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8/14/2011 - Anonymous wrote:
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Sniffing the bottle - reminiscent of the 04 Futo bottle sniffing at Richard's. Odd aromas, but also included cocoa, coconut, vanilla. In the glass 20 min after opening, explosive volatiles. Again, the same characteristics from the bottle sniffing, but more. And it changed/evolved over the 10-15 min before tasting. Bright red fruits on the nose, almost candied strawberries/cherries, or perhaps a poptart. Some pyramines, too, that reminded me of a 93 La Grange I had a few years ago, but not nearly as intense or off-putting. All of this was still there tonight (24 hours later). Palate is viscous. Heat was way too intense. Unfortunately, it never really dissipated, is still there tonight, but not quite as overpowering as yesterday. More candied fruit on the nose today. A good 60-90 second finish, with some still pretty tight tannins. I just won a bid for 2 more of these....
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