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2008 Arterberry Maresh Pinot Noir Juliard Dundee Hills
7/17/2011 - Tubbs Likes this wine:
92 points
I was given this wine "to try" when I bought a bunch of '08s about a year ago, (thanks Jim). Well, I've finally gotten around to trying it...

This wine was a complete surprise. The 2007 Oregon pinot vintage is pretty polarizing - some saying the wines are thing and acidic, some saying they're just tight but will emerge. For the most part I fall into the latter camp. So, my expectation was this wine would be closed and perhaps show a little more acid than the fruit can carry right now. I couldn't have been more wrong. The nose was very floral, showed lots of fruit - pretty complex. This didn't surprise me. The palate, THAT surprised me. Plump juicy fruit but with enough acid and tannin to balance things out quite nicely. The finish was quite nice and moderate in length. There is NO WAY I would have picked this as an '07 Oregon Pinot blind. Great wine and great find. Looks like I'll be adding the Juliard vineyard to my stable of Arterberry Maresh wines, (I'm already a Maresh vineyard whore.)
  • Tubbs commented:

    7/17/11, 7:30 PM - LOL! Well... it's an '08 so go figure. No wonder! LOL!

2006 Audelssa Estate Winery Summit Mountain Estate, Mountain Terraces Sonoma Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
8/15/2010 - King Cab wrote:
94 points
Consistent. Ruby red-garnet. Nose: Both black and some reddish currants are here as well as some sharp black cherry and lead pencil. A very dignified and classy wine. The palate has mouth coating glycerin with a medium to light weight feel. There is the currants and black cherry, but also some blackberries, black ripe raspberries, as a matter of fc, he profile changes to all black toward the mid-palate. Very cool. Tannins are big and slightly bruiser-ish, never really getting a blow to your face, this has some wonderful lilty balance and a very lively acidity that work both with food, and nicely without. Th finish has very much 'gained weight' from my last showing. It's long, precise and pure. Minutes later you still sense the first moments of the taste. More Napa-ish this time around, this is deep and well structured. There is lots of character in this character.
  • Tubbs commented:

    8/16/10, 8:05 PM - Great note! This wine deserves to sit a bit longer but It's so difficult not to open them.

White - Sparkling
1990 Krug Champagne Vintage Brut Champagne Blend
8/13/2010 - Keith Cooper wrote:
80 points
I was fortunate enough to taste this with friends, along with three other champagnes from the '90 and '92 vintage. Sadly, we all thought it was a little disappointing. Very golden in colour, slightly oxidised on opening, no discernible fruit, it faded quickly in the glass.
  • Tubbs commented:

    8/13/10, 7:57 AM - Sounds like it may have been off somehow - oxidized perhaps?

White - Sparkling
1996 Pol Roger Champagne Blanc de Chardonnay
8/7/2010 - WST wrote:
95 points
I had no idea this would be so good. Probably at the apex of its evolution and maturity.
Great combination of ripeness, acidity, elegance and complexity. Citrus, subtle hazelnut, ginger and floral notes. Incredible depth, mouthfeel and finish. A real "wow" wine. The bad news is I'm down to one remaining bottle. The good news is I still have another bottle.
  • Tubbs commented:

    8/9/10, 8:29 PM - I completely agree! It was definitely a surprise to the upside for me as well. Glad to have a couple more, wish I had another case.


2006 Rhys Alesia Pinot Noir San Mateo County
8/7/2010 - WST wrote:
92 points
Best bottle yet, in a good place. Translucent light ruby red colored. Perfumed cherries and raspberries, with nice earthy, loamy mushroom notes. If this is their second wine, I can't wait to taste the Estate pinots. One of my best P/Q's ever; wish I had bought much more...
  • Tubbs commented:

    8/9/10, 8:25 PM - I completely agree - there is so much win in this wine I wish I had bought a lot more too!


2008 Brooks Riesling Sweet P Hyland Vineyard Willamette Valley
10/29/2009 - ob2s wrote:
90 points
Why does everyone pay less than me for the wine I buy....anyway, this is the best OR Riesling I've had. I'd say it has only a tinge of acidity, but makes up for that in the finish which lingers like a quality Rheingau can. Subtle apple and floral flavors. I don't think it is a long term keeper, but I'll stash one to see.
  • Tubbs commented:

    8/2/10, 10:10 PM - Funny how perceptions differ - I quite liked the acid level in this. I'm throwin' one in the back of the cellar as well! :)

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