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2017 Arnot-Roberts Syrah Sonoma Coast
9/8/2020 - yasha Likes this wine:
88 points
something off with this bottle or this is not my liking
  • magyarsvensk commented:

    9/10/20, 12:24 PM - Arnot-Roberts Syrahs take a while to open. I feel like five years past vintage is a bare minimum.

2018 Stolpman Syrah Ballard Canyon
11/2/2019 - magyarsvensk wrote:
Tight and dark with cherries and blueberries. Quite alcoholic and tannic. NR
  • magyarsvensk commented:

    3/2/20, 7:55 AM - My notes weren’t off, nor was my palate, as I visited other wineries both before and after. If I need “knowledge” to enjoy their wines, then basically you are telling me I should ignore what I taste and give biased scores. Interesting.

    Finally, you accuse me of giving an incorrect score and then boast that you will be giving an incorrect score to offset mine. How hypocritical is that? Imagine if I said I would lower my score to 10 to offset your offset. That would be a selfish, idiotic thing to do, wouldn’t it? That’s why I would never think of doing something like that. Funny that you are so proud of your lack of integrity.

    How about you just worry about your own notes.

  • magyarsvensk commented:

    3/2/20, 11:26 AM - What it should be? How presumptuous.

    You obviously have no idea what an extracted wine is if you think I have an affinity for them. Quite the opposite.

    If you want scores from notable critics, go read them. I know some people can’t form their own opinions on wines. That is sad in itself, but you've taken it to the next level, acting as an unpaid mercenary to enforce their opinions on CellarTracker. I can think of few things more pathetic.

White - Sparkling
N.V. Egly-Ouriet Champagne Grand Cru Blanc de Noirs Les Crayères Pinot Noir
2/1/2020 - magyarsvensk Likes this wine:
93 points
Starts off complex and after 30 minutes becomes more so. Lemon orchard, sweet icing, buttered toast, strawberry jam, pizza dough, marmalade, wet coins, pool water. Also technically sound with nice shape and length. 4+
  • magyarsvensk commented:

    2/13/20, 7:24 PM - 72 months, July 2018

  • magyarsvensk commented:

    2/15/20, 1:24 PM - I am waiting. It’s not tight, but it lacks the oxidative aromas I like.

2010 Peay Vineyards Chardonnay Estate Sonoma Coast
12/6/2019 - rosenst1 wrote:
92 points
Just released from the winery. PnP. Medium light gold. Nose has a combination of tropical fruits and citrus. Lovely weight and balance on the palate. Drinking very well at age 9 as the winery said!
  • magyarsvensk commented:

    12/7/19, 3:29 PM - I also got this on release. It's a pretty amazing wine, especially after a little air!

2014 Mount Eden Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Santa Cruz Mountains
11/7/2019 - magyarsvensk Likes this wine:
96 points
Violets, berry candies, jam, vanilla bean, toasted coconut. Markedly tropical sensation of sweetness. Superlatively unique and well-executed expression of the Medoc style.

I opened this early to make sure that the batch I bought has not suffered from poor storage, and it seems to be solid. I will wait at least five years to open another. What a value. 5+
  • magyarsvensk commented:

    11/8/19, 6:22 PM - Thanks!

2010 Cimarossa Cabernet Sauvignon Riva Di Levante Howell Mountain
3/21/2014 - magyarsvensk wrote:
85 points
Very dark with thin meniscus. Interesting bouquet with fruit and brambles. Big and tannic on the palate. Not quite ready for action.
  • magyarsvensk commented:

    1/29/15, 4:05 PM - I don't have a crystal ball. Some wines are unbalanced and never really hit a sweet spot. Some wines are very pleasant even when they are closed. My ratings all reflect where the wine is at the time I drink it.

  • magyarsvensk commented:

    3/1/15, 2:44 PM - As I said above, the wine is rated where it is when I drink it. If a wine is released before it is ready, not my problem. Lots of Spanish producers hold back their wine until it is at least drinkable. Smart folks!

  • magyarsvensk commented:

    3/19/15, 11:57 PM - Most Bordeaux estates sell their wines en primeur, which is pretty much the opposite of holding it back.

    You are way too passionate about this one particular bottle. I tried it at a tasting, didn't buy any. What do you care what I think of it? If you love it, go get a case and enjoy yourself.

White - Sparkling
1990 Salon Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut Chardonnay
12/31/2014 - Javachip wrote:
95 points
New Year's Eve, San Diego (San Diego): Clear light gold color with subdued effervescence. Gorgeous bouquet of crisp apple cider, ginger, lime, fine nutty sherry, hints of alfalfa and mulling spices. Not overtly mineral, but with beautiful acidity providing freshness and precision. I noted a similarly complex profile with 1985 Salon back in 2009 and wonder if this is a house style that emerges in maturity. A world-class champagne. My #1 and group's FIRST PLACE.
  • magyarsvensk commented:

    1/29/15, 4:12 PM - Very jealous! I have yet to taste Salon.

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