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2008 Quintessa Rutherford Red Bordeaux Blend
11/28/2013 - M. Anthony Lee Likes this wine:
94 points
Deep purple to the rim. A nose of sweet vanilla, blueberry jam, blackberries, pencil shavings, and cocoa. Full mouth feel, bursting with blueberries, blackberries, milk chocolate, and tar. This wine has a lot of life yet.
  • M. Anthony Lee commented:

    12/13/13, 4:42 AM - This comment appears to take exception to my review. This is puzzling to me since we both seemed to enjoy this wine.
    1. I think the wine is excellent and said so in the context of my writing and scoring it 94. Thus, your comment that unless I think it is fantastic there must be "something wrong with me" makes absolutely no sense.
    2. I agree, that the wine needs decanting to tame the tannins in a still very young wine, and attempted to state that via my comment that the "wine has a lot of life left" It did have a great bouquet even without decanting, but did become more pronounced with time.
    3. I also concur that the wine was smooth and had a great finish. Again, I gave it a 94. If you are unable to articulate the flavors that you detect in a wine and can only describe it in terms of your individual levels of 'goodness', that's OK. It is rather harsh to refer to another's attempt to describe it in more detail as 'BS'.
    4. I don't pay much attention to the ratings that RP, ST, WS, WA, etc...give to wines as they are all over the map and reflect their individual tastes, just like yours and mine.

2011 Rivers-Marie Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
11/13/2013 - Krugman wrote:
92 points
This just arrived the other day and I couldn't resist popping the cork on the first bottle. The Rivers Marie Napa is a really nice cabernet. Wonderfully rich, creamy, and silky with red fruit, blueberries, cool mint, pencil shavings, chocolate, vanilla, and spices. Also a great nose with aromas of raspberries and earth. This bottle kept opening even after a couple hours in the decanter. I would expect this wine to continue improving, but it is already drinking very well. A decent QPR at around $50 per bottle.
  • M. Anthony Lee commented:

    11/15/13, 3:11 PM - This is nice to hear since my case just arrived. I'll open one in a couple of weeks...just to verify.

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