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2018 Guy Farge St. Joseph Terroir de Granit Syrah
Seriously good QPR here. Garagiste. Stuffed to the gills and action packed with black fruit abundant. Need to open the rest of the bottle and let breathe/open to see how we are at this stage of the game. No 'rating' yet.
  • TXRhoneRanger commented:

    10/19/21, 8:53 AM - @tward - Indeed it was. Might open another one here in a month or so.

White - Sparkling
N.V. Bérêche et Fils Champagne Brut Réserve Champagne Blend
2/7/2020 - TXRhoneRanger wrote:
93 points
This wine keeps getting better the longer the NV Cuvee sits in bottle. If you can swing a case of this, grab it. We had it with guilty pleasure fried calamari. So great. Just love the lightness balanced with the rich strawberry fruit.
  • TXRhoneRanger commented:

    2/9/20, 10:35 PM - Needs all the time. Yes. The longer the better. I like it quite a bit. Noticed that the wine has become more interesting as time goes by.

  • TXRhoneRanger commented:

    2/11/20, 6:43 AM - I like pushing the ageability of NV Champagne bottlings. Champagne Houses will probably disagree with me as they like to drink them at the pinnacle of freshness. I just like mine on the older side. They get creamy, more complete on the palate. I think this will easily go 5 years in the cellar if properly stored.

  • TXRhoneRanger commented:

    12/7/20, 10:06 PM - @2020 - You should snag some out of magnum if you can. Do sit on it for a few if you can keep your paws off of the muselet. I wish I could find some with base cuvee '12. That would be magic right about now. I couldn't keep my own paws off my own stash, and now I need another 12er when I can find one on deal. Cheers.

White - Off-dry
2001 Gunderloch Nackenheim Rothenberg Riesling Auslese Rheinhessen
2/22/2020 - TXRhoneRanger wrote:
96 points
All full throttle Riesling LH all the way. In a great spot. On day 2 even more layered with honeyed gold apricot. Sonnaofagun. I should have bought more. Delicious!
  • TXRhoneRanger commented:

    2/23/20, 10:44 AM - Goldkapsel! Truly, a deliciously wonderful treat.

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