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2007 Cayuse God Only Knows Walla Walla Valley Grenache
4/12/2011 - recotte wrote:
This is one of the most unusual wines I've ever had. If you're looking for a New World more fruit-forward drinker, this ain't it.

I knew this was going to need some air time, so I got home from work, opened the bottle, poured a glass, then went to run some errands. I made the mistake of sniffing and sipping right away. Serious brett on the nose, with an extra helping of barnyard on the palate. Not my cup of tea, and I'm not encouraged, worried that it's something that I'm really not going to like.

Run errands, mind on this bottle the whole time.

Got home a couple hours later, and woah, what a difference. Throughout the evening, the nose didn't change dramatically. Softened some, but maintained the brett which slightly dominated the fruit. I've never had something where the nose was so different from the taste of the wine, which had opened up and was, well, amazing. And it kept evolving throughout the night, highlighting different elements. Really chewy flavors, lots of earthy tones and red berries... but more. Nice and smooth, but in no way velvety, with a medium-long finish.

I did not want to put my glass down, and only the need to take care of my kids kept me from polishing off the entire bottle tonight. I'm showing massive restraint in that I'm saving some for tomorrow to see what else it holds in store.

What a stunner. Not for everyone, but it's floating my boat.
  • bmilesfl commented:

    5/11/11, 7:26 PM - That's a Cayuse for you! This was similar to my first bottle of wine from this winery. If you can get past the barnyard funk, it is truly a great, great wine.

2002 Joseph Phelps Insignia Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
4/5/2011 - Charlie Carnes wrote:
82 points
This just doesn't do it for me or Julie. Short, abrupt, over-ripe, hot, out of balance, and flabby. They show better young, and not at all as they age. The 1994-1996(7) are so much better.
  • bmilesfl commented:

    4/7/11, 3:27 PM - Me too!

2007 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
9/8/2010 - Dasher wrote:
93 points
Buy it, pop it, pour it, enjoy it, because there is not much left of it around the country. However the 2008 is just as good. Solid wine!
  • bmilesfl commented:

    9/8/10, 8:08 PM - I agree. A go-to wine that is incredibly good. But, you and I know this already. And, I agree that the '08 is just as good. Time to stock up on this one again.

2007 Cayuse Syrah En Chamberlin Vineyard Walla Walla Valley
8/12/2010 - caeleric Likes this wine:
91 points
smig vs. the wine barn (the wine barn, orlando, fl): definitely not my usual style for syrah, but utterly profound in its uniqueness. the nose was all about wet animal fur, locker room, golf clothes after an afternoon round in august in florida, with some dense blackberries coming through. funky funky!!! the palate was incredibly full and round, with delicious concentration of fruit without coming across candied or excessive. the finish was long and decadent. this needs soooo much time in the cellar, and if it's your style i can see rating it close to 100 points.
  • bmilesfl commented:

    8/17/10, 9:14 AM - This was definitely a fun wine to try with a large group of people, as we did. The comments this wine generated were priceless!

2005 Golan Heights Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Yarden Galilee
4/4/2010 - caeleric Likes this wine:
91 points
Pop and pour to accompany Easter dinner. Huge, sweet aromatics of blackcurrant liqueur and ripe black cherries. Some secondary aromas of new leather and freshly cut herbs. Wonderful creamy texture in the mouth, and the 45-second finish unfolded with beautiful black fruits and baking spice. For $20, this is a no-brainer. Very new world and modern in its execution. Awesome stuff!
  • bmilesfl commented:

    4/7/10, 6:11 PM - Glad to see you get to enjoy a wine before the end of tax season. I like this one too.

2005 Shafer Cabernet Sauvignon Hillside Select Stags Leap District
2/22/2010 - jcable wrote:
95 points
Incredible wine and will improve. Talk about dark fruit, this wine had it in spades on the pop-and-pour with blackberry stabbing the back of your tongue in a one-two fruit-tannin punch. This eased quickly upon decanting to reveal great balance and structure and one smooth finish. This wine has yet to grow into its full fruit flavor and balance characteristics, but it is incredibly smooth. The Barry White of wine. It's gonna lay you down by the fire and make sweet love. Or is that Isaac Hayes? Either way, you get it. Pure awesome.
  • bmilesfl commented:

    3/15/10, 12:57 PM - Love the Barry White comment... Reminded me of the Gary Vaynerchuck reference in his review of the 2007 Clio as the "Beyonce" of wines.

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