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2008 Cullen Wines Chardonnay Kevin John Margaret River
7/17/2010 - AlexGarner Likes this wine:
97 points
Single vineyard cool climate chardonnay tasting (Prince Wine Store - Bank Street): The pseudo-scientific bio-dynamic magical thinking does my head in, but in some cases, the practise does seem to bring with it an attention to detail from the winemakers that can ultimately improve the wines. It's a shame that the practitioners fall prey to the fallacy that the bio-dynamic mumbo jumbo is what is making the wines good, rather than good old fashioned focus. Unless of course it's just that the winemaker is good and the bio-dynamic crap isn't changing anything - either way, this wine is seriously good.

The nose starts with fantastic oak notes with peaches and a fabulous burgundian funk. The palette is a powerful mix of dried pears and dried peaches with a fantastic structure.

Really good. Now all they need to do is drop the imaginary bio-dynamic nonsense and accept that they are just really good winemakers.
  • AlexGarner commented:

    11/3/22, 5:30 PM - Thanks for that Vinophilo, but just because lots of people do a thing, doesn't mean that thing is correct. Your logically fallacious argument is referred to as "argumentum ad populum" - claiming a truth or affirming something is good because the majority thinks so.

    The reality is that your position is that "you just have to believe" and I can understand why you would say that, because there is absolutely no evidence that there is any scientific basis that biodynamics could work. The scientific method is the best tool we have for understanding the world we live in and biodynamics fails these tests.

    Also, the straw man argument you put forward about making wines with "mega-purple or other yuck" doesn't make any sense. You're making out like it's a false dichotomy of that stuff or biodynamics, and winemaking is so much more that those two extremes, as I'm sure you well know, and I feel you know how intellectually dishonest your argument is.

    Please feel free to show me how biodynamics could plausibly work, but until then, my position stands and your points make me even more sure that biodynamics is all - as I said - "mumbo-jumbo".

    As I said in my tasting notes, it it highly plausible that people practising biodynamics are showing some sort of attention-to-detail in caring for the vineyard, but to ascribe that to angels to fairies or biodynamics is unjustified.

2007 Domaine du Vieux Lazaret Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend
2/3/2018 - bacchus wrote:
90 points
shared with pat at selkirk manor to celebrate the end of the work week. fully mature. garnet color. no browning or fading. jubilant cherry fruit.
tannin and acid resolved. successful blend. straight forward. drink up.
  • AlexGarner commented:

    3/22/18, 12:11 PM - Just in case you don’t know, you can put info about who you drank with wine with and where in the private consumption note

2002 d'Arenberg Shiraz The Dead Arm McLaren Vale
8/19/2013 - dontime wrote:
Drank at Cafe Sydney. PNP, then decanted during dinner. Bright dark red and black fruit, hints of licorice and mint. Rich in the mouth, satisfying finish. Way over priced on the wine list, but the views were spectacular. If scoring, 91-93.
  • AlexGarner commented:

    9/15/13, 3:27 AM - What did they charge you, if you don't mind me asking?

2011 Carlisle Zinfandel Sonoma County
6/16/2013 - brigcampbell wrote:
Excellent wine as you'd expect. Dark crimson color and glass staining. Dark tart berry and chalky mid palate. Problem is I paired it with wild pig pork chops and homemade maple rum cayenne glaze. Palate was fried in regards to writing a detailed tasting note but the zin was perfect. Here is the culprit.

  • AlexGarner commented:

    7/21/13, 2:35 AM - I'm so hungry now. That looks fantastic.

2007 Wantirna Estate Cabernet Merlot Amelia Yarra Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
11/6/2010 - AlexGarner Likes this wine:
96 points
Wantirna Estate new releases (Prince Wine Store - Bank Street): Wow, this wine is just so soft. Soft but with a complexity that pulls the wine right up into your nose and fills out with soft perfumed fruit, plums and subtle oak. It is really delicate, yet so intense. The palette has yummy, luscious fruit with the finest of fine tannins. This was a real surprise and I'm going to get this into the cellar ASAP.
  • AlexGarner commented:

    11/10/10, 6:37 AM - Must pick up some bottles of this.

2006 E. Guigal Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend
9/17/2010 - pjaines wrote:
Yet another great bottle from a rock solid performer that year-on-year gives you more character and terroir mixed with reliability than probably any other producer I know. This wine manages to tread a thin line between being a consistent product and a wine that reflects region and vintage. And all this for under £10. This is never going to be a wine that blows the nads off your diner party guests - and that is the whole point. Not every wine has to be WOW and BOOM and Gobs Of Fruit (TM, Mr Parker) - this has a calm, reserved quality about it that is neither a whisper or a shout, just one of the best mid-range wines you can get your hands on. A touch of liquorice on the nose, deep fruit but without being cloying - balance, tannins in check, fresh enough to drink now. What is not to like?
  • AlexGarner commented:

    11/10/10, 6:34 AM - I couldn't agree more. This is exactly why I love this wine.

2006 E. Guigal Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend
10/1/2010 - mobowines wrote:
87 points
Colour: purple; Colour depth: deep; Clarity: clear
Aroma intensity: low; Development: youthful/medium
Aromas: spicy
Dry; light to medium body; lively to smooth acidity; moderate flavour intensity; long finish
heavy dry tanins
Flavours: pepper, VERY spicy, bitter berries.
13.5% alcohol.
50% Syrah, 40% Grenache, 10% Mourvèdre.
pleasant and drinkable. I wasn't a big fan when I tasted it alone, but I raised my rating by a few points after dinner--it paired very nicely with sun-dried tomato and olive pasta sauce.
  • AlexGarner commented:

    11/10/10, 6:32 AM - It's funny isn't it - how this wine works so well with food. I really think it's great value.

2006 Gérard Raphet Charmes-Chambertin Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru Pinot Noir
10/17/2010 - Capt Cutlass wrote:
89 points
Purple, violet but translucent. Concentrated nose with dark fruits and new oak. A noticeable stinky character on entry and chalky tannins with a fresh somewhat bitter finish. Not sure if this is going anywhere further but it definitely had character and it was intriguing. Perhaps time will meld the elements but I did not feel that it had the complexity to deliver greater things and the stinkiness was a bit off putting.
  • AlexGarner commented:

    11/10/10, 6:30 AM - That's interesting, because it was the stinkyness that attracted me to this wine at the initial tasting and I reckoned that it would bring some interesting developments over time. It sounds like it's still a bit too dominant though. I might wait another 6 months before I look at the first.

2007 Domaine du Vieux Lazaret Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend
11/3/2010 - Tropean wrote:
My first CdP. Splash decanted for 45 minutes before pouring. Remarkably lovely ruby color in the glass. First impression in the mouth was the distinctive and pleasurable viscosity. There was a palate coating weight and smoothness to the wine which, at the risk of sounding like a real bs artist, I want to describe as "molten silk", although there was nothing at all hot or angular or sharp to it. Enough acidity to deliver red fruit flavors, and fully integrated tannins on the finish. Another unusual (for me) reaction: At no point did I want to aggressively "swish" the wine around inside my mouth to further open it up. I just wanted it to lay there while I enjoyed it. Also bears noting that I drank the bottle over three nights, vacuvin-ing and returning to the cellar each evening, and the wine was as enjoyable on Tuesday as it was on Sunday. No score or grade because I have no basis on which to compare this to other CdPs. But I can say that after drinking this wine I will be significantly more likely to seek out more CdP.
  • AlexGarner commented:

    11/10/10, 6:27 AM - Wow. I just picked three of these up on Saturday and sent them to the cellar purely on spec. It sounds like these really do deliver for their price. Looking forward to cracking them. Glad you enjoyed it.

2008 Gaia Nótios Peloponnisos White Blend
9/12/2009 - awinestory wrote:
79 points
translucent ruby with purple
nose of sweet ripe plum
dry acid is med+ body is med alc is est 13 tannin is med
length med+

Though dry, wine has a sweet nose and very ripe plum flavor, almost like a lilquid jam. Pair this wiith foods such as barb-b-que ribs, short ribs, salmon braised with a sweet oriental sauce
  • AlexGarner commented:

    6/5/10, 1:59 AM - I think you meant to post this tasting note against the red wine. This is the white!

2008 Hoddles Creek Chardonnay Yarra Valley
Obvious buttery oak offering nice texture - still has the fruit and acid to balance this though - will improve over the medium term
  • AlexGarner commented:

    3/6/10, 1:40 AM - Nice work. I looked at the Pinot Noir and loved it, so I might grab 6 of these for the cellar based on your comments.

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