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Red - Fortified
1951 Gérard Bertrand Banyuls Legend Vintage Grenache Blend, Grenache
1/18/2019 - PSPatrick wrote:
“G8 summit – Milestones and memories of my past” (non-blind), Wine 14: Bottle #406 of 900. Port-like. Spices, plum, spice cake. Balanced and complex, with good acidity and very good length. Unbelievably fresh. Lovely!
  • PlanoWino commented:

    9/28/19, 11:19 AM - I am happy to find your note. I have one bottle (501/900) that I have hesitated to open. I think it is about time.

2017 Zind-Humbrecht Gewurztraminer Roche Calcaire Alsace Gewürztraminer
6/8/2019 - kevkevin wrote:
Much drier than the 2016 vintage I tried a month ago.
Checked their website and it states 5.5 g/L residual sugar only. (2016: 77.4g/L)

Opulent honey on nose but lacks the lychee fruit I had in 2016 vintage.
Medium+ body. The bitter finish on palate is obvious as there are no trace of sweetness. The naturally low acid of Gewurz makes it tastes even more unbalanced.

After 30mins of air the bitter finish mellowed down. Maybe I pulled the cork too early. Should let it sits in cellar for two years more.
  • PlanoWino commented:

    8/31/19, 9:47 AM - The 2016 you tasted was the Lot G Roche Calcaire. The 2016 Lot H Roche Calcaire had 15.9 g/l residual sugar and 13.5 degrees alcohol versus the 11.0 degrees alcohol of the Lot G. Still more sugar than the 2017 which had a much higher 15 degrees alcohol. I do not know why they chose to produce two different lots of Roche Calcaire in 2016. It seems that 2016 was the only year they did so. Thanks for the review. I may pass on the 2017 Roche...The 2017 Clos Windsbuhl with 44.5 g/l residual sugar and 13.5 degrees alcohol will probably be more my style.

2014 Liquid Farm Chardonnay La Hermana Santa Maria Valley
solid, I think I detected a little more wood than I prefer but I could be wrong
  • PlanoWino commented:

    3/31/16, 4:41 PM - 100% neutral barrel fermentation and aging

2012 Bodegas Filon Real Calatayud Spain Garnacha, Grenache
4/6/2014 - BadOyster wrote:
90 points
I'm not sure I can get a better full-bodied red for $7.50 ...
  • PlanoWino commented:

    4/10/14, 1:38 PM - I agree with you G & T and I have to pay $8.90 for mine but it is well worth it. The Bodegas Atalaya La Atalaya which I buy for $12.87 is an excellent Garnacha too. Just make sure to decant it for an hour or two because it has a lot of initial funk.

  • PlanoWino commented:

    1/30/15, 3:28 PM - Thank goodness a local grocery store carries it. A real bargain. Buy it by the case. There is so much great Spanish wine on the market at very reasonable prices.

2013 Zorzal Malbec Terroir Unico Tupungato
Concrete eggs? Doesn't taste like Pinot. Tastes like south of Franc to boot.
  • PlanoWino commented:

    10/20/14, 11:57 AM - I am confused. You say it doesn't taste like a Pinot. That is probably because it is a Malbec. Possibly you posted your tasting note to the wrong wine.

  • PlanoWino commented:

    11/23/14, 3:23 PM - Now I am really confused. I was commenting on your note which I have copied below in which is says "doesn't taste like Pinot"

    Friday, April 11, 2014 - Concrete eggs? Doesn't taste like Pinot. Tastes like south of Franc to boot.

    Anyway, I have a couple of bottles of Zorzal field blend I haven't opened yet. Will be interested to see what it tastes like.

2010 Shafer Cabernet Sauvignon Hillside Select Stags Leap District
11/16/2013 - Jeff Leve wrote:
97 points
Big, bold, powerful, packed, full bodied and dense, this wine is stuffed with licorice, jammy blackberries, smoke and vanilla. This is not for timid wine tasters with all its layers of ripe and over ripe fruits. The finish really packs a punch.
  • PlanoWino commented:

    7/1/14, 4:28 PM - How did you get the 2010 so early? I just received the offer today for shipment in November 2014. Is your note really for the 2010 or the 2009?

  • PlanoWino commented:

    7/3/14, 11:19 AM - Makes perfect sense. I knew it hadn't been released. Maybe I will buy my allotment after all.

1988 Château Mouton Rothschild Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
4/4/2014 - Wein Auslesen wrote:
87 points
88 Degu 3h offen in der Flasche. Scheinbar tat dem Mouton die Reise zum zur Degu nicht gut. Kurz vor dem Service kam er noch kurz in die Karaffe.

mineralisch, grosse Ansätze, aber leider verschlossen
  • PlanoWino commented:

    4/10/14, 1:39 PM - Thank you for the evaluation. It might be time for me to drink my last bottles.

2000 Domaine de la Mordorée Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée de la Reine des Bois Red Rhone Blend
4/6/2014 - Rollerball wrote:
94 points
This has got everything. Immediate appeal, sophistication, and age-earned complexity but lovely and just pleasurable. Wotn easy. Drink now and cherish.
  • PlanoWino commented:

    4/10/14, 1:35 PM - Thanks for the drink now comment. I was wondering how soon I should polish off my remaining bottles. Prior ones have been outstanding but I have a bad habit of hanging on too long some times.

2011 Ortas / Cave de Rasteau Côtes du Rhône Villages "R" de Rasteau Red Rhone Blend
4/6/2014 - jviz wrote:
87 points
Nothing particularly noteworthy about this one. Full bodied Grenache blend with good balance but underwhelming flavor profile in my experience
  • PlanoWino commented:

    4/10/14, 1:33 PM - My wife and I thought this was a pleasant drink now well balanced Grenache specially since we bought it on sale for $6.37 per bottle. A true QPR at that price. It is back up to about $13 a bottle now. Bought two bottles; tasted it; went back and bought a case before it was gone.

2009 Bodegas Atalaya Almansa Grenache Blend, Grenache
6/27/2013 - rs Does not like this wine:
78 points
Too heavy and alcoholic. Not my kind of wine.
  • PlanoWino commented:

    2/5/14, 10:37 AM - Like many other young wines, I have found this wine to be much better after it is decanted for an hour or two. Once it settles down, it is an excellent wine. If you pop and pour, it is a little hard to take. A real QPR if you decant. I am paying $12.69 per bottle in case lots and it is the best value Garnacha I have found.

1999 Domaine du Pégau Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Réservée Red Rhone Blend
8/1/2013 - Zingrrl wrote:
This was pure crap. Iodine. What a waste.
  • PlanoWino commented:

    8/2/13, 7:51 AM - This happens all too often with this wine. Two of my three bottles were flawed and they were bought almost on release and stored in Eurocave cabinets. Pegau is off my buy list. Too many failures. Too much money down the drain.

  • PlanoWino commented:

    8/2/13, 6:55 PM - I was astonished when I saw Eric LeVine give the wine a 98. I have never had one anywhere near that good. He must have a lucky star. Rhone wines can be surprising. I had a 2004 Le Vieux Donjon Châteauneuf-du-Pape that was outstanding and I only paid $30 for it. You just never know. I just opened a 1997 Arrowood Cabernet Sauvignon Réserve Spéciale on Wednesday. The cork came out in pieces and I had to push the last 1/3 into the bottle. It took an unbleached coffee filter to remove all the tiny cork pieces. The wine however was incredible. Maybe that is part of the excitement.

2003 Domaine du Pégau Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Réservée Red Rhone Blend
7/4/2013 - Eric wrote:
98 points
Mmmm, deep, bloody, plummy, spicy. Classic Pegau. Wild, gamey, screaming with white pepper, starting to open up and get ready to play. This is definitely a 2003 but a raging success for sure. All of the vintage challenges (lots of alcohol, very roasted and sweet) and yet all of the successes (deep, tannic, insanely spicy and pleasurable). This is Châteauneuf-du-Pape on steroids, but this one works oh so well.
  • PlanoWino commented:

    7/4/13, 9:44 PM - Wow! I wish the bottle I had on Wednesday tasted like this. Mine was over the top, bright, lots of alcohol for sure, hard to identify the fruit, but white pepper overwhelmed everything else. Many other Rhones a lot better than this one. One more bottle to go and not looking forward to it. Hope this one was an enigma. Hot year showing it was a hot year all the way.

  • PlanoWino commented:

    7/5/13, 6:54 AM - Then there might be hope for my remaining bottles. I was so disappointed when I took my first drink and it didn't get better. I have owned these bottles since 2006 so I know where they lived. My initial concern was "What about all my '03s? Are they headed over the cliff? Hopefully just a bad bottle. It happens. The cork was a little loose and completely soaked.

  • PlanoWino commented:

    7/5/13, 4:21 PM - Thanks Crunge. Pegau does have a reputation for unevenness. I guess I got one at the wrong end of uneven. Neither my wife nor I enjoyed it but I couldn't bring myself to pour it out. Certainly not corked. Just not enjoyable.

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