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2012 Rhys Pinot Noir Alpine Vineyard Santa Cruz Mountains
5/23/2016 - t_moderne wrote:
90 points
Pop and pour and served with food (roast chicken, risotto and peas, and broccoli, in case you were wondering). Used a Vacu Vin to reseal and refrigerate. Then tasted again on the following two days.
There has been some discussion about green bean notes in this wine. I don't find it.
Nose of fresh red berries, some spice and a hint of vanilla. Taste is crisp and crunchy, like biting into a fresh cranberry. Some tart red berries, and an herbal note, but to me, neither green beans nor bell pepper. Takes on a little weight over time, and starts showing some more vanilla notes days after being opened. Good acidity and fresh berries. Enjoyable.

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  • chillericed commented:

    11/1/16, 11:18 PM - >> Taste is crisp and crunchy, like biting into a fresh cranberry.

    This is right on, my exact first thoughts drinking this tonight!

2013 Thomas Pinot Noir Dundee Hills
5/9/2016 - gotfunk wrote:
Just an unbelievable quantity of CO2 that no amount of shaking seemed to get rid of. After a night on the counter, the gas now fully dissipated, it has the typical charm and grace, but it's so tightly wound and structured that patience will be required.
  • chillericed commented:

    9/10/16, 11:44 AM - I got some CO2 also on 2 bottles in a row over the last 6 months.

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