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2008 Amalie Robert Pinot Noir Estate Willamette Valley
10/16/2013 - f22nickell Likes this wine:
92 points
Seattle Wine Group - Oct 2013 Tasting - Theme: Southern Hemisphere Reds (Amaroso Room - Wine Storage Bellevue): Setting: I brought this to the tasting to go with Mike’s Carnitas dinner. I did not take detailed notes.

Nose: This wine does not smell flawed. Aromas are of red fruit; cherries and cranberries specifically. Secondary notes of orange peel with hints of sous bois and forest floor. I pick up very little oak or heat on the nose.

Palate: This wine is medium bodied. This wine has flavors of cherry, strawberry, and a hint of cranberry. Lush mouthfeel, very silky.. Secondary flavors of orange peel and spice. The palate has a definite crispness. There are echoes of earthiness, but definitely more reserved on the palate than the nose. Trace of minerality, but no heat.

Structure: This wine is dry. Acid is medium plus. Alcohol is medium. Tannins are medium minus and well integrated. Finish is long. Complexity is medium.

Final Thoughts: This is really good bottle of wine. Flavors, tannins, alcohol and acid are in great balance. The acid, contrasted with the orange peel and earthy secondary flavors, speak well of this wine maturing over time. Wonderful now, worth keeping a bottle around to see what it becomes.

My last bottle ... DEFINITELY need to get some more.
  • Jasonrgreen commented:

    5/30/14, 5:54 PM - Scott:
    They have this at Costco Issaquah right now....$39

N.V. Result of a Crush Washington Red Blend
5/29/2014 - ChrisinCowiche wrote:
91 points
Bordeaux shaped bottle. Still rocks!
  • Jasonrgreen commented:

    5/29/14, 9:34 PM - They have now gone vintage. Get your hands on the 2012 Result...It Rocks!

2008 L'Ecole No. 41 Cabernet Sauvignon Walla Walla Valley
8/16/2013 - f22nickell Likes this wine:
89 points
L'Ecole, like Abeja and Pepper Bridge, to me are the Toyota of Walla Walla Cabs. Each winery has different models, from the no-frills Corolla up to the monster Land Cruiser. Like Toyota, these wineries offer up wines that are dependable, safe, and connect all the dots for a well made wine ... Unfortunately, again like Toyota, these wines have no 'soul' to me.

This L'Ecole offering reminds me of an entry level Toyota Camry. No frills, but not low end. Alcohol scents when first Opened. decant for an hour, big fruit on the nose.. notes of berry and plum, also some spices that I can't recognize. Smooth on the palate, but a bit over-oaked for my taste; I also felt there's a lot of alcohol still.. very young but should develop well.

Tasty, technically correct wine if you like this style ... Good wine, just not a memorable wine on any discernable level.
  • Jasonrgreen commented:

    8/17/13, 12:23 PM - This belongs in Tasting Notes to Note

2009 Soos Creek Champoux Vineyard Horse Heaven Hills Red Bordeaux Blend
8/14/2013 - Jasonrgreen Likes this wine:
90 points
SnP (SnP = Stuck and Poured with the Coravin)
Very well balanced wine with bright acidity. Blackberry, cocoa, minerals. A little heat, but not too much. Long Finish, but still pretty tannic.
  • Jasonrgreen commented:

    8/16/13, 11:07 AM - Scott: Not a baby killer....Just gave the baby a little spank. Used the Coravin and only pulled half a glass. Much too young. Will try the bottle again in a year. You are right....very much reminded me of an Andrew Will. This was the first Soos Creek I have tasted and I am certainly going to get more.

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