry lurking underneath.
Palate is very modern. The oak sauce is at the fore, heavy handed. I really can’t make out much from the fruit. It could be gamay, pinot noir or jaen and i wouldn’t be the wiser. Its light and the smokey finish is omnipresent.

Not my style.

Drink or hold, this is still very primary. Upside is not guaranteed.

14% abv
Single piece cork, no seepage
Aromas suggest a burg with secondary development.
Strawberry seems at odds with forest floor and autumn leaves
Palate has nice fruit but the finish includes astringency that is distracting.
Good wine with clear flaws.

Drink or hold, can’t vouch beyond 2022 for upside.
13% abv
Capsule shows little to no seepage and fill level is quite high.
Cork broke but still moist, single piece cork.
Decanted and tasted over 120 min
The nose is initially closed, then pots of barnyard, and about half an hour later the barnyard subsides. It shows hints of youthful grenache every so often.

The palate however never fully emerges. At times porty and charred, others sour, the overall impression is thin and unpleasant. Even after 2 hours, i could not get a hint of the proverbial awakening. I will leave this rest for a few more hours but it appears this is dead unless i write additional notes.

Drink up or Avoid
Popped and poured.
Single piece cork no seepage
Very pretty and polished pinot fruit with a bit of oak. Well handled.

Good wine.
Drink or hold to 2022
14% abv
Agree with previous note. Porty and grainy. A bit of grip and showing the warm vintage. Quite hollow finish. Uninteresting and not worth the liver damage.

14.5% abv
Single piece cork
No seepage
Colour is quite young.
A bit of leather and lavender.
Plush texture, excellent length.

Very nice
85% grenache
10% syrah
3% mourvedre
Field blend for remainder
65% destemmed according to web.

Drink or hold mid term
This bottle was just entering secondary development.
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Second bottle showed copious seepage. Cork was saturated and broke.
Still the wine was quite similar to the first bottle, although I did notice more of a green vegetal note in the palate, suggesting cabernet sauvignon, though the blend is tempranillo and graciano.

Drink or hold
Popped and poured.
Single piece cork,no sign of seepage.
Translucent ruby.
Plush mouthfeel, fully integrated tannins, fruit is fading. Typical dried herbs. Good.
Drink or hold short term, this is fading slowly.
14% abv
Single piece cork, no sign of seepage.
Translucent ruby. No bricking.
Agree with Previous TNs, the wine is not a blockbuster, it is elegant and subtle. Texture of pinot without its complexity, not by a long measure IMHO. Then again, gamay is never my choice when i want a wine with complexity and layers, no matter its pedigree, vine age, barrel ageing, etc.

Fine tannic grip on finish, a bit out of place.

Drink or hold, no upside anticipated
13% abv
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1998 La Massa Chianti Classico Chianti Classico DOCG Sangiovese Blend, Sangiovese (view label images)
6/13/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
This was really a delight.
Single piece cork, no sign of seepage
Nose has a persistent barnyard dominant profile, but closer to cheese than poo or sweat, and in a good way. There is a trace of fine wine burried under the top note of stink, despite its persistence.

The palate is mature, and plush. Mostly on secondary and tertiary notes.
Mushroom, forest floor, damp earth all that, with a strangely burgundian finish.

Nice surprise, and significantly different to the previous bottle tasted a few months ago. Good stuff.

Drink up, this is singing.
No formal note
Short single piece cork, no seepage.
Tastes quite mature for a Sacha.
Palate is classic and quite intense.
Roasted nuts, lemon, curry spice.
Good length.

Drink up
White - Sparkling
No formal note, pretty good sparkling.
Blend of pinot noir and chardonnay.
Good balanced flavours low dosage.

Drink or hold.
12% abv
No formal note. Cork broke. No sign of seepage.
Deep ruby colour.
Pruney, raisin nose.
Off dry flavours, just not my thing at all. Caught me by surprise but should have known from the unusually low alcohol.
Avoid unless you enjoy a dilute rivesaltes or other vdn.
10.9% abv
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Single piece cork, no sign of seepage, minimal soak.
Popped and poured from the fridge, tasted over 2h.
No decanting.

Vivid burgundy colour. Nose of cherry and sandalwood, clove.
Earthy palate, delicate and succulent. Only entering secondary development now.
Fine boned structure and flavours. Satisfying and moreish rather than impressive.

Drink or hold to 2025. Life ahead, but delicious now.
13% abv
White - Sparkling
5/12/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
This was tasting nicely round, with lots of mature flavours and refreshing acidity.
Fine effervescence, probably 4 out of 10 for vigour.
Crisp finish, a bit of toast, nice length.

Drink or hold, seems like its on a plateau of maturity.
12% abv
Popped and poured. Good single piece cork. No sign of seepage.

Right off the bat, this was very nice, creamy texture, some stone fruit and flowers on the nose. Unctuous texture and nice balance between oak and acidity.

It would be asking a lot to write that it wasn’t as thrilling as certain white hermitages can be with age, however this is a lot better than white hermitage if you include all the ones that are ridiculously overpriced for what they deliver most of the time, which is subpar. This is very honest and delicious, and in the same style.

The tasting note below lamenting that it wasn’t as powerful as a condrieu is a mute point.

50% marsanne, remainder Roussanne, raised in oak.
Drink up
13% abv
2010 Odfjell Aliara Maule Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
5/11/2019 - Tony Molester wrote:
Popped and poured based on previous note.
Single piece cork, minimal soak. No seepage.
Good density, dark red with purple, youthful appearance in the glass.

This is the most distinctive nose on a red wine i have tasted in years, or propbably about 1000+ bottles. Granted, I never drink chilean wine. It’s a hypothetical hybrid of buis (cat urine), malted pineapple juice and cherry cough syrup. A fantastic one to serve blind at a tasting.

On the palate, it’s a different wine altogether. Savoury, red fruited, lots of minerality. Barely entering secondary development. Good length. The retro olfaction on the finish gives a very slight suggestion of the nose.
Puzzling disconnect. Single bt purchase in Santiago.

32% carignan
26% malbec
22% syrah
20% cs

Hold, would be better with further insight into its development. Not worthwhile at the moment. I would revisit in 2024 or later.
14% abv
This was corked, so thats the first flaw, but beyond the cork taint it was a lean, acidic wine that no amount of time in the decanter seemed to remedy. Based on this I would avoid it.
This going in the sink.

13,5% abv
Amazing stuff very similar to calvados.
Excellent value.

Single piece cork, signs of seepage.
Decanted due to large amount of sediment.
Decanted 60 minutes prior to tasting
Aroma mature, and spicy
Mrs Browne-Lyons guessed correct with shiraz.

The palate is clean and lean, as expected, and the wine did put on a bit of weight with air. Nice spice and a mature earthy finish. A pretty good showing.
Drink up
Popped and poured after a terrible bottle of faugeres.
Good dense cork,single piece , no sign of seepage.
Colour is dense purple
Aromas of tar, balsamic,
Palate is quite dense and chalky. It wasn’t especially open tonight and showed an inherently structured wine that will need another 5 to years to polish itself.

Hold to 2023 before revisiting is my guess. Should come into its own.
14.5% abv
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broken cork, no seepage.

I can confirm this is still tasting quite nice. Mature, but still enough fruit. Lighter vintage, more on fruit than others such as 98 (power) and 96 (savoury and lean). All are tasting delicious at the moment, so no rush. Anyone who enjoys lighter syrah looking for a an expression to reconcile aussie shiraz vs the richer Barrossa wines, this is a good example. Old school and just delicious.

Drink or hold until 2022, but no upside anticipated.
13.5% abv
popped and poured.
Good single piece cork, no seepage, minimal soak.
100% cannonau.
V:translucent garnet, orange meniscus.
N: unusual ferrous element that is overpowering. Perhaps just some reduction... and now felt tip marker (xylene)?!
P: ever so slight rustic tannins. floral quality, violet. I get a suggestion of cinnamon on the finish, along with slight heat and some bitterness.Interesting expression of the grape...unusual but not lighting any fires tonight. Massive amount of sediment in this particular bottle. I had to empty the strainer twice to get through the bottle.
Drink or revisit in 2022. If the tannins yield, it may be good wine with the allowance for more time. Right now, it's uncertain.
14.5% abv
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