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12/26/2017 - mikepgh Likes this wine:
94 points
Full bodied with nice structure, smooth and polished. Paired nicely with Christmas dinner filet. Will try to hold two remaining bottles for 3-5 years, but will take some willpower as it is drinking so well now.
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2/17/2013 - mikepgh wrote:
90 points
Very good to be sure, but lacked complexity and didn't seem to live up to community and mid-90 pro reviews, and expectations based on price-point. Will wait a few years on remaining bottles.
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2/1/2013 - mikepgh Likes this wine:
93 points
a very nice Pinot indeed; sweet fruit, cherries and cranberries prominently on display; a real WTSO beauty at 22.49
11/21/2012 - mikepgh wrote:
88 points
A berry fruit-forward, medium-bodied cab that is soft, simple and very drinkable; nice house cab that is an excellent value at 12.99 in Pa.
3/4/2012 - mikepgh wrote:
88 points
Very pleasant and nicely balanced pinot grigio with fresh fruits and citrus; paired well with crab cakes and garlic butter shrimp.
1/16/2012 - mikepgh wrote:
89 points
Very satisfying; not a great wine by any means and hopefully remaining 4 bottles will improve with aging; still somewhat tannic but very drinkable. Will be interesting to see how this is showing in another year or two.
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