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Fruit/Vegetable Wine
1/2/2012 - Jeremyb wrote:
70 points
Very appley... naturally. Not a big fan. Won't finish the bottle.
12/31/2011 - Jeremyb wrote:
Opened and drank without decanting. This is quite amazing. Easy to drink, dark red color, almost black with a nice plum taste, and light peppery aftertaste. Need to buy more.
12/30/2011 - Jeremyb wrote:
95 points
Black, strong taste of pepper and current. Amazing wine but easy to drink. Lite on the tannins and smooth. Would definitely stock this again. Decanted for 20 minutes.
12/30/2011 - Jeremyb wrote:
80 points
Smells a bit on vanilla but has a slight sour aftertaste to it. The color is very light, thin looking. Would drink again as a weekday wine, but it's a bit lacking for a good wine.
12/11/2010 - Jeremyb wrote:
81 points
Actually an 09
12/8/2010 - Jeremyb wrote:
83 points
Hint of berry. Nice and drinkable.
11/19/2010 - Jeremyb wrote:
85 points
A little dry for a Shiraz but tasty
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