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2009 Château de Seguin Bordeaux Supérieur Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
9/14/2018 - Markus27 wrote:
89 points
This was a pleasant suprise from previous 4 bottles consumed in 2012/13. Should not have drinked so early. This vintage clearly really benefited from the extra aging. Fantastic QPR
1/27/2017 - Markus27 Likes this wine:
91 points
Still fantastic, good until at least '18. Sadly the last bottle of the '10.. Worked great (as usual) with creamy burbot soup. I like this style of California chardonnay a lot, there is fruit and depth, but not too rich or creamy
8/31/2013 - Markus27 wrote:
77 points
Overwhelming bouquet of campari juice, a little fruit if I push my imagination. maybe some petrol. I cannot get over this by the time it hits the mouth. Otherwise average and forgettable. I will remember the stark contrast with the bouquet and taste. I cannot remember the last time I held my breath while sipping
Rosé - Sparkling
10/7/2011 - Markus27 wrote:
90 points
Great champagne, nice and dry but still delightful and elegant flavors
10/10/2011 - Markus27 wrote:
84 points
Just a bit too sweet for my taste, a good wine, but the sweetness "overpowers" the other rather nice tastes and aromas
9/2/2011 - Markus27 wrote:
88 points
Lots of aroma, I also tasted some apple. Liked it alot
9/3/2011 - Markus27 wrote:
92 points
Smooth, rich, full. Still very good, this has holded up well. No color issues or other hints of being past its prime
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