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White - Off-dry
12/16/2021 - PlanoWino wrote:
I finally tasted this wine and like virtually all of the other notes, the wine was not drinkable. I bought two bottles from Envoyer on the hope that they would be okay. They weren't, so down the sink they went. I notified Envoyer of the problem and they issued a credit upon receiving my email. I was not expecting a credit and that isn't why I notified them but issuing the credit tells me a lot about them.
2019 Bichi La Santa Baja California Moscatel, Muscat (view label images)
My wife and I are in the camp that thinks the wine is spoiled. It is cloudy and a color that I have never seen in a wine grape before. The first taste was enough. It immediately went down the drain.
2012 Paloma Merlot Spring Mountain District (view label images)
4/1/2020 - PlanoWino wrote:
88 points
I really like Paloma Merlot but it takes a lot of effort to drink the 2012. There is so much gelatin like (no idea what it is but it isn't normal sediment) substances in everyone of my bottles that it clogs the mesh funnel I use to decant it. I have to clean the funnel at least three times to decant a single bottle. Once it is decanted for an hour or two, it is fine but the effort to get it decanted certainly takes away from the experience.
1985 Château Calon-Ségur St. Estèphe Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
5/9/2019 - PlanoWino wrote:
Flawed. Vinegar. Purchased from Ets. Martin in Saint Emilion on 18 July 2018. Stored in Eurocave cabinet upon receipt.
12/26/2018 - PlanoWino wrote:
This is the second aged wine that I bought at the winery when I was in Uruguay. Like the previous one, this one was also badly flawed, just in a different way. I decided to use an ah so to open the wine. I wedged it in deeply and began to twist. The cork crumbled. I was finally able to remove the remainder of the cork with a corkscrew.

The neck of the bottle was full of little pieces of crumbled cork "glued" to the sides. The wine smelled off but I decanted it through a funnel with strainer to catch the cork and sediment. The taste and smell confirmed that the wine was badly oxidized. I gave it time not expecting it to improve but out of blind hope. It didn't and down the drain it went.

I have learned my lesson about H. Stagnari. Never buy a wine with more than 5 years age on it. The younger wines are fresh, full of fruit, and well-balanced.
11/2/2018 - PlanoWino wrote:
Purchased this bottle at the winery after being assured that it would still be good. It wasn't. Opened the bottle and I was overwhelmed by the smell of an overflowing septic tank. I can only assume that the bottle was heavily affected by Brettomyces. It clearly was not corked but it smelled and tasted (Yes, I did take a tiny taste) like it belonged better in a latrine than a bottle.

I was very disappointed in H. Stagnari winery after the incident. It is always possible to get a bad wine. But I emailed them almost two months ago about the wine and to this day, I have received no reply. Since then, (24 December 2018), I had a bad experience with another of the aged wines I bought at the winery -- a 2000 Dayman. But that is another tasting note.
7/7/2018 - PlanoWino wrote:
Corked. I contacted the winery and they replaced the corked bottle quickly.
8/26/2014 - PlanoWino Likes this wine:
88 points
I admit to being surprised. I wasn't expecting much. This is 100% Carignan. Got a big hit of raspberries when it was right out of the cellar and as it warmed the strawberries invaded. All in all a very good wine, crisp, refreshing, and plenty of mid-palate fruit. I will buy this wine again especially at its $9 price.
2/13/2010 - PlanoWino wrote:
70 points
The previous taster was correct, this wine is ALL about Oak. Either the bottle I had was flawed or it is one of the most unbalanced wines I have ever tasted. Neither my wife nor I could finish the first glass. It is now on the counter to be used as a cooking wine. No discernible fruit at all. Off putting sawmill dust nose.
2007 Rio Grande Muscat Mesilla Valley
9/12/2009 - PlanoWino wrote:
Wow! A mouth full of fresh peaches with just the right amount of acidity to keep everything in balance. This wine is all about place. Take this wine out on the verandah on a warm Summer evening, prop up your feet, and watch the evening sun sink slowly over the horizon. (88 points). I guess some grapes in the right hands can do well in New Mexico afterall. It isn't all about Gruet.
11/10/2006 - PlanoWino wrote:
82 points
Removed from wine cabinet, let stand while temperature rose to about 68 degrees. Opened and served. First impression was liquid raisins with alcohol added. Let set in glass a while longer but impression remainded the same. The wine never achieved a balance. Neither my wife nor I enjoyed this wine. We did not finish the bottle. For my wife, that was unusual. She is a much bigger Zin fan than me. Have one bottle remaining which I will open soon to see if the issue was with the bottle or the wine. We have enjoyed the Syrah and Dos Arkies in the pastl.
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