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9/13/2020 - mtgreen4 Likes this wine:
96 points
What a surprise based on many of the reviews. This bottle was all the best CT tasting notes and comments rolled up in one. Beautifully mature Savennieres. fantastic!
12/8/2019 - mtgreen4 Likes this wine:
90 points
Deep dark color. Holding back somewhat on the nose other than a musty note. Tannins coating the mouth, but rather than harsh or dominating their was a soft quality to them well balanced by the bright lift this wine had. I feel the somewhat musty nose added a positive earthy complexity to the fruit and was in no way a fault. A tasty and nicely balanced 12.5% Saperavi.
This wine poured from the bottle was at first very layered, with a most noticeable rich mid-palate fruit. Amarone like, yet earthy and with a brightness and lift to it that set it apart, giving it a distinctive quality. A very big wine, but with the nuances present in how layered it was it had a degree of elegance not found in the more one dimensional fruit forward-high alcohol wines. With that said I would not decant this wine, and best served at cellar temperature. In a couple of hours it began to loose many of the quality's I so enjoyed in the beginning. The longer it sat and warmer it got the rich mid-palate began to be replaced by the alcohol which began to cover up and dominate everything else.
This is the third bottle I have drank of the Schioppettino over the past couple of years and notice quite a lot of bottle variation. I kind of expect this from hyper-natural wine made with care, as each bottle will reflect its handling and proper storage temperature to a much greater degree than more manipulated wines. I hold this wine maker in high regard and have had amazing bottles of this and the Real--and I don't normally drink to many Big wines.
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6/22/2016 - mtgreen4 Likes this wine:
92 points
Remarkable overall balance and vibrant fruit. To date the best Colorado wine I have ever tasted. It could stand along side a nice Burgundy no problem. It has aged beautifully and with the acid and fruit in the place they are today this wine seems to suggest it has a ways to go before being over the hill. I believe a big part of this (or any wine) was the storage. Upon it's release it had rested in the beautiful cellar of Paonia's top wine producer, Alfred Eames, where I received it.
10/8/2014 - mtgreen4 Likes this wine:
90 points
A warm, even hint of smoke, lush over ripe, dark berry nose, some what exotic and exciting. On the palate came across as slightly oxidized at first, full bodied with black pepper spice notes along with raisin and stewed fruit notes suggesting it is at or just past its prime. What helped this wine carry the evening the way it did was the way it stood up to and complemented eggplant Parmesan, highlighting a smoky like note to the eggplant and accenting the spice and garlic. Both the food and wine were better because of each other-as a result, 90
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