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White - Sweet/Dessert
1999 Château d'Yquem Sauternes Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend (view label images)
7/6/2012 - john.j.rutherford wrote:
96 points
Honeysuckle, white flowers on the nose and the palate. Unlike other sauternes the honeysuckle carries through-ought the entire experience. Apricots and a hint of acid on the palate, too. Lingering taste of those non-peppermint fruity type candy canes that's See's sells? Only my second d'yquem, and in 2nd place to be sure ('94), but nevertheless a very special wine. I am so glad I have a couple more bottles stashed away at 55F. 2+ minute finish.
2/23/2012 - john.j.rutherford wrote:
91 points
In its prime. Deep garnet. Jammy red fruits, toast, vanilla. Long finish. Perfectly approachable now and very rounded. Sad we only have one of these ATP bottles left!
11/20/2011 - john.j.rutherford Likes this wine:
94 points
The finest example of old Ridge Zin that I've experienced to date. Despite Paul Draper's advice to consume prior to 1997 (from the label) the '91 Paso Zin is now at its peak. 14.9% alcohol, but not a hint of it on a nose of anise and dark fruit. Color was dark cherry without even a hint of browing at the edges. Surprisingly jammy and fresh; 45+ second finish. Fantastic.
11/22/2011 - john.j.rutherford wrote:
Mid-neck bottle, very cloudy. Expecting to taste a completely turned wine, we were pleasantly surprised to find a pleasant nose of barely noticeable raisin and up-front olive. Had we tasted blind and not been biased by the appearance, this wine may have been passably 88-89. On the palate there were some off the wall notes of over the hill dusty old Rhone, but also a sweetness and complexity that were a complete surprise. I am on the hunt for a better example as it's clear that this wine was built to last.
11/19/2011 - john.j.rutherford wrote:
78 points
Flat, oxidized, unidimensional burgundian style Pinot. Perhaps the wine shop had it too warm for too lobs tasted and smelled that way.
10/31/2011 - john.j.rutherford wrote:
91 points
Nose of just over the hill syrah. Musty old books. Lean and focused on the palate. Vey interesting, 45 second+ finish with sour chery and smoke. Reminded me of a Cornas. Turned a bit oxidized after 45 minutes or so. Recommend drink now... Despite the less than stellar notes, this is a very interesting and intriguing wine. Not going to get any better, so drink up!
11/4/2011 - john.j.rutherford wrote:
92 points
Rose and blackberries on the nose. Tannins subdued at this point. Finish was olives and mineral. A very northern Rhone experience. Good value.
10/19/2011 - john.j.rutherford wrote:
93 points
There's just something extra layered on top on Cakebread's Chardonnay flavor profile. Standard oaky fruit but then a long, light caramel finish without being overly sweet.
10/3/2011 - john.j.rutherford wrote:
83 points
Meh. Perfectly good but nothing special. Not a good value at $20. Perhaps another 2 years in the bottle will add something?
White - Fortified
2000 Picchetti Winery Angelica Santa Cruz Mountains Mission, Listán Prieto (view label images)
10/5/2011 - john.j.rutherford wrote:
87 points
Thick, unctuous. All sugar and peach juice. Despite 16.9% abv, no alcohol on the nose or palate. Astringent finish. Lots of sediment at this point.
Enjoyable; jammy. Good value.
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