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12/25/2021 - Mwach wrote:
Drank at Christmas Eve dinner with Sabine at our house. Dark color that looked fresh. Somewhat muted nose aside from nail polish and varnish, with volatile acidity quality. Palate surprised me with predominant flavor of black licorice and some herbal minty flavors. The palate feel was somewhat slick and glossy, with acid much greater than tannin in terms of structure. Served with Christmas dinner. Hard to know what to make of this one without trying more. It was certainly not the peppery flavor profile I would’ve expected and wanted from 13 year old Cru Beaujolais. It was drinkable enough for the group to finish the bottle though.

Drank at Sean and Mary’s goodbye dinner at our house with Chez Panisse takeout. I double decanted a few hours before, then wine opened in glasses over two hour meal. Rich, expressive, lively, spicy, herbal garden profile. Minty. Fresh and energetic, full secondary evolution. Gorgeous aromatics and an absolute pleasure to smell and taste. Very well balanced with fruit and structure, still nervy in a good way. Seems to be going strong, I am guessing will continue to evolve but darn good right now
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