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2006 Luce della Vite Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
6/1/2019 - bon vivant wrote:
it's been a long time since I have had a bottle of Luce and this served by friends was a reminder that this is not really my style. The wine is dark and big, very extracted and with a heavy dose of new oak which is still unresolved. Fruit up front and very tannic finish which subsided a bit after some time in the decanter and once we added some lamb into the experience. This wine will definitely have it's fans. You can call it Modern but then again so is Valdicava and I would not put this into the same class. If you think of the style of La Spinetta Barbaresco compare to it's more traditional neighbors you get a good idea of the type of BdM this is. In any case i would think that this has enough stuff going on to improve with another 3-5 years but you have to like the style to warrant the investment of time and $.
  • bon vivant commented:

    6/6/19, 7:13 PM - Thanks Tim -hope your summer is off to a good start, keep in touch Cheers !

1997 Azienda Agricola Taurino Notarpanaro Salento IGT Negroamaro
7/30/2017 - bon vivant wrote:
90 points
My first encounter of this was a bottle from the early 1980's at over 20 years of age -that a friend brought over for dinner. I wondered if later vintages were going to hold out as well and stashed a bunch of these in the cellar and every one has been great. Now at 20 years old this is still fun to drink. There is an old age tertiary sweetness of flavors, rusticity and garigue red licorice and leather not dissimilar to a good aged Grenache from the Southern Rhone but perhaps a shade lighter in body. very short decant and ready to gulp in big swigs. Simple but delicious
  • bon vivant commented:

    6/5/18, 10:24 AM - Indeed. The rewards of a good guess mixed with a little knowledge. Cheers!

1999 Falesco Montiano Lazio IGT Merlot
Perfectly mature, with some miles yet to go. That said, I can't imagine it's getting better from here, just different. Color is ruby at the core with a gentle bricking. Aromas of soil, red and black fruits, some dried herbs; more complexity came with additional air (this was a PnP). Medium-bodied, gentle, with avg>avg+ complexity of fruit and some attractive tertiary qualities. A joy to drink today, and something I'd gladly have again. I suspect this bottle (held since release in ideal conditions, great fill, cork 1/2 soaked) might have shown better than many at this stage, and for that, I'm quite grateful; better with each successive glass. Very easily recommended+. Drink now or in the next several years.
  • bon vivant commented:

    2/12/18, 6:36 PM - Always believed in the age worthiness of this Cotterlla wine, in spite of many calls on the wine BB's stating it was just a modern fruit bomb that will fall apart by age 7or 8... the wisdom of the crowd some days ain't that wise. Glad you had a good one!

2001 Finca Allende Rioja Allende Tempranillo
12/26/2017 - robmatic wrote:
92 points
Just beautiful mature Rioja here, with well integrated wood and spice, and abundant acidity. Juicy, vibrant cherry fruit; round and succulent, with a long and clean finish. Sad to see this last bottle gone. This purchase has turned out to be one of the best I've made, with every bottle being a delight. Drink now and over the next few years.
  • bon vivant commented:

    1/6/18, 9:51 AM - Funny i just posted on a bottle & saw your very recent review! The good news is I have 3 more in the mountain cellar -let me know next time you are in Denver & ill bring one down to share. Happy new yr !

2010 Tenuta di Collosorbo Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
3/10/2016 - bon vivant wrote:
2 corked bottles!
  • bon vivant commented:

    5/2/17, 4:03 PM - The corks are likely from Portugal...

2001 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Riserva Rabajà Nebbiolo
3/25/2017 - bon vivant wrote:
Tight & closed down -was decanted for about 4 hrs and was just charmless and didn't show the love -was it an off bottle or just a dud -hard to say as there was way too much good juice on the table tonight...
  • bon vivant commented:

    4/2/17, 2:09 PM - Fair enough - I did try it one more time and u r right, but there was so much good stuff around that i had no problem pulling away.

2004 Bodegas Muga Rioja Torre Muga Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
{six years since last tasted, see spoiler at bottom of note} Still not ready. If you like them primary, like barrel samples type stuff, have at it. Even after 3-hours in wide-bottom decanter, and another 2 hours over dinner, this was (mostly) young. But (there's always a but...but this one's good), it is showing, albeit in a very cheeky style, what's inside/to come. The color doesn't reveal any age at all. On the nose, cedar, dirt (the clean kind, not the overly poopy kind), mentholated cherry, leather and dust, a smidge of VA, and the lightest veneer of dark chocolate. On the palate, just not much happening besides some pretty feisty tannins; I've no doubt, with proper time (10 more years), that the fruit, acid and tannins will be in harmony as opposed to their more competitive postures in the instant case. Huge potential here - grab some on the secondary market, I've seen it - even recently - at release prices. HOLD. highly recommended

Served non-blind. As good as traditional meets modern gets, I should think. Lots of sediment. Pushed my drinking window to 2025 though 2035.

** note ** I have poured off 200ml, and will keep it in the fridge for 4-5 days, call it a gut feeling.

****** NOTE! *****

I poured the final 200ml on day 6, the wine is the total package. If I see a case at auction, I will buy it. This is the real deal. *********
  • bon vivant commented:

    9/26/16, 10:04 PM - Nice note Tim, lets hope we age as well as this wine. Still waiting on the 2001's to be ready...

White - Off-dry
2005 François Chidaine Montlouis-sur-Loire Les Tuffeaux Chenin Blanc
3/22/2015 - bon vivant wrote:
At age 10 this is entering a nice point of softness and integration. The aromatics are a delicate combo of baked apple with a little pear and honey notes combined with hints of baking spice and the wine is soft yet mouth coating with a delicate layering of flavors which go from the fruit to a nice salinity and a fairly long finish. There still good freshness here and while the acidity is not pronounced it is definitively in the background. Maybe a touch drier than a dem-sec as you still get a sweetness on the entry. This shows pretty as it maintains a lightness vis a vie the texture. Quite a fine effort and another good example of the value of Chidain's wines and his delicate touch with this cuvee. Very versatile with food choices as this went well with grilled pork tenderloin, assorted salads as well as artisan cheeses. This would be excellent choice for Fioe Gras or pate. With good provenance this Should be good for a decade or two if not more.
  • bon vivant commented:

    3/31/15, 11:59 AM - Tim, I luckily have a few more bottles and will be glad to share. Cheers

1999 St. Francis Zinfandel Old Vines Sonoma County
3/2/2015 - bon vivant wrote:
Surprisingly dark in color and very much alive. Notes of prunes and blue fruit as well as BBQ carmelization. Gave this s short decant and while the aromatics were a bit subdued the flavor was good and held a surprising amount of grip. A nice surprise.
  • bon vivant commented:

    3/2/15, 6:34 PM - Hi Tim, yes old zins can be fun -i had good luck with old Ridges as well which can be fascinating. Would love to get together -keep in touch. Ciao

2000 Louis Bernard Côtes du Rhône Villages Red Rhone Blend
1/19/2015 - bon vivant wrote:
When i drank this young i thought this had the stuffing to age, maybe 10-12 years but i never thought it would show so well at almost 15 years of age. A great cellar defender when it's time for a good bistro wine with some nice evolution. This has held up better than many CNDP from this vintage. got to love it when this happens. Way over achiever. hope my remaining bottles held up as well.
  • bon vivant commented:

    1/20/15, 9:46 AM - Indeed, as long as you have the proper cellar conditions. My number
    1 advice to anyone storing wine: You will never regret investing in cellar infrastructure. Cheers!

2006 Alban Vineyards Viognier Alban Estate Vineyard Edna Valley
8/17/2014 - bon vivant wrote:
While I generally prefer Viognier on the young side (esp French) to get the max aromatic impact, this bottle once again showed that Alban's version can indeed show a beautiful harmony and smoothness with age. Bottle probably at peak from a flavor mouth feel prospective. This was tasty stuff that got better as it warmed up a bit and had a chance to air. Very extracted, flavorful yet the acidity was perfectly balanced. If you got em, id recommend you drink up.
  • bon vivant commented:

    8/19/14, 10:43 AM - Yo Tim -where have you been hiding? we need to get together & bend elbows...Cheers

2006 Walter Hansel Winery Chardonnay Cuvée Alyce Russian River Valley
2/4/2014 - thomaskeil wrote:
92 points
Oh my! Maybe a deeper straw color than last bottle 3 years ago, but otherwise this is a dead ringer for the note I wrote then. Rich fruits, impeccable brassy mineral balance, complex and persistent flavors. Lacks textural complexity and tension of the world's best chardonnays but it's impossible to not admire this wine and how it's aging. For interest's sake will likely have the last bottle in 3 more years.
  • bon vivant commented:

    4/2/14, 5:05 PM - Yes amazing longevity... have been digging into the 2000's recently (the 1999 is still young!). Have several of these stashed away in case that you drink your last one....Maybe we should do a vertical one of these weekends. Cheers

2001 Clarendon Hills Grenache Old Vines Clarendon
12/7/2013 - bon vivant wrote:
When we opened this to taste before dinner we decided to just leave the cork out for about an hr. This proved to be a lovely bottle and it was definitely very different than the power fruit laden wine of youth. This was beautifully integrated featuring soft dusty strawberry Grenache fruit. Delicate, satiny in texture and with a touch of baking spices and a round finish. There were some good secondary notes but no tertiary components and this went great with Susan's dish of Calamari in a savory Italian style tomato broth based loosely on Battali's recipe.
Since all around the table have had various bottles of this, a lively conversation ensued as several years back many on the wine BB board declared this "a wine that has fallen apart and will not age". Ha, not so -in fact reading some additional notes here on CT my theory is that there may have been a shipment subjected to suboptimal storage somewhere along the way. I guess i was one of the lucky ones. Drinks great now, that said I do not see much potential for further improvement, so this is going into drinking rotation.
  • bon vivant commented:

    12/7/13, 3:09 PM - Thanks Tim -Happy Holidays!

White - Sweet/Dessert
1998 Zind-Humbrecht Pinot Gris Rangen de Thann Clos St. Urbain Sélection de Grains Nobles Alsace Grand Cru
1/29/2010 - bon vivant wrote:
After a magical bottle of 58 Borgogno we needed something appropriate to finish the evening with. From Split this was dark golden and sparkling in color. Amazing concentration and extraction yet it never gets overwhelming or cloying due to the perfect balance of acid. Waves of flavors and a finish that just kept going & going. The body reminded me of a top notch Tokaji somewhere between 6 putt& Aszu. Mouth coating intensity where every tiny sip just explodes. A meditation dessert wine. Several oz were even more intense 6 days later when the wine became darker and more honeyed and spicy yet still perfectly balanced -Wow.
  • bon vivant commented:

    5/8/13, 9:30 AM - I agree with you and it sounds like we have similar tastes. I think that all these wines acquire a complexity with age both in terms of flavors as well as textures. Unfortunately good Tokaji from the old days is very hard to obtain -some of the producers made some very small quantities even under the communist regime but these wines are almost impossible to obtain even in Hungary. I have had a monumental bottle from 1975 which remains in my memory as one of the finest bottles of wine of my life. The lesson I learned was that great Tokaji will age very well and continue to evolve. So like you, I am trying to purchase as many older ones that i can find which is not easy as the supply is rather limited. My favorite vintage across the board is 2000. Unfortunately for older stuff from the 80's &90's I generally have to settle for Sauternes. The Aszu wines are very special but require the right circumstances and partners to enjoy. For me the 6 Putt. are a very good choice as they provide enough intensity and power yet can be put into service a lot easier. They are also a lot more affordable. 2005 appears to be a very good year for 6 putt wines while 2006 in my experience is a great year for 5 putt. In fact the 2006 RT 5 is probably my favorite. I am not very impressed so far with what I tasted from 2007. Let's hope we get a few more good vintages soon as I am in my 50's and sooner or later would like to have all the bottles in the cellar that i ever intend on drinking. :o)
    By the way I am in Denver CO. and if you are ever this way will be happy to share some bottles -not sure where you are, feel free to send me a private note. Cheers PMD

White - Sparkling
1996 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne Brut La Grande Dame Champagne Blend
2/16/2013 - bon vivant wrote:
Out of all the big 96's this is one that gave impressions of early drinking. This was the last of a 6 pack from the original release (as well as several friend's bottles over the years) and looking back this is definitely the best showing have had. The GD 96 showed rather advanced at it's youth and in the past few years things turned around & now it shows young as it ages. Pretty fascinating stuff and while I was a bit disappointed in the early years now I wish I had more of this to drink over the next 3-5 years. Still not on the same level as the 1990 but smooth & easy to like at this stage.
  • bon vivant commented:

    2/21/13, 8:51 PM - Indeed, but in a way that makes wine fascinating. You can always learn something new & the more I know the less I know...Enjoy your 96's there are many fine Champagnes from that vintage that I look forward to continue exploring. Cheers.

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