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2017 Domaine du Gour de Chaulé Gigondas Amour de Rose Red Rhone Blend
7/7/2018 - premiercru1973 Likes this wine:
92 points
Great potential! Tasted this first obviously very young bottle to assess what to do with the remaining three bottles.
Loads of elegant aromatic notes: red berries (redcurrant and young raspberry), light herbs, mint, anis, red bright flowers and lactic notes.
Great acidity and some alcohol that soothes in the glass. Lovely texture with nice backbone indicating supressed power and potential.
The style is provencal-elegance and not Tavel-like in-your-face intensity. I will look very much forward to revisiting this wine after a year or two in the cellar, which I think will make it improve a lot.
  • premiercru1973 commented:

    8/10/18, 1:45 AM - Oh yes, undoubtedly. I love "matured" rosés. As a ground rule, I usually cellar my newly acquired rosés for at least a year. Also the cheap ones. The acids smoothens and the alcohol is better integrated in the wine. For higher quality and what you may call serious rosés, I have found great pleasure in bottles aged for five to ten years. The aromatic and structural profile changes (obviously) and they become more rounded, integrated, balanced and the tertiary notes are really interesting.
    I have no experience with ageing this particular wine, but I feel confident that it will age beautifully. It will easily last until 2020.

  • premiercru1973 commented:

    2/6/20, 11:43 PM - What a funny coincidence. I also had it recently (end January 2020) and it was so elegant!

2015 Tissot (Bénédicte et Stéphane / André et Mireille) D.D. Arbois Red Blend
2/11/2019 - MBusk Likes this wine:
94 points
Captivatingly alive, this feels almost electric on the tongue - in the best possible sense - which you might describe as the feeling of drinking a wine that's still in the fermenting process, but this doesn't feel at all callow. Rather, I would say it feels youthful - again, in the best sense of the word: exuberant, fresh, fruity, salty, minerally. The tannins are present, but fine, and while you could likely age this for a couple of years, I see no real need.

As for the palate, it's full of crunchy cranberry and fresh raspberry fruit, tangy but relaxed, saline yet almost sweet. Really, really terrific. This is one of those ones that makes you think, "Okay, Garagiste, this is why you're worth it." At $20, a fabulous deal.
  • premiercru1973 commented:

    2/28/19, 11:30 AM - Thanks for the great note.
    Do you have any thoughts and recommendations regarding aeration time?
    I can see a bit of sediment in my bottle, so I will decant it anyway. But for how long prior to tasting?

  • premiercru1973 commented:

    3/3/19, 9:09 PM - Great, thanks. I double decanted it about three hours before serving. It was great!!

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