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3/18/2021 - Chave wrote:
2/17/21 - We got back onto Champagne over the holidays, so I bit on some K&L offerings. They highly recommended the Launois, so I have it a try. I think it's pretty good for the price point, but the '07 Comtes we drank soon after reminded me why I love Champagne. I reordered the Comtes.
8/12/2017 - Chave wrote:
8/12/17 - Douwe and Nan stayed with us during a SF mini break to renew his passport. We sucked down whites on the deck all afternoon including '99 (11 o'clock, but good) and '05 Valmur (great), and '15 Boillot Moucheres (sulfuric, but very good). Then it was on to Odeon for '05 Comtes (great), '57 Cappellano (very good) and '57 Berteletti (good). A lovely courtyard dinner and some really good wines.
6/22/2016 - Chave wrote:
We tried one of Scott's bottles at Thanksgiving 2015. We didn't care for them, so returned them to Envoyer for a credit.
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