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1993 Eberle Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles
11/23/2018 - Deux Chevaux wrote:
Can’t improve on Blaine’s note, except to say we needed an ah so to get out the cork. I’ve added a picture.
  • blaine commented:

    11/23/18, 9:27 AM - The funny thing is that now I’ve realized we’ve been commenting on each other’s notes for a while now, small world!

2013 Rhys Chardonnay Alpine Vineyard Santa Cruz Mountains
8/25/2018 - Deux Chevaux wrote:
We opened this, our last, a bit earlier than we would have, because like the Horseshoe 2013, the capsule was noticeably bulging. On removal of the capsule, we saw that the cork was only slightly protruding — albeit quite wet. And it was a real squeaker as the screw went down. The removed cork was softer than normal. Yet like the 2013 Horseshoe, the wine seemed just fine over the course of three days, and not substantially different from our note in February 2016. Dramatic, brilliant, and again with fantastic acidity. Still, after two in a row now — from different bottlings — I’d be concerned about cork issues with these white 2013s .... (And it makes me think about checking the red 2013s, which we’ve left sleeping ....)
  • blaine commented:

    9/3/18, 1:08 PM - Deux Chevaux, check out mine and other tasters comments on 2013 Rhys Horseshoe Syrah...big problems with corks, this is the first I've seen of problems with the whites. I'm gonna open this bottle tonight, fingers crossed on the cork...

  • blaine commented:

    9/3/18, 5:37 PM - For posterity’s sake my 13 Alpine Chard cork was fine! There is now a thread on this subject on

2007 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Westside Road Neighbors Russian River Valley
3/8/2015 - blaine Likes this wine:
91 points
This was the second of my two bottles, and it was singing from the get go. Pop and pour, no sign of age. Big fruity nose, creamy blue fruits with some cranberries. On the palate, evolved over the hour. Fruity to start with, tightened the last 20 minutes and opens back up again for my last half glass. Nice finish, balancing acidity. Drinking well, but has a lot of life ahead.
  • blaine commented:

    3/9/15, 10:29 AM - Still primary

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