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2007 Pax Syrah Cuvée Christine Sonoma County
3/8/2017 - Ridgerunner Likes this wine:
94 points
I regret the fact that I don't have a lot of bottles of Pax left!
  • Ridgerunner commented:

    3/8/17, 4:37 PM - I think that these wines suffered from reviews by people who had no notion of how they would age. Shame on the doubters!!!

2009 Bedrock Wine Co. Syrah Old Lakeville Vineyard Sonoma Coast
4/23/2016 - Ridgerunner Likes this wine:
91 points
Odd thing. One bottle was corked, the other was absolutely fine.
  • Ridgerunner commented:

    4/24/16, 12:44 PM - I have been fortunate to avoid many tainted bottles. Although, I have run into three tainted bottles recently. Quite annoying... especially when we are talking about what should otherwise be magnificent bottles.

2013 Herman Story Grenache Bien Nacido Santa Maria Valley
4/18/2016 - Loren Sonkin wrote:
Pre-Hospice du Rhone: Dinner at La Cosecha (La Cosecha, Paso Robles): Sadly this was quite horribly corked. One could smell the TCA from three feet away. Matt had purchased this that day visiting the winery.
  • Ridgerunner commented:

    4/23/16, 3:23 PM - this was the strangest coincidence. I tasted this wine at the winery and it was special enough to want to buy a bottle and pop and pour it that night... the purchased bottle, presumably pulled from the very same lot was stewed. OTOH, the winery team was tremendously apologetic and replaced the bottle without any question!

2011 Hall Darwin Napa Valley Red Blend
5/17/2015 - theduck Likes this wine:
84 points
Beautiful plum up front, soft mid, but enough structure to keep it strong. Nice black pepper, and juicy black plum all the way through. Could use a little air, and or age before this one gets consumed. -T
  • Ridgerunner commented:

    12/19/15, 11:38 AM - Score not consistent with your note!

2002 d'Arenberg Shiraz The Dead Arm McLaren Vale
8/2/2015 - Ridgerunner Likes this wine:
93 points
This wine bears testament to the fact that given the time they do blow off the alcohol, the tannins soften nicely, and they evolve in the same spirit as French Syrah but with a sense of place and a purity of fruit distinctly Australian. Chester is an incredible wine maker!
  • Ridgerunner commented:

    8/2/15, 9:38 AM - Glad to see post-reviewing that I am in line with others who had the patience to appreciate these wines at this age!

1997 Justin Vineyards & Winery Isosceles Paso Robles Red Bordeaux Blend
1/5/2014 - Ridgerunner Likes this wine:
92 points
A great wine overshadowed by an extremely competitive night
  • Ridgerunner commented:

    4/19/14, 6:28 AM - These wines are drinking just fine. Drink now or within the next 3-5 years is my guess!

2006 Bodegas El Nido Jumilla Clio Red Blend
12/1/2013 - Ridgerunner Likes this wine:
93 points
clearly quite young and not entirely ready. Still the wine of the night. Beautiful on the nose and palate!
  • Ridgerunner commented:

    12/2/13, 6:49 AM - I am quite familiar with this wine from earlier vintages. It was decanted for about 90 minutes and that blow off some of the residual alcohol. But, generally the alcohol tends to dissipate with real aging and this wine continues to open up and become very rich yet delicate!

  • Ridgerunner commented:

    12/3/13, 7:50 PM - These wines do evolve… they are just too good to resist at times! I actually opened this bottle so as not to drink my older bottles. Way more to this than an Australian fruit bomb. Then again, this winemaker is not an Aussie fruitbomb maker. Most of his wines have legs for aging!

    I hate it when people who drink RHone varietals from Spain or Australia at 3-5 years of age say that these wines don't evolve. Really, if they just waited or gave it a chance to hit 10-20 years of bottle age… when they are just opening up!

  • Ridgerunner commented:

    12/6/13, 3:51 PM - Chris Ringland is one of the truly great winemakers out there today! Jorge Ordonez is a major importer from Spain into the United States. His portfolio is fairly broad. You can't characterize it across the board because it spans from truly great old wine houses to emerging young value wineries. There are many exciting new wines emerging from Spain, and I really like the wines of Jumilla. I also really like the wines of Raul Perez imported by Patrick Mata of Ole Imports. I would also point out that at a blind tasting of refined older palates, a Spanish Garnacha was selected over great wines from CNdP and the US. You have to go into this with open eyes and go by what you are tasting from what comes out of the bottle, without pre-judgments.

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