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2014 Château Rauzan-Ségla Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend
7/26/2020 - Slaz Likes this wine:
92 points
This is a solid 92pts+ at this young age. Needed some air upon opening up, meaningfully improving after 1.5 hours of decanting. Still fairly tannic, which I was expecting, but more approachable than both 2009 and 2010 vintages at the comparable age. A distinct black currant note on the nose and palate that you might or might not appreciate depending on your reference points (I do like it a lot as I grew up picking black currant each summer while a kid). Some layers of favors and more horsepower to come out with more cellaring. 92-94 pts.
  • Old Doug commented:

    2/15/21, 12:01 PM - Nice tasting note. I quite agree, almost 7 months later. Yes, it's young and needs some air, and there's pronounced dark fruit, but still a mighty good and pleasing wine at this point.

1997 David Arthur Cabernet Sauvignon Elevation 1147 Rutherford
7/31/2011 - Old Doug wrote:
97 points
One sniff and I wanted to run outside, dance under the sun, and fire guns into the air. Decanted into martini glasses, and consumed directly from them, over the course of six hours, myself alone in solitary contemplation and wonder at the best California cab I've ever had. Took a very small taste right away, and was stunned at the power, the brain firing and flickering at so many things, then settling down as the finish went on and on. If the reader is a lover of "big" wines and Cabernet Sauvignon, I almost think the discovery of this wine should be left to them. However, to maintain some sort of form here, a nose of a multitude of dark fruit that unfolded over the hours into an earthy, leathery, smoky song. Attending to this evolution was a great joy.

It may be splitting hairs, but I found the flavor a little heavy on black currant and plum, and the tannins could yet do with a little softening. In a few years I think this could well be a 98 or 99. That said, at this point this wine is an instant reward in itself, and during a day of drinking it treats patience most gloriously, for there is always more to anticipate. Hours after opening, flavors of meat, mead and mango were appearing, along with a kaleidoscopic palate that ranged through all the yellows, oranges, reds and purples, into the brown. Now, minutes later, my mouth tastes of coffee. Good coffee.

This wine is satisfaction - it's breakfasting on toast and dark jam, then having your lover feed you a ripe plum on a warm day as you stand on high, looking down and out at the ocean, a cool breeze blowing over you. It's also being young and thinking of that special person, wondering if they'll be the first one to kiss you.
  • Old Doug commented:

    12/17/20, 1:30 PM - I was in a hotel in connecticut, and oddly enough all I could scrounge up were martini glasses, not wine glasses.

  • Old Doug commented:

    12/17/20, 2:09 PM - I was just going to PM you! : )

1986 Château Gruaud Larose St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
8/6/2018 - graemeg wrote:
NobleRottersSydney - top 80s Bordeaux (360 Bar & Dining, Sydney): {cork, 12.5%} [Gordon] Bit of a favourite now, this old bruiser. Lots of plummy, chocolately, flavours and aromas. Graphite too. Hefty on the palate; a bit less refined than the other reds. Some compost/farmyard character, a bit of earth, touch of mushroom, but in a good way. Medium-full body, the gently gritty tannins are soft now. Still wonderfully drinkable. Double-decanted a few hours earlier.
  • Old Doug commented:

    8/14/18, 5:46 AM - Great description, Graeme - it will speak to everybody that reads it, as well as to any questions of "Should I drink this wine now?"

2010 Domaine Bernard Baudry Chinon Les Grézeaux Cabernet Franc
6/5/2014 - Tim Heaton wrote:
PnP (my first of 7) consumed over five nights. That's right, five nights. I wanted to know. Cool acids every single night; they defined this wine as much as the beautifully pure fruits.

Night 1: opens up straightaway (and WoW!), but after a half hour in the glass, tannins move in, and the party is called off.

Night 2: more deeply fruited. chalky, powerful acids in check given the very deep well of red and black fruits

Night 4: just in awe of this wine. Acids and fruits in perfect harmony. I could smell it all night; a few tastes and I'm transported.

Nigh 5: stony, limestone-y. All about rocks and perfectly balanced red and black fruits. After an hour in the glass, some pyrazine -the first sign of them in the five days this has been opened - show themselves. But they do so for just a minute, and even then, it's subtle, welcome. Some more time in the glass, no pyrazine, now it's campfire/ash. and more rocky, chalky fruits.

highly recommended, drink thru 2034, 13,0% abv. Served non-blind.
  • Old Doug commented:

    5/22/15, 7:21 AM - This is one of the best tasting notes I have ever seen.

1985 Robert Mondavi Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Napa Valley
4/23/2015 - Old Doug wrote:
93 points
A beautiful ride off into the sunset, and your horse passes through a blooming cherry orchard bordered by cedars; your leather saddle was rubbed with high-quality tobacco yesterday. It's a big herbal cherry sun that is setting, and you can taste it, with a sprinkling of spices, and the satiny union of the tannins are upon you, so subtle that you wish for more at first, you must be patient as the velvet embrace deepens, insinuating itself deep within you in a silky smooth process, until a final slow-motion fillip of astringency touches the front of your mouth. The cork was wet and crumbly almost to the top. Definitely time to drink this wine; wish I had more.

A great wine to drink in solitary contemplation, or quietly, with friends.
  • Old Doug commented:

    5/20/15, 7:53 PM - Hi kdunlop,

    I think most any beef dish, lamb, mushrooms...yum!

N.V. Worthy Brewing Worthy IPA Rogue Valley Malt
7/17/2014 - Old Doug Likes this wine:
97 points
Restrained aroma of enticing, bitter hops, with a background of buttery citrus and a hint of pine.

Centered palate with a lot going on - golden light brown in taste, a good bitter ale, but not over-the-top bitter, a light, sinuous glycerol mouthfeel, a little malty aspect, a hint of green melon, proper bitterness in the forefront, some warm cinnamon spice against the cool ale background. An effortless slim dancer, with a core of steel just showing through, twirling around in a spin. A real treat on a hot summer day.
  • Old Doug commented:

    7/19/14, 7:27 PM - Thank you, O Worthy W_S. It's only been the last year that I realized how many really stellar IPAs are out there, and this is definitely a keeper.

1998 La Rioja Alta Rioja Gran Reserva 904 Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
2/22/2014 - Old Doug wrote:
92 points
A couple hours of air time has made this taste good. The nose is still hitting me hard, in a good way (big dark sweet deep cherry and a "woodiness" akin to Bordeaux), but the palate is restrained - overall it's acid-driven, and for a Tempranillo blend, it's still rather "Bordeaux-like." The cork was in pristine condition, and there's some nice bricking going on. My only complaint here is that the acidity is a little too prominent. Really good cherry and darker red fruits on the palate.
  • Old Doug commented:

    2/28/14, 4:41 AM - Harley, good advice there. But - that's a long time to wait!

2009 Dacalier Cote Du Soleil Clarksburg White Rhone Blend
1/2/2014 - Old Doug Likes this wine:
91 points
Quite stout stuff, in a good way, for being 95% Vigonier and 5% Chardonnay. The same spicy citrus and honey/honeysuckle as in the past, but more complex now - some faint sulfur and petrol along with the resinous note that dsGris identified back in August. The body has "plumped up" and to me the mouthfeel is silky and "big" like an aged Riesling. Smooth, cool, with the same nice carrying acidity as always, finishes tart then trailing off into the warmth of white pepper. So then there's your warm mouth, ready for the next cool sip.
  • Old Doug commented:

    1/11/14, 1:03 AM - Recotte, thanks, and the "resinous" quality was very important, there. It's going to be an issue for some people, were they drinking that same last bottle I had.

    To a point, I like 'resin,' per se, if there really is a "per se" at work, there. I'll buy Greek 'Retsina' wine whenever I see it. Heck, I think they just dump a type of resin in, there.

2010 Maison Bleue Grenache La Montagnette Upland Vineyard Yakima Valley Snipes Mountain
No detailed notes - Another light, tight, and lean wine from MB. Very floral and peppery, initially. Gains weight, complexity, and darker fruit flavors with air and time. Interesting and intriguing, grabbing a few more for future reference. Well made, developing wine with plenty of time left.
  • Old Doug commented:

    1/4/14, 3:17 PM - Good tasting note, PDX-S. It's a year later now, and if anything I don't think it's quite so tight now. Good stuff, all in all.

2005 Château La Tour de Mons Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend
11/5/2013 - Old Doug wrote:
94 points
WOW - the 11th bottle of a case is demonstrably better than the first 10. Beaucoup Margaux nose, and a long finish after warm cherry, cool blueberry, beautifully balanced tannins, acidity, sweet/dry, spices. Tastes like a $250 Bordeaux.
  • Old Doug commented:

    11/7/13, 6:32 PM - Excellent comments, Dave. The Quality-to-Price-Ratio has gotten so skewed that to find stuff - let us say in the low 90s as far as score - versus high 90s at 10, 20, 40 times the price - is very good indeed.

2008 Apothic Red California Red Blend
11/22/2010 - River Rat wrote:
The kids brought a bottle over last night. It unfortunately followed a 2009 Seghesio Sonoma County Zinfandel. I popped it, poured a taste, took a sip and made the sound of a bomb dropping from an airplane and then exploding on the ground. Plonk. Someone rolled the grape juice truck up, added some mega purple and bottled it as wine. Son said Gallo's target market is 25-35 year old women. Uh, yup. No nose, all fruit, no structure whatsoever no acidity, no tannins. RS had to be 4-5%. Great guzzling wine. Should have come in a 1 gallon jug with a thumb ring. Nice label, catchy name.
  • Old Doug commented:

    9/30/13, 6:46 AM - "Should have come in a 1 gallon jug with a thumb ring."

    Ha! Great tasting note, River Rat. : )

White - Sweet/Dessert
2005 Feudi di San Gregorio Privilegio Irpinia Fiano
9/21/2013 - Old Doug wrote:
93 points
Excellent dessert wine. Had already darkened to a golden/caramel color, nose of perfumey fruit, palate ripe with apricot and pear, predominately, then spices and cinnamon in the background, maybe a banana or two found their way in there, as well.
  • Old Doug commented:

    9/24/13, 7:31 PM - Tim, no - I had bought it that very same day, from a "Fine Wine and Good Spirits" store in Pittsburgh, one of the PA state-controlled liquor and wine stores. Almost totally blind in the buying - the bottle came inside a metal canister, and the only information was "2005 Feudi di San Gregorio Privilegio."

2002 Etienne Sauzet Bâtard-Montrachet Bâtard-Montrachet Grand Cru Chardonnay
8/29/2013 - Old Doug wrote:
97 points
Good nose, sweet fruit and quite floral. Stunningly complex palate; this wine is like a good counter-puncher - you mentally tag it and before you can react, it's hit you with another aspect of fruit, and everything all in great balance. Best just to let it wash over you, inwardly. I'm rating this wine higher than everybody else, it looks like, but if we're going with a 50 to 100 point scale, and if it's linear, then at 97, that would mean that 6% of wines would be better - and with that in mind, perhaps I should give it a 98.
  • Old Doug commented:

    8/31/13, 9:04 AM - Tim - indeed - high-end white wines that have a college degree in seduction rule! How many glasses of a big, powerful red are we going to drink before we're saturated, before the effect is lost on us?

    But this Bâtard-Montrachet: "more, more" is just it. Ooh, I could drink quite a few glasses of this.

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