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2008 Moccagatta Barbaresco Bric Balin Nebbiolo
9/7/2016 - tb_baltimore Likes this wine:
91 points
Special occasion wine -- served and enjoyed with dinner -- paired exceptionally well and completely enjoyed
  • tb_baltimore commented:

    9/30/16, 9:28 PM - this was decanted and we sampled at 1/2-hour and hour points -- it definitely improved with time out of the bottle --

  • tb_baltimore commented:

    9/30/16, 9:34 PM - By the way, just noted that you are in Colorado -- I'll be back in Boulder in mid-October -- are you still in the area? --

2010 Tablas Creek Esprit de Beaucastel Blanc Paso Robles White Rhone Blend
4/10/2015 - tb_baltimore Likes this wine:
87 points
Not sure why my taste on this is off relative to the other reviews. Perhaps my expectations were too high. I opened this due to it being marked as at peak maturity on the Tablas Creek Vineyard Chart. To my taste it's possibly past maturity. We started it cold (close to the blog entry mentioned by another reviewer). It felt a bit flat, both at the start and as it warmed up. It was much worse, almost tasteless, on the 2nd night, to the point where it felt good that we'd opened it when we did and hadn't waited longer. Still, an enjoyable wine, just not at the level of other whites from Tablas Creek, at least to us right now.
  • tb_baltimore commented:

    4/16/15, 5:51 PM - Yes, I generally am a huge fan of Tablas Creek and their whites are not an exception. Perhaps I simply had too high of expectations, but it didn't have the pep and presence that I would have associated with this particular white or their other whites.

2007 Tallulah Syrah Bald Mountain Ranch Mt. Veeder
This is now past its prime, if there ever really was a prime drinking window for this one. I have to say that I am glad to see this go, I'd hoped that a 2007 would have aged nicely, but this one starts off as a strong industrial sense, very little odor left, and then goes flat. That takes about five minutes. At the end its at the spectrum of one of the worst tasting wines that I've had, so I'm being generous with a 73. So, while not yet turned to vinegar, this is one that was not meant for long aging and it shows.
  • tb_baltimore commented:

    7/8/14, 9:38 AM - Could be bottle variation, so I'll be curious what you find. This was the last of four, and it was clearly going downhill as seen from the last two bottles, relative to the first two. I really was disappointed in how this ended up, given the strong write-up from Lot18 that led to the original purchase.

2008 Jonata Winery Todos Santa Ynez Valley Syrah Blend, Syrah
3/29/2014 - tb_baltimore Likes this wine:
89 points
An awkward one to review, perhaps because my expectations were so high based on the other reviews here and the writeup by Lot18 that inspired the original purchase. I had expectations that this would be a near 100-pt experience, and so perhaps had artificial expectations about the experience of tasting.
To me, the first night was about an 85-point wine. It was overly alcoholic, without much fruit or real complexity to the taste. It felt way too waxy/oily and the alcohol only continued to build with time out of the bottle. Even three hours out, this felt quite disappointing.
The following nights were much better. Maybe that suggests that, for me at least, this needs more cellar time. But, even though it was better, for this price, it wasn't over the top. I've had more pleasure from $14 bottles. This did have a sensation, on the 2nd/3rd nights that was more interesting, but it still didn't have the complexity, the depth or curious blend of interesting features that I'd expected based on the writeups.
So, the final 89 reflects that I'm not likely to invest in this one again. I'll be curious about the 2nd bottle, but better to invest in other bottles over this one, for my taste buds. Still, clearly well-made and better, after quite considerable air-time, than the 85-point type wine poured at the neighborhood diner to go with their dinner offering. But, quite poor QPR. I take this as a lesson to find and read the contrarian reviewers, since the overall reviews on this were so positive.
  • tb_baltimore commented:

    4/3/14, 5:36 PM - Yes, thank-you, that is a good possibility for what happened, though perhaps a bit odd that others didn't have a similar experience. But, I will follow your advice and hold off for quite a while on the 2nd bottle. Thank-you for sharing your experience with the Jonata winery.

2005 Tablas Creek Esprit de Beaucastel Paso Robles Red Rhone Blend
3/17/2013 - tb_baltimore Likes this wine:
94 points
Remains outstanding. It was interesting that after immediately opening, the wine had almost a bubbly character to it. That went away quickly and it was then a bit harsh. This really peaked about 1/2-hour after opening when everything seemed to fall into balance (and that's the 94 score). After a few hours it seemed to get a bit flatter and, while still excellent, was not quite as good as at the peak.
  • tb_baltimore commented:

    5/4/13, 7:47 AM - I don't recall it being especially acidic, just initially out of balance and then much better

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