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2008 Fattoria di Basciano Vigna Il Corto Colli della Toscana Centrale IGT Sangiovese Blend, Sangiovese (view label images)
Tremendous value! Well-integrated oak, beautiful and complex nose.
Drank on Xmas dinner 2012. Very reliable producer. I'll buy other bottles.
2007 Erasmo Maule Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
4 stars.
Decanted for two hours and the wine opened up beautifully.
Complex nose with red fruits,well-intergrated wood and eucalyptus.
Soft tannins and good acidity.
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11/12/2012 - fredmarc wrote:
Very intense nose (tropical fruits especially passion fruit and citrus).Mineral.
Racy acidity. Very well-made.
Perfect match for fish, cheese fondue, ceviche and goat cheese.
A benchmark for any Sauvignon Blanc producer. And not only in the New World.
5 stars.
10/7/2012 - fredmarc wrote:
5 stars.
Complex nose,savoury and persistent.
Decanted for a couple of hours.
The best Puglian wine I've ever tasted in my life.
Matched with pork.
9/23/2012 - fredmarc wrote:
5 stars.
This is a wine for a special occasion.
A Chenin Blanc to rival the top dry ones from Vouvray and Savennière but in its own Stellenbosch tipicity.
Intense fruity nose wrapped by a perfect acidity with a long and delicious finish.
A wine that deserves some top-notch seafood to accompany it. I had it with prawns and was absolutely sublime.
Alcohol very well integrated. One sip waits impatiently for the next one.Life is good!
7/28/2012 - fredmarc wrote:
5 stars.
Matched with ceviche. Delectable!
Colour: Straw-yellow, green hue on edge.
Nose: Very intense.Tropical fruits like pineapple, pear and peach.
Palate: Racy acidity and firm minerality.
This wine reminds me of the holidays I used to spend on the beach when I was a teenager. It makes you feel very much alive!
6/15/2012 - fredmarc wrote:
4 stars
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3/17/2012 - fredmarc wrote:
A wine for a grand occasion.
Decanted for two hours. And it kept changing in the glass afterwards.
Leather,spices and a hint of cedar on the nose.
Beautiful acidity and real soft tannins.
A wine like this must shine on its own so don't worry about the food to match it. A good manchego and a chorizo serrano will do the job. 5 stars.
3/13/2012 - fredmarc wrote:
4 stars
2/25/2012 - fredmarc wrote:
Alcohol and oak well integrated. Demands some hearty food to accompany it. Decanting necessary. 4 stars.
1/6/2012 - fredmarc wrote:
5 stars.
2007 Argiolas Costera Isola dei Nuraghi IGT Cannonau, Grenache (view label images)
12/30/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Great value.
4,5 stars.
11/7/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Very intense on the nose. Red and black fruits and a touch of cedar.Perfect as well with some hearty food due to its lovely acidity. A balanced and very well-made wine. Worth every penny. 4 stars.
11/3/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Round and complex! Sur lie and no oak. Quite a peculiar wine,made with gros manseng. Matches perfectly with any elaborated seafood. Excellent value! 4 stars.
11/1/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Very typical chianti. Acidity is the highlight. Easy to drink and goes with everything. Good value.
10/30/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Not a complicated wine. Easy to drink with some cured cheese and chouriço serrano español.
Distinct,balanced and full-bodied. In a word, agreeable.
3,5 stars.
10/28/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Ruby colour.
Red fruits and spices on the nose.
Well balanced and generous.
Integrated tannins and a clean finish.
3,5 stars. Had a better impression the first time I tried it.
Demands some hearty food to go with it as well.
10/30/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Straw yellow colour. Tropical on the nose. Lively acidity,medium body and savoury. Péttilant due to a second fermentation in small autoclaves. Lovely 12.5% alcohol. 4 stars.
I'll buy other bottles.
10/3/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
What a classic Rioja!
Elegant,restrained and complex. Every smell and every sip unfolds different facets of aroma and taste.
No need to decant. Just pour this nectar and it will naturally evolve in the glass within minutes.
5 stars.
2003 Casa Rivas Maria Pinto Maipo Valley Red Blend
9/29/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
On the nose: guava,guava and guava.
Soft tannins and a bit too much of alcohol.
Expectations were higher.
2 stars.
9/18/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
A very interesting and innovative white blend with three portuguese grape varieties.
A full-bodied wine but extremely easy to drink,probably due to the Alvarinho.
Viognier contributed with the aromas and the alcohol and alvarinho and verdelho with the acidity.
This is a very consistent producer! I'll buy other bottles from them.
A perfect match for cod!
8/27/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
A rather peculiar variety this Gaglioppo grape.
A Pinot Noir-ish colour with a funky cheese,cured meat and earthy kind of nose.
Quite delectable on the palate with the perfect acidity asking for some enjoyable food.
4 stars.
White - Sweet/Dessert
8/20/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
On the nose: Floral and lychee notes.
Fresh and unctuous on the palate.
Ideal with apricot and peach desserts.
4 stars.
8/20/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
On its prime now.Decanted for 3 hours.Rather complex! Demands some hearty food to go with it.
The quintessense of Malbec.
5 stars.
8/19/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Citrus and passion fruit on the nose.Structured and elegant.
Perfect acidity. Matched with ceviche.
5 stars.
8/12/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Not a good vintage I reckon. In other words, flat and boring!
Not enjoyable!
3 stars.
8/15/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Excellent value for a German Riesling!
Trocken(dry),mineral and persistent. You just can't stop drinking it!
I'll buy other bottles of this gem.
5 stars.
8/3/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Decanted for an hour and a half.
A bit too much of alcohol but rather savoury. Red fruits and silky tannins.
Drank it with pasta al funghi and matched perfectly.
4 stars
White - Fortified
8/1/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Splendid dessert wine!
Different and intriguing! Nutty and slightly oxidized on the nose. Very persistent on the palate. I'll certainly buy other bottles again and maybe upgrade for a 10 years old Malvasia (Malmsey). I was told it was even better.
Very reliable producer.
7/31/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Ruby red colour.Not intense.
A bit tart on the palate but savoury.
Decanted for 40 minutes.
I'll drink the Ripasso from the same producer for comparison.
7/24/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Frutado,sem madeira,acidez no ponto,fácil de beber e parceiro ideal para uma boa pizza.
Atende muito bem a proposta de um vinho jovem e sem barrica.Muito bem vinificado.
Excelente custo-benefício
7/23/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
4 stars.
Decanted for two hours.
Very decent wine but I had higher expectations. Not a very good value.
7/18/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
A decent Dolcetto. Red fruits on the nose, soft tannins , pleasant acidity and very versatile.
An easy-to-drink Italian red. 3 stars.
7/15/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Savoury.Acidity was the highlight. Citrus and tropical on the nose. Ideal match for any seafood.
7/2/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Greenish colour and very limpid.Aromas of tropical fruits particularlly passion fruit. On the palate,very fresh and medium-bodied.A touch of guava.Delicious! 5 stars.
6/25/2011 - fredmarc wrote:
Golden hue.I expected more on the nose but the palate didn't disappoint.I used the Vinturi white wine aerator but it was not enough to release the many layers of its bouquet in time. A bit oxidized which reminded me of a Sherry.Despite very dry,honey and almonds prevailed in the mouth.Very good acidity. A unique wine for sure.
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