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2016 Querce Bettina Rosso di Montalcino Sangiovese
8/18/2019 - Jochems Likes this wine:
91 points
Tasted side by side with the ‘15 vintage.
Where do I start? This is one of the best Rosso di Montalcino I’ve tasted!
It has many of the characteristics of the ‘15 but just more of everything. Let’s do the format I usually follow:
Medium ruby/red color. Full aromas of cherry, fresh berries, some cedar and hints of leather and spices. Full bodied with dusty smooth mouth coating tannins, fresh fruit and vibrant acidity. The finish seems to go on for ever. Maybe just a bit fragmented. This wine coild use another 1-2 years to settle down and then maybe 5-10 years to really develop its full complexity.
I had the opportunity to taste the ‘06 Rosso from the same producer a few weeks back. It had developped an amazing complexity. I expect that the ‘16 will have a similar great future ahead.

It makes me quite excited to taste the 2016 Brunello release next year! For now I will just make sure I get enough of this RdM to be able to see it develop over the next 10 years.
  • Jochems commented:

    10/6/19, 6:55 AM - PS: I will of course have to wait until 2021 for the 2016 Brunello release! Although I also have great expectations about the 2015 release next year :)

2014 Domaine de la Grange des Pères Vin de Pays de l'Hérault Red Blend
5/24/2019 - Jochems Likes this wine:
94 points
Beautiful fresh aromas of currant, sweet cherry, some straw and red licorice and hints of dried hetbs, leather and eucalyptus. Full bodied and silky on the palate with some balanced acidity and fresh fruit. The finish is long and echoes the complexity of the aromas. It is not like the very long, lingering for minutes, kind of finish that perhaps keeps this wine from being exceptional. Still, an amazing wine!

Never tasted wine from this chateau before or even heard about it. We choose the wine based on a reccomendation from the sommelier at a restaurant in Beaulieu sur Mer. It turned out to be a brilliant match for the veal/artisjok main course, a memorable pairing!
  • Jochems commented:

    8/4/19, 12:48 PM - It was in the restaurant of the Royal Riviera hotel (Table de Royal) on the border of Beaulieu sur Mer and Cap Ferrat.

2006 Giacomo Conterno Barbera d'Alba Cascina Francia
5/29/2010 - Jochems Likes this wine:
92 points
Some Barbera from 2006; 3/18/2010-6/15/2010: Ruby-red color with some hints of purple. Lucious aromas of cherry strawberry and roses evolving with hints of meat, figs and cedar. Following trough full bodied with concentrated fruit and mouth searing acidity against a silky-soft layer of tannins. A long and fresh finish.

This is the best Barbera I've had to date. Concentrated fruit and complex aroma's with the typical backbone of acidity. Needs food (anything that is thin and crusty with some fresh tomato sauce and pecorino cheese on top of it will do:-)
Popped and poured, and very open and balanced from the first sip. But also lots of structure to develop further. Drink now - 2016.
Great stuff!
  • Jochems commented:

    6/8/16, 12:29 PM - I just didn't have experience with aged Barbera I guess.
    After having had some real old Barbera recently (>20 years) I believe this one woukd indeed easily have a drinking window of 10 years longer than I noted.....

    Learning all the time :)

2010 Querce Bettina Rosso di Montalcino Sangiovese
10/5/2013 - Jochems Likes this wine:
90 points
This is some great Rosso from Montalcino, but a slightly a-typical Rosso di Montalcino!

Medium ruby color. Bright red fruit, peach(!) and cassis. Full bodied with very fine tannins, loads of fresh acidity and some good fruit. Long finish that has a nice zing to it.
This wine could use a little more time to integrate a bit more and has the structure to last for quite a few more years. Drink 2014 - 2018.
  • Jochems commented:

    11/29/13, 3:34 PM - Frank&Steph
    Thanks for the kind remarks.
    2010 seems to be a bit of an odd one out, but still very nice. If you like the '06 and '07 you should also give the RdM of Conti Costanti and Salicutti a try. They are similar in character. And Poggio di Sotto if you're not scared by the pricing...

2006 Marchesi di Barolo Barolo Coste di Rose Nebbiolo
10/13/2013 - Jochems Likes this wine:
92 points
I opened the bottle about 8 hours in advance and let it slow-ox. It clearly improved over that time from an aromatic, but almost astringent, wine initially into some great Barolo that perhaps is still a bit too young.

Light ruby color. Expressive and refined aromas of cherry, rose-petals and tar evolving with some hints of coffee and clove. Full bodied on the palate with mouth coating silky tannins, fresh acidity and some sweet cherry fruit. The finish is very long and keeps on lingering. This wine shows already great balance but also has a lot of structure left to develop for a long time to come wit probably some upside potential. Drink now - 2026
  • Jochems commented:

    10/13/13, 10:27 AM - Just finished the last glass (10 hours after popping the cork) and as usual: it was the best one! Give this wine some good time to breathe...

2009 Antinori Villa Antinori Toscana IGT SuperTuscan Blend
9/15/2013 - Jochems Likes this wine:
89 points
Medium ruby color with some purple at the rim. Full aromas of cherry, dried herbs, some red licorce. Medium-full bodied with smooth tannins, fresh acidity and a good fruit balance. The finish is long and fres, with a slight bitter twist to it.

This is one of the better vintages of this wine that I've had. Well made relatively modern chianti style.
  • Jochems commented:

    9/18/13, 2:37 PM - I agree about the quality of both the Villa Antinori and the Peppoli, they are both realy good and quite consistently so over the past few years. But I think both are not cheap. There are chianti out there that offer better QPR.

    But the great thing about Antinori is that almost all of their wines are a safe choice and never overly expensive within their style/type of wine.
    And I don't mean safe in a bad/boring way here!

2004 Il Poggione (Proprietá Franceschi) Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
5/24/2013 - sfqwino wrote:
Great Brunello nose upon opening. Soft and inviting. Decanted for 2 hours and brought to a restaurant. Alas, has the wine closed up? the nose was rather muted and herbal. The entry was lean and a little tard with an earthy herbal note. Some high tone fruits were lurking in the background. Some roundness emerged with swirling and waiting, But still there was a sense that it had not reached its full potential. Perhaps a few more years of cellaring...
  • Jochems commented:

    5/24/13, 11:04 AM - Decanting a Brunello, and in particular a classic style like Il Poggione, is never a good idea. It is better to slow-ox it (pour into the shoulder, and let it rest in the bottle for several hours). Besides that, this wine has probably entered a sleeper phase as many good '04 Brunelli have. Even though the initial nose does not indicate that. I've often had this experience with some wines only realy comming around 48 hours after opening the bottle!

2004 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Riserva Montestefano Nebbiolo
2/9/2013 - socidelvino Likes this wine:
94 points
Eye: bright garnet color, clear and brilliant in light. Nose: cherries, vanilla, leather, forest brush, slight floral (rose?). Palate: center mouth, full body surprising compared to lightness of the appearance, solid structure with good tannins supporting nice black fruit, long finish. Outstanding Barbaresco, still lots of time for this to mature. Wish I had more in cellar.
  • Jochems commented:

    2/10/13, 12:36 PM - Thanks for this (for me) timely update!
    I was just about to try a bottle. After reading your note, I think I'm going to leave them alone for some time. I've only 3 bottles, and don't want to start cracking them too early...

2007 Querce Bettina Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
8/25/2012 - Jewer wrote:
I seriously don't get this. Decanted for about an hour, and have had it in my glass for another hour and a half and am not getting anything. I get some sweetnes, a lot of acidity, but that is about it. It is so light without much taste lingering in my mouth, and no real notes in either smell or taste.

Am I just ruined from drinking too much Australian wine??
  • Jochems commented:

    9/29/12, 11:11 AM - I would never decant a Brunello, it easily kills it. Much rather slow-ox it by pouring it into the shoulder and leaving it for at least 6-8 hours.

    From how you describe it this wine might also be going into its sleeper phase. I noticed some closing down with bottles we had in June.

  • Jochems commented:

    2/9/13, 1:14 PM - Brunello for me is all about refinement and complexity. When you decant this wine it will open up, but quite offten to fast and losing its refinement in the process.
    But, like many other classic wines, it needs oxygen to open up. That is where slow-oxing comes in. It is simple: pop the cork, pour into the shoulder (and taste!) and leave the bottle alone for several hours. I usually take anywhere between 6 and 8 hours before dinner. But still then most of the time the last glass is the best one (you can read it in several of my notes).

    For a young Brunello, 2-3 year after release/7-8 years old, decanting might work, but why risk it? One of the pleasures of a fine Brunello is to witness it evolve in the glass, give it time and enjoy. Most top Brunelli from a good vintage are only getting anywhere near their peak at 12+ years. For those wines I say 'never decant a Brunello'.

2006 Casanova di Neri Brunello di Montalcino Tenuta Nuova Sangiovese
6/11/2011 - Jochems wrote:
95 points
Since this wine was not available for tasting during my last trip (both at the winery and in town), I had to open a bottle to see what the buzz is all about. I popped and poured the first glass. This was quite open, full and rounded, but with an (IMO) over-pronounced oak tone on both the nose and the palate. Full, ultra smooth and layered, but not my kind of Brunello.......

On the second night:
Lots of blackcurrant, dark cherry toast with hints of mint and cedar. Following trough full bodied, concentrated and round with layered, silky smooth tannins, lots of ripe fruit, some balanced acidity and still some oak. Following trough to an ultra long finish that turns slightly bitter.
This is a huge wine that needs quite a bit of air to get its act together. I would never decant a Brunello, but this is such a modern variety that decanting might actually work better than the Slow-Ox approach I took.
Much better than on the first tasting. While I can appreciate some of the qualities of this wine, it is over-oaked for my palate. Still, it has some typical freshness and acidity balance to it that give it an unmistakable Tuscan character. This wine doesn't match to well with my classic Brunellophile palate. I can't see this wine being a perfect 100pts, but its an extraordinary wine in its own right.

Leave it alone for a few years, and it might even balance out the oak elements a bit more.... Drink 2014 - 2020.
  • Jochems commented:

    2/1/13, 12:46 PM - Brunello for me is all about refinement and complexity (btw that is the reason that this wine is not 'my kind of Brunello').
    When you decant this wine it will open up, but quite offten to fast and losing its refinement in the process. But, like many other classic wines, it needs oxygen to open up. That is where slow-oxing comes in. It is simple: pop the cork, pour into the shoulder (and taste!) and leave the bottle alone for several hours. I usually take anywhere between 6 and 8 hours before dinner. But still then most of the time the last glass is the best one (you can read it in several of my notes).

    For a young Brunello, 2-3 year after release/7-8 years old, decanting might work, but why risk it. But most top Brunelli from a good vintage are only getting anywhere near their peak at 12+ years. For those wines I say 'never decant a Brunello'.

2007 Fattoria Petrolo Torrione Toscana IGT SuperTuscan Blend
3/4/2012 - Bam_Man wrote:
92 points
Has a powerful Tuscan nose of ripe plums, spice and leather. Loads of plum and raspberry fruit up front, followed by a deep, penetrating mid-palate with a lively underlying acidity. The long, complex finish is loaded with flavors of black cherries and dark chocolate. This is very nicely balanced and so silky smooth and polished. The tannins are incredibly subtle and refined. A gorgeous Sangiovese. Not quite as outstanding as the spectacular 1997 or 2001, but might be with a few more years in the cellar.
  • Jochems commented:

    4/2/12, 2:14 PM - Thanks for your TN. I would expect that this wine is still rather young and tight. I have quite a bit Torrione in my cellar, but based on the '04 and '06 vintages I thought I better not touch the '07 for the time being. From your note it seems to be the opposite.
    Just wondering: did you decant or slow-ox it?

2005 Fattoria Galardi Terra di Lavoro Roccamonfina IGT Aglianico
3/13/2012 - ecola Likes this wine:
93 points
A massive wine. Rich dark fruit with bright acidity. Full bodied and smooth from start to finish. Sweet gripping tannins. This wine has a long life ahead of it.
  • Jochems commented:

    4/2/12, 2:03 PM - I've just two bottles of this wine. Could you give a clue on the drinking window? That would would be much appreciated!

2001 Castelgiocondo (Marchesi de' Frescobaldi) Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
3/1/2012 - tp096255 wrote:
90 points
COLOR: Deep ruby-garnet, opaque after rim
NOTE: Typical BdM. Nose is full of sour red cherries, leather, animal butt. Yep, animal butt. I wonder if part of the DoCG labeling requires that element? Dunno. Anyway, mouth is more red cherry juice, with tar and leather. Finish is less cherry juice and more tar and leather. Blah blah blah. It's like sucking on an old cigar butt that was dipped in Chianti. Hey, I think I'm on to something there! If that line is quoted a hundred years from now I want credit. I think I captured the essence of 99.9% of all BdMs.

COST: 45
VALUE: 2.0
TRY AGAIN: now - 2015
Inquiries can be addressed to
  • Jochems commented:

    4/2/12, 2:00 PM - Thanks for your note, nice to read!
    Next time try to slow-ox (open the bottle, pour into shoulder and leave it alone for 6-8 hours) you will get a much more complex and refined glass of this Brunello.

    Great line about the chianti-dipped-cigar.... I'll let you know if I will quote it:-)

2004 Fattoria Petrolo Galatrona Toscana IGT Merlot
3/21/2012 - Papies wrote:
92 points
Petrolo & Poggio Scalette dinner, with Luca Sanjust and Jurij Fiore (Zafferano, London): Very elegant nose, restrained and balanced. It's a galatrona so the oak and density are here, modern yet very Tuscan. Lush fruit fills the palate and has the basis to go for a long time ( the 99 is still so young) if u have the patience. Good length. A touch too much oak at this stage. 92
  • Jochems commented:

    4/2/12, 1:53 PM - WOW...
    Can you invite me next time you have dinner with Luca Sanjust???
    I'm a big fan of Petrolo's wines!

2004 Antinori Tignanello Toscana IGT SuperTuscan Blend
4/1/2012 - PPM wrote:
95 points
- Aromas of cherry and smokey. It's in total harmony and has flavours of cherry, coffee, smokey and black currant with a full body. Smooth texture with a long finish - Simply amazing. We had a pietradonice and Casanova di Nero before with ribs as a main dish. This wine was an absolute balance between tannin, acidity, fruit, toffee, super long finish. If I open another bottle, it as to be the last bottle of the evening as any other wine after will taste unbalance and disappointing!
  • Jochems commented:

    4/2/12, 1:50 PM - I was wondering where this wine is wrt its drinking window. Thanks for the update.
    One question: did you decant, or open the bottle long before drinking?

2004 Fontodi Flaccianello della Pieve Colli della Toscana Centrale IGT Sangiovese
3/28/2011 - Jojala wrote:
97 points
Sangiovese from Tuscany: Previous bottle was from 2008 with the score 93. Then this wine was very heavy on cedary oak. In half-blind setting I thought this must be Casanova di Neri Tenuta Nuova, which I hadn't tasted before. Yet my better half guessed this. There is (still) artificial essence in the nose that reminds me of raspberry marzipan together with slight metallic edge . Palate is phenomenal, fresh with amazing purity of fruit and sense of naturalness. Red berries and vibrant noticeable acidity that carries the wine. Long. Just singing tonight.
  • Jochems commented:

    4/2/12, 1:47 PM - I just read your reference to CdN Tenuta Nuova.... never thought of that, but I think you're spot on!

2001 Conti Costanti Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Sangiovese
Just opened at 2:30. Chocolates, violets and a plesant meatiness. Rounded mid palate. Dry. Grippy back.

These Brunellos were drunk together in this order: flight one, 2001 Conti Costanti Riserva, 2003 Casanova di Neri, 2003 Siro Pacenti; flight two, 2003 Poggio Antico, 2001 Poggio Antico Altero, 2005 Poggio Antico Madre; flight three, 2001 Fuligni Riserva, 2002 Caparzo, 2001 Uccelliera, 2002 Argiano, 2003 Lisini. Served in Riedel’s Restaurant Series Sangiovese / Riesling I opened them at 2:30 and slowly drank them down. The bulk of the imbibing happened between 7 and 9 pm.

Conti Costanti seemed to be an excellent example of powerfully aromatic cherry, chocolate-y palate with dusty dry tannins. “Classic” Brunello. Or, to paraphrase Victor Hazan, “few can challenge Biondi-Santi in prestige but foremost among them is Costanti.” And hell, he’s married to Marcela.

Costanti yearns to be more classical than it is. Can an inanimate liquid long for the days of being dried to parching? Can it pine for the yesteryears of grouchy-old-farm-wife acidity? This is what Costanti seemed destined to be; but is falling short. Nicolas Belfrage comments that “[Costanti] has shed what toughness it once had.” Maybe old farm wives just can’t hawk their biscuits anymore. Also, whence Riserva? After having had several other Costanti’s I would rather have the normale than the Riserva simply based on price ($77 and $124 respectively). Call me Scrooge.

Once we drank the 2003 Casanova di Neri my worries about Costanti became irrelevant. Casanova is currently the greatest exemplar of anygrape-anywhere-98point wine. Is it Syrah? Cabernet? Sangiovese? Or maybe some funky Pecornio / Abruzzo blend (oh yeah, how do you know it isn’t?) At $70 it hits the habitual 98 point nail hard. If you taste in points you should go looking for this bargain of a wine but I hate to think what your sex life is like. Furthermore, Casanova does what it does so much better than the shameful Siro Pacenti ($24 more than Casanova and frankly tastes like $30 Grenache). After drinking these two I yearned for my Costanti back. By the way, Costanti was at its best 6-1/2 hours open while Casanova was jumpy right from the get go.

Poggio Antico was quite a mess, but a distinctive mess. The Brunello was corked (alas). The Altero was ferociously oaked on the nose but still distinctively Brunello. Six hours in it started resolving into something dramatic. Rest this for a couple of years and try again. Madre is the best example I have had of its type but that doesn’t mean it’s worth the same price as Tignello. On the other hand Tignello is so restricted these days I can’t seem to get it.

Next we began fooling around. The back half ran through Montalcino’s as yet undrawn crus as suggested by Franco Biondi Santi in the Decanter article Brunello on the Brink (August 2008 issue, page 52).

Fuligni took the cake with its densely layered, dramatically expressive aromatics. The big man says that wines from Fuligni’s region, Montalcino, are complex and balanced with beautifully rich bouquets. Read into this that they don’t have the palate weight of others in the zone. One disgruntled taster who hates Italian wine in general commented with a veiled undertone “Fuligni disguised the blending well.” This argument is a little bit like saying 30% of the population is gay and in the closet. Half of all Brunello producers are under indictment for blending in illegal wine, we just haven’t developed our Grosso-radar enough to be able to spot them (or them us!). Times do change, in this world and that. To get back to the point, was there a greater joy to go back and forth between the Costanti and the Fuligni? You can tell which ones were my favorites. My only regret is that I have not tried a non-reserve Fuligni and so cannot speak to the Reserva’s price.

Caparzo, the little green label that could, fell a touch flat being from 2002. Showing its mineral dexterity (is this what Montosoli is all about?) it was a good wine, and worth its bargain Brunello price of $43. Drink up.

Now big fun. Uccelliera, from Castelnuovo dell’Abate (which is fun to say fast after drinking 11 Brunellos) was simply a smash. Here is what this novice Brunello drinker believed to be a prime glance at Montalcino terrior. Powerful, muscular, expressive and fully and utterly worth its $74 asking price. Did I say Muscle? To lay down. More needs to be drunk from this region.

Tosca wept for Argiano’s 2002. The grand giant of Solengo fame is truly making blended shit. Not even the comment that Sant’ Angelo in Colle is all about rich, robust fruity Brunellos can save Argiano from its own hypocrisy. Drinking this wine leaves you in no doubt as to why they voluntarily declassified their entire 2003 vintage.

But let’s not paint the whole Sant' Angelo in shame. Like Castelnuovo, Montalcino in Sant’ Angelo seemed to be giving up a lesson in terrior to us. Opulent, lush, rich, and well worth the $83 asking price. In fact, given the flailing failing strength of the dollar this and the Uccey are probably under-priced (Poggio Antico was more recently imported hence $10 to $20 more).

Lessons learned: blending distorts Brunello; understanding Montalcino’s terrior enhanced pleasure.
  • Jochems commented:

    2/29/12, 11:08 AM - While browsing trough some TN's of Brunelli that I have in my cellar, I stumbled over this TS (Tasting Story;-).
    I thoroughly enjoyed it! And it reflects my own opinion on the wines for most of it. I think '02 could/should have been left out since it was such a pitiful vintage, and tells more about the bad weather than about the terroir.

2006 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Nebbiolo
6/10/2011 - wine1 wrote:
91 points
Drank over 4 hours. Ruby red color, very litttle nose but picking up sweet cherry and legs were numerous. Taste improved over time, a little disjointed at first and closed, to be expected for such a young wine. Sweet cheery flavor turning into candied cherry if you wait long enough. Light tannin but tannin builds over time but not overwhelming, classic barbareso. Light and flavorful with very nice depth of pure cherry flavor. Very satisfying and I can see why this bottling get attension. At 25 -30 dollars its a good value. tasted lot 9.1xx. I understand lot 10.x will have more reserva and I think I will have to try that too. I would recomend letting wine breath for 3 or 4 hours to really enjoy it. Drinking sooner you will not really appreciate this wine.
  • Jochems commented:

    6/11/11, 4:50 AM - Helpfull notes. Good advise at the end. I second that!

2005 Vinosia Irpinia Marziacanale Aglianico
3/28/2009 - Jochems wrote:
93 points
Deep colour almost black at the core and purple at the rim. Intense aromas of black fruit, licorice and leather with hints of pepper and violets that evolve in the glass. Following trough seamlessly and full bodied with chewy layers of tannins and intense fruit. Incredibly long finish. This is a characterful, concentrated and intense wine. Still a bit fragmented, needs more time to integrate. There could even be some upward potential. Drink 2010 - 201?.
I had never heard of this producer or this DOC. Amazing to see yet another indigenous Italian grape (Aglianico) to produce such an outstanding wine.

[edited 29/3]
I don't have a lot of experience with Aglianico based wines. This wine is pretty amazing in terms of concentration and intensity of aromas. I'm not sure where a wine like this might go in the next years. If the solid tannins, the upfront fruit, the fresh acidity and the fragrant (but fragmented) nose even out before the structure goes downhill, this wine will easily go beyond 95pts in my book. I will definitely buy a few more bottles to witness this development. At this price point (+/- €20) Its a very good value anyway!
  • Jochems commented:

    5/12/10, 12:39 PM - After just having had a Galardi Terra di Lavoro from the same vintage I have come to the conclusion that the Marziacanale is providing an excellent QPR.

2006 Fattoria Petrolo Galatrona Toscana IGT Merlot
1/16/2010 - wineismylife wrote:
93 points

Tasted January 16, 2010 at a retail tasting. Dark garnet color in the glass, clear hue throughout. Nose of roses, wet stones, baby asprin, mixed red fruits with a dash of white pepper. Solid flavors of black berries, black cherries and black raspberries. Bright acidity, firm tannins, full bodied. Hold into the medium term and then drink over the medium to long term.
  • Jochems commented:

    5/9/10, 12:20 PM - Thanks for these notes.
    What do you mean with 'baby asprin'?

2004 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Riserva Rabajà Nebbiolo
2/12/2010 - greenblanket wrote:
Young. (duh) It took several hours for this to open up and start showing some aromatics and even then things were pretty much wrapped tight with glimpses of violets, spice, cherries, and dark herbs. The star here is the superb texture, balance and length of the palate. The acidity in particular is refreshing but somehow caressing and long. The rest of my bottles will sleep for a long time.
  • Jochems commented:

    3/21/10, 12:41 PM - This vintage seems even more closed than the '00 and '01 on release. For the time being I've defined 'sleep for a long time' to at least 5 years.

  • Jochems commented:

    4/5/10, 12:57 PM - The '05 are just released right now. I expect my pre-release orders in about 2 months from now.

  • Jochems commented:

    4/19/10, 2:04 PM - I havn't had the '00. The '01 where more open on release (that is, the Rabaja, and Montestefano, the ones I've had). Overall I have the impression that the '04 are a bit more concentrated and tight compared to the '01. I've had a '01 Rabaja in february and it was excellent: open and well integrated. I don't think the '04 will be there in 3 years from now.

White - Fortified
N.V. Alvear Pedro Ximénez Montilla-Moriles Solera 1927
3/5/2010 - ffvega wrote:
93 points
it is like liquid syrupy creme brulee, I am very happy with it price/quality. Not for every day like port though.
  • Jochems commented:

    3/22/10, 12:59 PM - Port every day would be to much for me;-)
    But I get your point. I've had this wine a few times over the past year. To me its not a 93pts. But a solid Pedro Ximénez anyway.

2005 Château Duhart-Milon Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
3/6/2010 - rasandler wrote:
93 points
Young but wonderful. It's going to be hard to save these for their peak years. Lots of black cherry, leather, and earth.
  • Jochems commented:

    3/21/10, 1:08 PM - I was searching for some clues wether it is time to open a bottle or not. This note leaves me a bit clueless at this point.
    Would you suggest opening a bottle or not?

2006 Ampeleia Kepos Costa Toscana Red Blend
1/1/2010 - Number51 wrote:
90 points
Smells and tastes like that red life saver candy. This is pretty and red-fruity. I didn't really pick up earthiness, and this tastes quite different from the same grapes of southern rhone. This score may be right if you like this style of wine. If you're a dry earthy full-body bordeaux drinker, this probably isn't for you.
  • Jochems commented:

    3/21/10, 1:04 PM - Totally agree with you. I much like the red fruit freshness and delicacy. Indeed not southern Rhone at all. The denser and darker Ampeleia of the '04 vintage (first vintage of this wine) gets closer to something like that.

1999 Lisini Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
1/30/2010 - bvwino wrote:
88 points
Disappointing. Vinager on the nose when opened, but that went away quickly. But it never got where I expected. Tannins integrated, short to moderate finish, muted flavors. Just a very good wine, but I expected more.
  • Jochems commented:

    3/21/10, 1:00 PM - Recent post suggest this wine is either closed down or is seriously going downhill. Based on my experience with Lisini I expect the first being the case. '99 in general is a high quality vintage for the long haul. And Lisini a very consistent producer.
    I hope my bottles will show better when I revisit them in about 5 year!

2001 Valdicava Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
2/18/2010 - jimmyrice14 wrote:
96 points
I bought 8 of these when I was in Italy the summer of '07 and had them shipped to my home. I wanted to try one now even thought I don't think it is near peak yet. I was not disappointed. I decanted for 4 hours, and the nose was aromatic, the fruit had begun to emerge, and the brilliant structure of this wine was on full display. I can only imagine how good this will be in the coming years. It makes me very happy I have many normal and reserve bottles of the 01 brunello vintage.
  • Jochems commented:

    2/27/10, 11:17 AM - Thanks for your notes. Can you comment on the drinking window? Should I leave it alone for a few years?

2001 Lisini Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
2/20/2010 - jrobs7777 wrote:
92 points
Survey of Italy (Our House (2033 Brandywine St., Philadelphia)): This is drinking very well. Dark, dense and concentrated. Wood and dark fruit on the nose. This developed well in the glass. Palate explodes with concentrated darker fruits. Anise, blueberry and plum. Good finish. 92+
  • Jochems commented:

    2/27/10, 11:13 AM - Thanks for your update on this wine. I always find the dark fruit component to be very typical of Lisini. Where do you think it stands in terms of drinking window? Should I try one of my bottles soon?

2001 Antinori Tignanello Toscana IGT SuperTuscan Blend
2/20/2010 - jad1964 wrote:
95 points
thoroughly enjoyed a magnum of this from a buddy's cellar. closed a meal off with a grilled veal chop & this wine after spring valley frederick 03 & 04, and the columbia crest reserve cab from 05. let's just say this, the 01 tig was by far the star of the night vs a pretty fair group from the USA. a monster wine. huge finish. had so much more going on vs the USA cab. it kinda hits ur lips like a cab or cab blend & finishes with a classy sangiovese ending. now we decanted this wine for 90 mins, then poured monster glasses of this wine for everyone at the table & let it sit for another 90 mins before we even touched it. there was plenty going on all the way down the line. remarkable in fact for me as i have been drinking mostly bigtime cabs & cab blends in recent weeks how fascinating this could be. exceptional. fruit, herbs, earth, tar....the whole board was covered. graceful lengthy finish....
  • Jochems commented:

    2/27/10, 11:09 AM - Thanks for sharing your note. I had a similar experience with a Cali Cab against the '99 Tignanello last year. I was surprised how the Tig just blew it away.

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