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2010 Mollydooker Shiraz Velvet Glove McLaren Vale
11/10/2018 - dase13 wrote:
93 points
Dark in color, almost purple. Not too much sediment. Scents of ripe blue and black fruit. Taste of blueberry and blackberry, which was quite balanced and smooth, with a medium finish.
  • dase13 commented:

    11/11/18, 7:42 AM - Thanks for picking up the error.
    I hit the wrong buttons.

2012 Schrader Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon RBS Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard Oakville
7/30/2016 - NathanT wrote:
First of all, I really appreciate a chance to try these so called cult high powered Napa wines. And the review is specifically about the wine, and this is just my impression of it.

The wine was in a decanter for about an hour and I spent about 30 minutes with it in the glass.

The wine had this dark purple tint to it. This is the first I noticed such a color so dominantly geared towards purple.

Sweet fruit nose with some oak and floral note. The aroma similar to most Napa wines although the best aroma to me has some spices in the mix. I didn't detect any spices in this bottle.

The palate was greeted with a layer of chalky, dusty film before the underlining fruit flavor emerged. I did not like the nature of such a dusty, chalky texture. I prefer gritty, fine grains type of texture.

The fruit was a good combination of blue and dark fruit, and it could have been a stand out delicious component of the wine. Unfortunately, it was not dominating, and thereby, took a backseat.

The wine was not tannic, which is surprising since this is a 2012. I highly doubted that the tannins were completely resolved and integrated at this time as some have alluded to. This type of reaction takes time, sometimes requires decades for the high molecular weight tannic acids to react with themselves and other components of the wines.

The acidity was in the light range, and the wine had a slight drag to it.

Overall, I don't think the 95+ scores are justified for this wine. The differential bias may have come from the price range and the mystified nature of exclusivity from the cult wines. If I can freely associate a score to this, it would have been a 90. Even with a 90 score, there is already some of my own positive bias towards the wine given its stature.
  • dase13 commented:

    8/3/16, 5:50 PM - Appreciate your description. I note that it is consistent with my experience a couple months ago.

Red - Fortified
1977 Fonseca Porto Vintage Port Blend
12/23/2013 - Norb Likes this wine:
98 points
Radiant, clear and precise palet. I have guarded this bottle for 20 years, most of that time in a professional cave. Radiant, ruby colour, rich and complex nose, taste still with a spring in the acidity, wonderful complex candy-like flavour. Very long finish. A fantastic wine well with waiting fore.
  • dase13 commented:

    12/30/13, 1:37 PM - Glad to hear that review. I drank two of these in the past five years or so. Really enjoyed it too. Glad I still have a couple bottles left.

2011 Alpha Omega Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard Oakville
12/26/2013 - Mlbarrowjr wrote:
92 points
Smooth on the back. Young. Will try again in 2 years.
  • dase13 commented:

    12/30/13, 1:33 PM - I recall barrel tasting this. It was nice, but seemed to me too that this would need some time.

2010 O'Shaughnessy Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain
12/26/2013 - ledocq Likes this wine:
94 points
Wow, what an education. Decanted half the bottle, taking a glass as I was pouring -- great nose, terrific, deep, complex aroma that reminded me of the 2009 Lagune. Initial sips were out of this world but also weirdly disjointed - like flipping too quickly through a novel. I could catch brief sensations of deep fruit and an almost Washingtonian funk, and then the wall o tannins came in. 3 hours later, it wasn't that great, honestly. I kept getting cranberry and I wondered if it was my taste buds that were off. Then: second day. Fantastic. Just mellowed, integrated, long and lingering and exciting, not unlike Larkmead, only deeper somehow. This might be one of the best California cabernets I've had. Perhaps needless to say, I'll be waiting some time before drinking the next one.
  • dase13 commented:

    12/30/13, 1:29 PM - Interesting. I enjoyed your narrative. I'm planning to hold mine for a while before drinking. I recall that when we tasted this at the winery it was very wound up.

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