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2003 Roagna Barbaresco Pajè Nebbiolo
7/19/2014 - Christoffer78 Likes this wine:
94 points
Absolutely smashing, the 2003 Pajé delivers the most exquisit Nebbiolo perfume full of sour cherry, Amaretto, sweet almond, red currant and a profound complexity. There are secondary tones of wet saddle leather and subtle cacao. The palate adds astonishingly well to the other components. It is completely integrated and perfectly balanced. Acidity is of course still dominant and that makes this effort a lovely food companion. A lot of wine aficionados claim this vintage is atypical. I find this wine utterly compelling and one of the better Barbarescos I have tasted on several occasions. Most likely in a perfect drinking phase right now, this wine has never performed better in previous tastings. (score is 94+)
  • Mr.T commented:

    7/21/14, 1:29 PM - This year they didn't make any Crichet Pajé so all the grapes from the Pajé vineyard ended up in the "basic" Pajé bottling. I suppose this is one reason why the 2003 is such a good wine.

2009 Bartolo Mascarello Barolo Nebbiolo
5/24/2014 - FamilyLarsson wrote:
92 points
En blommig lite söt doft med mörka körsbär, plommon och tobak.
I smaken redan väldigt tillgängligt med även här lite söta toner av mörka körsbär, tobak, väldigt silkiga och polerade tanniner, fin syra. Väldigt lång och fin eftersmak med en touch av russin.
Ett väldigt tillgängligt och bra vin men inte i närheten av årgång 2008 som är helt magiskt bra.
  • Mr.T commented:

    7/19/14, 2:34 PM - Kan bara hålla med. Men 2010 är mer än magiskt bra!

  • Mr.T commented:

    7/20/14, 5:59 AM - Jag hade turen att det var en flaska 2010 öppnad när jag var på besök i början på juni. Åka ner till hösten vill man ju!

2011 G.D. Vajra Dolcetto d'Alba Coste & Fossati
3/13/2014 - MJHDC wrote:
These are old vines, and Coste and Fossati are within the Barolo DOCG. As for the wine itself, it is, relative to some other dolcetto, a bit darker and more concentrated. There is a good deal of structure but I find it quite accessible because the tannins are generally soft. Very food-friendly and hard to beat as a high-quality "weeknight" wine.
  • Mr.T commented:

    3/14/14, 2:15 PM - Both the vineyard of Coste (di Vergne) and Fossati are in the Comune of Barolo. If you liked this wine please try the Dolcetto d'Alba Boschi di Berri from Marcarini. Delicious stuff!

2010 Marcarini Dolcetto d'Alba Boschi di Berri
This is truly a GREAT dolcetto.
  • Mr.T commented:

    3/1/14, 1:47 PM - WORD

2004 Fontanafredda Barolo Serralunga d'Alba Nebbiolo
6/14/2013 - FredrikL Does not like this wine:
76 points
Like cherry liqour. Sharp. This is not good.
  • Mr.T commented:

    6/15/13, 8:51 AM - Tur att jag inte köpte när det begav sig då!

2006 Pio Cesare Barbera d'Alba Fides
6/18/2012 - Finare Vinare wrote:
89 points
Heavy toast on the nose: tar, burnt wood, espresso, liquorice, dark chocolate, vanilla... you get the picture. Deep and rounded on the palate, dense black fruit, slightly inky, acids blurred by the oak which also imparts some bitter tannins. Still fairly young, actually. Other tasters were quite enthusiastic about this bottle - two out of five even held it as their favourite among five barberas including 06 G Conterno, 08 B Mascarello, 06 Cappellano and 04 Roagna - but it wasn't much fun to us. Last bottle, won't buy again, ever.
  • Mr.T commented:

    6/20/12, 6:38 AM - I suppose the Fides shoulden't be compared with the masters Barberas. It's a well made "clever" wine. But with no real soul. BBQ-wine?

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