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4/22/2012 - ghayman wrote:
100 points
Wow! I thought I was going at this bottle too soon, but was rewarded immensely. This wine was everything one could hope a California Cab could be. Full and incredibly smooth. It was loaded with cherry, tobacco, mild licorice, a dash of clove, and deep dark blue berries, acacia (?), soft new oak, and a glycerin round finish that coated my mouth. Nothing was heavy or out of place, and the flavors were so full and varied that they played on my taste buds for minutes on end. In spite of this being a split that costs far too much, I paid a premium to secure 2 750ml for my cellar. I cannot wait to indulge in another one of these bottles--the finest Cabernet I have ever tasted.
1989 Château Lynch-Bages Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
4/22/2012 - ghayman wrote:
92 points
Shipped to Europe 1 month ahead of arrival. Decanted for 1 hour+ prior to consumption with friends. Every sip was smooth, perfectly aged Bordeaux. Mild old world earthiness, round tannins. Everything was subtle, though, and my tongue is not skilled in old world Bordeaux enough to appreciate the nuances. My friends that drink Bordeaux regularly 'ooo'd and ahhh'd' the entire tasting, and would have scored this 99-100. This comes from a very experienced Bordeaux connoisseur, who has 6,000 bottles in his cellar, with Mouton and Latour stacked like cords of wood. For me though, I simply knew I was drinking something smooth and old, with little jumping from the glass so I cannot justifiably score it higher.
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1990 Château Lynch-Bages Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
4/22/2012 - ghayman wrote:
May have encountered my first fast of "bottle shocked" wine. After traveling to Europe to enjoy with friends, the wine smelled off immediately. It did not seem corked, but smelled something akin to dirty diapers. After several hours of 'settling' the wine simply turned to prunes then began to have a sharp vinegar bite after more hours of decanting. So much for $200+ on this bottle...
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