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1998 Château Léoville Barton St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
10/4/2020 - Justinwine wrote:
91 points
Classic Pomerol, though very late in life. Drink up!
  • Justinwine commented:

    10/4/20, 6:59 PM - True. Buzzed.

2016 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Dr. Crane Vineyard St. Helena
8/26/2020 - Justinwine wrote:
93 points
Awesome promise. Will not touch remaining bottles for several years.
  • Justinwine commented:

    8/26/20, 7:41 AM - I decanted for an hour or so. And the wine opened up a bit. I just think that a wine of this caliber deserves proper aging .

2016 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Steltzner Vineyard Stags Leap District
7/31/2020 - Justinwine wrote:
93 points
Wine is delicious with great potential
  • Justinwine commented:

    7/31/20, 6:39 AM - I agree.

2017 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Dr. Crane Vineyard St. Helena
6/26/2020 - HowellMountainCru Likes this wine:
92 points
First off after looking at the "myriad" of 94 -96 scores of this wine I had to look at the label to check if I was drinking the same wine. The wine I'm drinking isn't horrible; its big mouth filling fruit forward as you can get and has high PH and lower tannins and it seems relatively in balance. BUT... its got very little interest on its nose, its very primary, almost grapey and is at this point a little course in the mouth. Yes its from a great intense fruit bearing vineyard and if I was judging it just by its provenance and label it would be at least a 96 BUT it just isn't great IMO. I don't mean to insult anyone and everyone's palettes are different BUT "Come on Man", open up a B Cellars 16 of anything from Beckstoffer and there's no comparison. Boy I cant wait to get thru these 17 and into the 18s!

92 as an infant with some improvement likely in a few years. HMC
  • Justinwine commented:

    6/27/20, 6:09 AM - These wines are babies, not meant for drinking for at least another few years. The way they taste now is not indicative of the wine or the vintage.

2015 Pahlmeyer Merlot Napa Valley
Winebar [1 Rosé, 3 Whites, 8 Reds, & 7 *shared* bottles] from 09/27/19 (Vintage Wines Ltd., San Diego, CA): “96.5% Merlot, 2.5% Malbec, & 1% C.S. from the Pahlmeyer Estate & Las Amigas Vyds, harvested 9/4-10/10/15; Grape clusters were gravity-fed onto a vibrating table where 2 screens sifted out materials other than grapes, & we removed by hand any fruit that did not pass visual inspection. After gentle destemming, individual berries were hand-sorted again to ensure that only the best grapes were delivered to the fermenters. The fruit underwent 5 days of cold maceration & 2-6 wks of primary fermentation before gentle basket press. We aged the wine in 85% new Seguin Moreau Icone & Taransaud FR oak barrels for 20 mos.” 2,200 cases made & release March 2018.

N: A melding of RIPE berries, pyrazines, & vanilla

P: Med body; RNDISH entry with NICE, ALMOST swtish, boysenberry frt (approaching threshold R.S.?) met by an astringent pucker which pretty much works itself out by the LONG, balanced, PLEASANT with a tangy/swtness to the FEW, dusty tannins. For now & into, probably through, '22. 14.5% ABV; My EXC-/EXC. 96 pts Suckling, 95 WE + "Cellar Selection" @ $90, 93-95 WA (Parker), 92 Vinous (Galloni), & 91 WS. [Check with this vendor if interested in their *very* COMPETITIVE price.]
  • Justinwine commented:

    9/30/19, 5:33 PM - I have a six-pack
    and would buy more. Price?

2010 La Dame de Montrose St. Estèphe Red Bordeaux Blend
6/10/2019 - StainedGlass wrote:
88 points
My first bottle from a case. Limited decanting. Dark purple color. The nose was a bit reticent and more sappy than earthy. Very much black and blue fruit (plum and blackberry) dominated but surprisingly austere.
  • Justinwine commented:

    6/10/19, 5:10 PM - Agree, kind of disappointing.

2016 Saxum G2 Vineyard Paso Robles Willow Creek District Red Rhone Blend
4/23/2019 - michael47 Likes this wine:
94 points
Perfect Game of Thrones wine. After dinner big, rich and lusty but all in balance with acid, fruit and texture. Still super young but not sure these wines really get much better with age.
  • Justinwine commented:

    4/24/19, 3:13 AM - These wines develop for years. Go online and find one 6-8 years old. You will be blown away.

2014 Spottswoode Cabernet Sauvignon Estate St. Helena
4/4/2019 - Kathydrinks wrote:
90 points
I agree with the comment below. The wine was too young to be opened. Reading other 95+ reviews, I was very excited and had high hopes but it turned out to be very tannic and a bit too acidic (not very much but above average to my taste). I could definitely feel that it was a complex wine though the tannic was bothering too much for my tong to detect and enjoy other great notes. After 2 hours of decanting, it opened up a bit and tasted better, but it was not enough to hit a high score.
I have 3 more bottles in my cellar, and I kind of want to open another one just to see if it’s the same or any different because reading other comments, people seem to enjoy it well already.
  • Justinwine commented:

    4/4/19, 8:19 PM - Kathy,
    Hi. Sporrrswoode wine are made for the long run. Don’t be hasty. I have over the years and it’s a suckers bet. Wait several years before your next bottle you. You will be thrilled.

    Avoid temptation.


2015 Long Shadows Wineries Cabernet Sauvignon Feather Columbia Valley
2/9/2018 - flod Likes this wine:
89 points
Opaque red-purple. Herbs. Some alcohol on nose. Briary-brambly. Opens after 1 hr. Good depth on nose and palate. Good length. Bright acidity, fair amount of tannin. Some drying oak. Very well put together. Seems like it would reward a few years in bottle. Like it. Blackberry on nose as it opens. Lots of flavor but not quite the transparency to get me to 90. Nice drink.
  • Justinwine commented:

    12/21/18, 4:59 AM - Wines made by Randy Dunn typically need lots of patience. Try this again in five years. I think you will find it to be a different experience.

2015 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Georges III Vineyard Rutherford
5/2/2018 - csimm1161 wrote:
97 points
Hey man...all I can say is that I’m a fan. PnP is right now, ready to go. A few minutes of alcohol on the initial pull, but otherwise its delivery was fun, filling, vivacious, and concentrated. It’s a gulper for sure (well, that’s at least what I did). Slap this down on a table and watch your peeps get fired-up over this wine... unless your peeps are Francophiles, in which case you’ll want to do two things. Not serve them this wine...and find new friends.

I know the book on this wine is that it is sometimes marred by some sort of unpredictability or seemingly frequent or rapid transitional Tourette syndrome, but even during its most drastic electrocardiograph spikes, it is still pretty damn good. Big and rich without being heavy. Flavorful and ripe without being blasted out or over processed. Kinda like when you bite into a perfectly BBQ’d steak. You get that “Mmmm” sensation, settle into your seat, and start nodding your head up and down in affirmation. It’s simply satisfying... the Snickers of modern Cabs!

Is this a 20 year wine? No chance. But I personally don’t find much value in that supposed quality anyway. I’m actually glad I don’t have to sit on my hands for 20 friggin years before this wine starts tasing good.

Be it Schrader, Purlieu, AO, B Cellars, 12C, Boich, or whomever the other guys and gals are pulling fruit from the GIII site, I still favor Myriad’s version consistently across vintages. The Crane/Elysian is certainly the most complex in the lineup, but I’m more than down with having a decent contingent of Myriad GIII occupying my cellar.

This ‘15 GIII reminds me that this whole endeavor is supposed to be fun. Not every one of these wines has to give me migraine trying to conjure up fancy adjectives about why it’s good or how it “dances along the palate with effortless ballerina grace and beauty...” Yes, I’m clearly more guilty than most for the superfluous dragging on over a bottle wine (obviously this GIII note is no exception - what am I on now...paragraph 5 of this TN?!), but in the end this is a fun ride and I personally didn’t find this bottle to be in any other place than where I would expect it to be. It is certainly not as powerful and intense as a year ago when I last had it... but that’s cuz it’s a year older. Makes sense to me. True enough, this is a shorter term drinker for me just based on my palate preference. So...Drink now and over the next few years.
  • Justinwine commented:

    5/3/18, 10:07 AM - Loved you community. Sound like something I could have written.

2012 TOR Kenward Family Wines Cabernet Sauvignon Cimarossa Vineyard Howell Mountain
3/4/2017 - Justinwine wrote:
96 points
So delicious I went online and bought two more. Seamless wines. Oodles off wonderful flavors.
  • Justinwine commented:

    3/4/17, 2:02 PM - Open the bottle for about 45 mins and drank over an hour or so with my wife. She loved the softness of this wine. And so did I.

  • Justinwine commented:

    3/18/17, 8:40 AM - Flickinger Wines had or has a few bottles.

2010 Cenyth Proprietary Sonoma County Red Bordeaux Blend
9/21/2015 - GTFreek wrote:
I'm blown away the notes here aren't better, this is so well made and elegant. It's not Napa Cab, no, it's a Bordeaux style with New World fruit. Subtly complex and gorgeous. More Merlot this vintage than 2009. I think this wine will cost double in 5-10 years as it becomes known.
  • Justinwine commented:

    1/2/17, 11:54 AM - Spot on with your review. Love this wine. A baby Opus.

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