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2019 Cameron Rouge Clos Electrique Oregon Pinot Noir
11/18/2021 - Aravind Asok wrote:
Arrived today, so likely a bit bottle shocked. Decanted. Notes from 1 hr open.

Well s*!*. Another fantastic vintage. Certainly not as easily accessible as the 17, and not nearly as forward as 14, 16 or 18. Not quite as balanced up front as the 15...maybe like a riper 11 (a vintage I adore). This is another stunning young bottle of OR PN. There should be no pretense of objectivity here: I adore this wine. On the nose: this screams with wild strawberry and black cherry fruit, then some soft vanilla and blackberry compote with a lovely savory undercurrent. On the palate: stunning acidity as always, with clear whole cluster notes and perhaps a bit of stem inclusion. Fantastic density, which is perhaps where this really separates from the 11 and moves toward the 12 or the 15. Silky, lithe, elegant and downright sexy tannin on the finish. How is it possible to get this much fruit and texture at 12.2% ABV? Wow.
  • Ewhite30 commented:

    11/19/21, 8:59 AM - Easy buy year in and year out, though this one sounds like a notch above. Appreciate the comments.

2018 Fingers Crossed Grenache Off The Record California
5/5/2021 - csimm1161 wrote:
96 points
If your nose is woke and you’re eyes are blind, black cherry stems and kirsch you’ll find. And if noble Grenache is what you guessed, you’re equally smart as you are blessed. So sip my friend, and sip once more, cuz Fingers Crossed is what you’ve scored. And though you’ve tried with all your might to hold these wines a thousand nights; it’s just too hard to sit and wait, my Cyclops mouth will salivate, and like the eye be to the fork, I’m stuck impatient and pop the cork.

The palate is fuzzy with tannins and zip, earthy berry pop and garrigue grip. It’s covered in fur on the first PnP; it’s got salt rock, mulch, and bark from a tree. The mid-palate drop skirts quickly on by, to a youthful finish that’s taut and spry.

You say Janasse or a pro Pegau? I say try again and bolster your know. Cuz it’s better than Pape and hangs over Spain, it puts most of California rightly to shame. It’s great right now; it’s great with air. But word to the patient, to rush is to err. The beauty, the depth, the stuffing is there, so just chill for a while and cellar with care. And in 5 years when it’s rightly time, it’ll be good and ready to start its prime.

Whether Paddington, Pooh, or Mr. Baloo, it’s a tense but flavorful bear-hugging brew. So prep your liver and clean your spleen, Fingers Crossed killed it in 2018!
  • Ewhite30 commented:

    5/5/21, 9:36 PM - Batting 1000 with these reviews!

2018 Fingers Crossed Off The Record White Central Coast White Rhone Blend
3/8/2021 - csimm1161 wrote:
99 points
The 2018 Fingers Crossed Off the Record White Wine is Off-The-Chain exquisite. White and yellow peach, lemon confit, unripe mango, lime rind, quince jelly, kumquat, and honeycomb flavors Heidi Klum-sashay down the palate runway with both class and ethereal complexity. Here too is a broad-shouldered ‘if Fred Astaire beefed-up and hit the Peloton’ buoyancy that speaks to smart balance but also captivating jubilation; it’s a full-bodied and built gym rat, but also one that unquestionably knows how to dance. No doubt, the 72% Roussanne takes center stage with its core display of peachy Rhone fruit, but there is added lift from the remaining Chardonnay and Viognier components that provide Meursault-esque body and determination. Most importantly, this wine possesses a poise and accord that skirts Frankenstein asynchronization syndrome; the parts make sense and translate into not just a cerebral muse but similarly one of bangin’ honeylicious liquid pleasure.

This now-second installment of the Fingers Crossed white wine remarkably avoids the fried plantain pool boy aftertaste that can bubble-up on many foreign and domestic Rhone whites. There is a tropical tincture here, but its full aggregate essence remains healthily dry and sans confection or the often-over-ripe bruised banana stand aftertaste. The honeyed sense of this wine is also tempered by its judicious grip, completely dodging a saccharine gummy bear mouthfeel. Instead, you’ll simply find one of the best expressions of California Rhone white out there.

Decanted for three hours (and probably could’ve used a couple hours more), with the perception of booze on the finish lingering for the first two hours, but eventually burning off to reveal more glorious flavor expansion. For those holding your precious one bottle, I’d continue to do so for another year or two to further integrate some of its back end brawn. 97-99+ points.

PS: And speaking of bottles… I’ve read a few griping-gut posts about the somewhat unique shape of the bottle and how that is causing first-world storage problems for stymied collectors McEnroeing about their inability to Jenga their way into the geometry of idling their cherished glass cozies. Though I empathize with such a grinder of a dilemma, and certainly not to Nietzsche myself all over others’ conundrumcopias, I find myself championing for the stick-to-itiveness of these surprisingly divisive bottles. I’m all for ‘em. I say keep ‘em going. Make ‘em even more rock star. I personally find them to be classy and unique, complimenting the totality of the presentation. And hey, it even comes with a fancy box so you can humblebrag your acquisition to all your friends. So cast my vote in the ‘Aye’ box. Does it make the juice taste better? Of course not. But it adds a smidge of rad factor to what is already an awesome wine. I know, I know…You live in an apartment in New York and have no room; your mom won’t let you get another wine refrigerator; you forgot to tell Ty Pennington to factor-in Champagne-sized bottles when you won Extreme Makeover: Wine Cellar Edition… I get it…. kind of……
  • Ewhite30 commented:

    3/8/21, 10:55 AM - Hands down the best CT review I've read in a long while. Looking forward to Tetrising these bottles into my collection. Sounds like a great problem to have.

    Looking forward to reading your assessment of the other bottles.

2010 Fausse Piste Syrah Riverrock Vineyard Walla Walla Valley
Unfortunately there wasn't much going on here. The others that were released at the same time were very good but there was nothing "wrong" about the wine so I'm not sure what to make of it. Dumb phase? Over the hill? Tried upon opening and it was flat, seemed reasonable since it had been in the cellar for the last couple of years.... but after several hours of air time it was still lifeless - little fruit which just muddled along through the mid-palate before ending fairly generically. As a whole I've really enjoyed these wines, in fact I'm looking forward to the new release this coming weekend, but this was just a bummer.
  • Ewhite30 commented:

    5/29/15, 10:45 PM - It didn't seem corked, it's more that the fruit had faded and there just wasn't much left. It doesn't change my impression of the wines, we'e had too many good experiences with Jesse and FP, but there just might not be much left in the tank for this one....

  • Ewhite30 commented:

    5/30/15, 11:47 AM - I'll be interested to hear your thoughts. There's always a chance ours was an off bottle.... take care.

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