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10/21/2013 - Cody Short wrote:
84 points
Was surprised at all the nice notes on this wine, I was not a fan. Decanted for 2+ Hrs and was really just kind of a jammy, over oaked, alcoholic mess. It did get a little better at the end of the night or my score would have been in the 70's. Not my style.
9/16/2013 - Cody Short wrote:
My second bottle of 06' that has been oxidized. Not sure what happened to Kongsgaard in 06' with their Chardonnay but even the bottles that have not been oxidized have been showing very poorly.
12/3/2010 - Cody Short wrote:
98 points
My last 750 from a box set of 3 bottles and 1 mag. This wine has changed quite a bit from the last time I had it 2 yrs ago. Decanted for 2 hrs but tatsed along the way. A beautifuly rich yellow color with some bite at first but quickly blew off. Loads of citrus, pears and pineapple on the nose and it seemed to get more complex the longer it sat in the glass and warmed close to room temp. The palate was filled with rich fruits, citrus and coconut with an equisite long finish. I was surprised at how well this wine has aged over the years and will not hesitate to let my lone remaining magnum age a few more years before trying again. While it may be as good as it is ever going to get it is certainly not close to dead yet. Thank God I have a magnum left because this is truly one of my favorite white wines and IMHO no one does it better than Manfred.
11/7/2010 - Cody Short wrote:
98 points
Drank this the first night my newborn little girl came home from the hospital. One of the best HSS I have had and got better as it opened up. One of my top wines this year.
2001 Cardinale Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (view label images)
10/27/2010 - Cody Short wrote:
93 points
Great wine! Very Bordeaux like and smooth as silk. Not a huge nose and a relatively short finish but still very enjoyable. At it's prime right now and it you like a refined cab this is for you. Wish I had a few more bottles. 93 pts
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8/25/2010 - Cody Short wrote:
94 points
Purchased direct from the winery. This wine has many good years ahead of it as I think it still has room to improve. Decanted for 1 1/2 hrs but tasted several time before pouring. Tight out of the gate and took awhile for the alcohol to blow off but once it did, oh baby! Great fruit on this baby and really blew me away with the complexity. I expected this bottle to be good but it surpassed any expectations I could have had. I will cellar the 2 more I have for another couple of years before trying again and can't wait to see what a little more time in the bottle does for it. One of the best surprises I have had in a long time!
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