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5/7/2010 - Caring_Bear wrote:
90 points
Great example of a straight-forward medium bodied Zin.
On the nose - tons of red fruit, generous spice, a little earth.
On tongue - lots of ripe fruit, big time cherry and some decent spice in the middle, with a lingering finish. Decent QPR when buying in the mid teens.
5/9/2010 - Caring_Bear wrote:
89 points
Earthy with mild fruits on the nose. Mouthfeel has some residual tannins but the fruit is nice. I'm not a big Merlot fan but would have this again if presented with other merlots. Not like the Yokum Bridge Merlot, which I think was the last I had, this is more muted. Not as complex as I know Merlot can be, but its a fine accompaniment for lighter meals. Tried alone only.
4/18/2010 - Caring_Bear wrote:
Trying this over a three night period. First night I triple decanted using an airator for a 12 hour period. Nose and mouth the same: overwhelming olives. Can't rate that because I'm not a huge olive fan and this is just overwhelming. A hint of olive is one thing, but this is pretty much like opening a jar of olives with some tar thrown in for good measure. The alcohol is very present, or at least seems that way at first. Will update progress over the next few days, but at the very least this needs to wait another 3 years.
4/11/2010 - Caring_Bear wrote:
86 points
Super Tannic, rather dry, and devoid of all fruit. But somewhat surprisingly not spoiled. Chances are you've already drank this if you've got it - but if not - it's definitely pass time.
4/7/2010 - Caring_Bear wrote:
89 points
One last time... it's still drinking pretty darn well. Last two bottles are both uncorked and checking them out over the next few days. (Yeah I know, have to update the online cellar)
Still a great QPR if you have them. The original bright red cherry has faded a bit, and it's definitely lost some body... but its still got some solid body left. Another round of Spring Cellar Cleaning 2010.
4/9/2010 - Caring_Bear wrote:
89 points
On the nose - wet cement gives away to subtle dark fruits, burnt toffee, and tobacco.
Solid mouthfeel, thought definitely past prime. It's still got some red fruit there, and I'd call it a medium body at best. Many of the nuances are pretty soft, yet I'm still getting a tartness... and notes more akin to a Syrah.
For a wine in this price range I'd say it's held up amazingly well. This is the fourth bottle I've tried over the last 2 months (it's spring cellar cleaning).
This time tried alone, with veggie fried rice, and an assortment of mild cheddar. Best served around 70 degrees.... needs a bit of a chill.
If you've got'em, drink'em.
3/14/2010 - Caring_Bear wrote:
90 points
Too early for a real score on this, needs at least 2 more years before a full review.
Tried alone and with foods over 3 nights - bottle capped in cellar. Early on there seems to be a predominance of cola and coffee on the nose, which gives away to a lot of buried dark fruit by the second day. Almost syrupy in the mouth - this bad boy needs a lot more time.
Fav pairing was with Wild Boar burritos.
3/10/2010 - Caring_Bear wrote:
90 points
Best consumed within the first 90 minutes, or after 1 day open in the cellar. Did not hold up for me after that.
Locks of dark cherry, a some plum and oak. Still quite nice.
3/1/2010 - Caring_Bear wrote:
88 points
Nose - lots of fruit, mild heat early, and some white pepper.
Tongue - Lots and lots of fruit, a bit of briar, and little vanilla, and a hint of herb(?).
Reminds me of a less bold, less integrated Talty Felice Conolly. That's not bad, but at this price I would expect more.
Tried alone and with cheese bread.
Overall Rating reflects a $30 price tag, which seem $10 too much considering everything else out there.
3/2/2010 - Caring_Bear wrote:
89 points
On the nose: Some heat at first opening, but quickly dissipates. Mocha, Caramel, dusty currant pie.
On the tongue: Light to medium body, lots of raspberry, blue berry, slightly sweet, but not overly so.
Tried alone and with Mozza Squash Blossom Pizza and excellent Burrata.
This is on the lighter side of what I normally prefer, but the nose is quite expressive after 10 min of opening and the flavors are quintessential zin.
This would be another AP 2006 if it had a bolder mouthfeel. Regardless, it's an excellent QPR at $10-$11 and the best I've had in this price range in a long time.
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2007 Ancient Peaks Zinfandel Paso Robles Santa Margarita Ranch (view label images)
12/12/2009 - Caring_Bear wrote:
86 points
As a huge fan of the AP 2006 (I rated it a 90 and would have gone considerably higher based on the QPR alone)I initially bought 3 cases and ultimately bought 4 more from various sources. Sadly it is nearly all gone... and I eagerly awaited the latest vintage.
At the end of August I purchased a case of the 07. Since that time I have tried it alone, with food, and with a cellared bottle open over a period of 3 days. I have surveyed my friends in a side-by-side with the 2006. I have also more recently tried it side by side with 2006, over a period of 3 days (same bottles). I did this twice.
Why was I so thorough with this one? Well, I hoped my initial instincts were wrong, so waited awhile to try it again. I then read the first 2 CT reviews, which were rather glowing, and I felt like I must have missed something. And yet...
My conclusion: This is, at best, a shadow of what the 2006 was. 2007 lacks the jammy fruit, the creamy finish, and the overall killer integration of the previous year.
Dark fruit, a bit one dimensional, poorly integrated tannins and a lackluster finish.
From an (overly simple) generalization, I would make these comparisons:
2006 AP similar to 2006 Rafanelli (whoa, and I LOVE Rafanelli)
2007 AP similar to 2006 Cline Ancient Vines
The QPR is okay, but I won't be buying more, even with free shipping and a 20% club discount.
Disappointed, but looking forward to trying the '08.
BTW, not sure of how skinowdrinklater was tasting this, but all of my side-by-side comparisons were the exact opposite of his....
10/19/2009 - Caring_Bear wrote:
91 points
Holding final judgement on this for a few years.
The very first of the MacClaren Syrah Unti Vineyards. The final product has less to do in nose and taste with Unti and rather lies in the distinct influence of Michael Talty. Ultimately this is a Syrah made by Taltly, if such a thing existed. That's not bad thing, but there are characteristics here that differ this from a typical syrah and that's where the pre-mentioned influence seems to really come in.
On the nose - Boatloads of leather, considerable amount of lavender, black cherry, another herb?, with some mocha and dark and red berries.
On the tongue - Starts out almost as if there is a touch of zin in there - practically like some kind of proprietary blend, with a decent amount of red fruit right up front, especially raspberry. Integration is nice even at this point, and then tobacco and mocha.
I'm truly enjoying this one ad look forward to how it evolves over the next few years. A perfect Syrah for Zin-atics and those looking for a break from the same old style.
12/1/2009 - Caring_Bear wrote:
88 points
First off - this is a great QPR but be forewarned - my experience was based on buying this wine when it first became available and then holding it in a properly maintained cellar. Your local retailer may not have gone to the same lengths for a $10 bottle.
On the nose - mocha, damp earth, some dusty oak.
On the tongue - tobacco, cranberry, fading red fruit. Tannins still there, amazingly.
This is shockingly good for its QPR and age. Is it past its prime? Most definitely, but still quite worthy of a nice burger or pasta and red sauce.
12/2/2009 - Caring_Bear wrote:
90 points
On the nose - definite oak and spice, especially sweet anise and dark berries.
On the tongue - spice, oak, black berries, touch of tar.
Good structure and balance, wish there was a bit more sweet fruit for the long haul.
Will wait at least one year for this one, it's still too early. Has the potential to be a real keeper.
12/1/2009 - Caring_Bear wrote:
92 points
Tried over 3 nights - Becomes more syrah-like over time.
Among the most complex (and best) of the Rosenblums.
On the nose there is burnt caramel, blackberry, coffee, and bit of oak.
On the tongue - more black berry, cherry, blue berries, oak. Dry. And still a little hot. This is not a typical Big Berry Zin - it's rich, but more medium than full (or rather big-bodied). Definitely can hang out for another 2-3 years, maybe a bit more.
Tried alone and with veggie pizza.
White - Sweet/Dessert
2005 Château Doisy-Daëne Sauternes Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend (view label images)
12/4/2009 - Caring_Bear wrote:
91 points
Hints of pear and cooked rice on the nose. Sweeter than I expected, but seemed to mellow a bit on the second night.
On the tongue there is honey, apricot, and a little apple on the backend.
Very interested in how this will develop. Will try again in 2011.
10/30/2009 - Caring_Bear wrote:
88 points
Way dusty, but opens to more fruit over time.
Good grief - it's been a long time since my last post... I apologize, new family member is taking mucho time.
Reminds me very much of Christopher Creek on both the nose and general mouthfeel.
More hot on the finish than I would expect for a 2004. Unusually so.
I think I'm expecting more fruit to balance out the pepper, but it's not quite there.
Overall I like it - even more so after it opens up - but I will need to revise on day 2 for a more accurate reading
3/12/2009 - Caring_Bear wrote:
91 points
Based on QPR alone this would have rated even higher.
Deserves a more detailed rating at a later time, but this among the best of the straight Sonoma Zins the Ted has done.
Still hot, but not surprising considering how young it is.
Have been purchasing by the case for around $16/bottle. Only second to Ancient Peaks as the best deal in Zin out there.
2/26/2009 - Caring_Bear wrote:
88 points
This is a solid, if unexceptional effort from Ridge. I'm a big fan of some of their smaller productions, but the QPR on this is not very good.
The wine seems very one dimensional, lacking the depth and complexity of offerings like their Buchignani.
Overall I'd say I'm a bit disappointed and definitely will not be buying.
2005 Etude Fortitude Shake Ridge Amador County Zinfandel Blend, Zinfandel (view label images)
2/24/2009 - Caring_Bear wrote:
86 points
On the nose - The fruit is sharp, almost tangy, like ripe fruit mixed with yogurt - seems a bit too acidic.
On the palate - The tannins are potent, with plum and currant as the dominants. The finish is medium length at best, but the overall experience is dampened by the acidity which seems out of balance. I'm left with a tartness that isn't what I expected nor desired.
This wine seems to have an identity crisis. The label reads nearly half the blend is Zin, and another 20% is petite, but the nose and taste are darker than that - much more Syrah-like. Sad to say this is disappointing to me.
Tried alone only. I will try again over then next 2 days and update as necessary.
Tried again tonight after a loosely corked bottle in the cellar (56F) over night. Tannins seem over the top still. Possibly it jut needs more time, but I still think its out of balance. Tried with no food.
2/18/2009 - Caring_Bear wrote:
82 points
Given to me as a gift from a friend, not for the wine itself but rather, apparently, for the label.
Eh, you get what you (don't) pay for.
Anywho, pretty blah - can't speak to a QPR in this price range, but for double the price (11-12) you can get some really nice wines.
Everything here is pretty muted, I get a little spice, a tin amount of berry, and that's it.
2/14/2009 - Caring_Bear wrote:
88 points
On the nose - Much currant and pepper, a touch of oak.
On the palate - Dark, syrah-like plum and dark fruit. A solid finish with a bit of berry and oak.
This is certainly reminiscent of the CC Petite Syrah, which is still one of my fav Petites out there.
A great zin if you like them darker, and a bit less fruit forward.
Definitely more fruit is showing after 15-20m, and as it warms to room temp.
Tried alone and with Potato Leek soup.
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2/16/2009 - Caring_Bear wrote:
Friends brought over and tried it with them. No score - this should have been decanted for a little while first.
Definite complexity here, medium - big body hints of oak over dark berries, maybe a bit of smoke. Big, lengthy finish.
Drier than I prefer, but this is a keeper, among the best Spanish wines I've tasted recently.
1/10/2009 - Caring_Bear wrote:
91 points
On the nose: Whoa, stunning fruit, smoke, with light floral overtones. Overall a classic big zin. In the mouth - Bold and smokey, but has considerable depth. High alcohol is buried, which is impressive. There is blackberry, a sweet fruit I can't place, dark spice and smoked mesquite.
I'd like to revisit this in a another couple of years, but right now it's completely worth a spin. Bold but astute, with complexity not often found in many of today's zins.
Tried over two hours - alone, with Top Sirloin, mushrooms with fingerling potatoes, and with Smart Puffs (give it a whirl).
12/24/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
On the nose dark cherry, intense chocolate, anise, and smoke.
The taste indicates more alcohol, along with somewhat riper fruit, but still I'm overwhelmed by smoke.
It's too early to drink this, though it is enjoyable now if you have the right food combo. I would call 2010 as a start.
No rating for now, it would not be accurate, but I wouldn't turn down another dance with this one.
Tried alone and with morel mushroom tortellini with pesto.
2007 Orin Swift The Prisoner Napa Valley Zinfandel Blend, Zinfandel (view label images)
12/21/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
Probably too early to try this one, but I received a few as gifts and thought I'd crack one.
Will reserve a score for at least another year.
Enjoyed the 04, 05, 06, so this was highly anticipated.
One the nose - raisin, prunes, dark fruits, and... redwood? There is a predominant cab influence this round.
Opens to a somewhat brighter fruit after 20 min open.
On the tongue it's dry, dry, dark fruit, with a lot of syrah-like characteristics, and currants on the lingering finish. Very rich.
Tried alone and with homemade pizza.
Too early to tell yet if this holds up to the 04 and 05, but certainly has potential.
12/21/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
87 points
Nose has nice ripe fruit, mild oak and hazelnut.
On the tongue there's raspberry, cherry, and oak, with mild spice. It's thinner than I would expect and has a disappointing finish.
Decent every day Zin, but not at the price. Poor QPR, and my score would be lower if I fully factored that.
Was a gift, and I would not purchase this specific year myself at the current price ($21).
Had alone and with crackers and hard cheeses.
12/20/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
91 points
On the nose - Very buttery, dark fruits, spices, and a hint of plum, somewhat reminiscent of Rafanelli.
Surprisingly complex with a very strong mouthfeel, lots of ripe fruit, lots of power but a bit more restrained than some of the fruit bombs in the area.
A bit pricey for Lodi, but still worth it.
Tried alone and with Miso soup and stir fried grass fed beef with veggies.
11/13/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
91 points
On the nose - very, very berry with a bit of plum, slight heat.
On the palate it's big berries (I get a predominance of raspberries), with underlying spice. The alcohol is present, but nicely balanced with the fruit and tannins. Drink now and over the next few years max, especially if you like it a bit spicier. Glad to have a case tucked away...
Tried alone and with slow cooked lamb shank.
11/9/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
90 points
Little early to be trying this, but gave it a shot.
On the nose the fruit - a variety of red and darks - come through cleanly despite the higher alcohol content and the early age. Hay and spices are in the background. Not as much depth here as some other Biales, but a great representation of a true zin
On the palate it's surprisingly in balance for the age, and the nose does not deceive, this is fruit-forward, big time zin.
This is another example of what I would call a creamy zin - along the lines of a Rafanelli or Outpost.
There are better QPRs out there, but this is a great zin that I look forwarding to trying over the next 4-5 yrs.
11/7/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
Had a single glass before dinner at Craft in LA, so I will reserve a numerical rating for when I can pop a bottle myself.
On the nose this has fairly distinctive zin characteristics, but a little muted - rasberries, blueberries?, dark spice, nutmeg, and oak.
On the tongue it's less defining - there is plum and berry, but the oak is stronger than I prefer in my zins and there is considerable heat still.
This was my first exposure to Bugay so I look forward to revisiting a bottle of my own, but this first impression was not a home run.
11/6/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
Will wait to rate over the next 2-3 days, this puppy needs to open up.
Day 1 - On the nose - dark fruit, spice, a bit barnyard, and something organic I can't place. On the tongue it's syrah-like, and tightly wound. A little heat also, with chalky currants, spice, and a bit of oak. Was expecting something more... not sure what, but based on my previous Scholium experience (which was transcending) I guess I was hoping for a repeat.
We'll see where this goes....
11/2/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
86 points
Okay showing on this, though I was hoping for more substance - specifically this is decently sharp and has some good floral notes, but the citrus seems buried, along with that hint of spice you often get with NZ whites. In general the wine seems flat, especially on the tongue. Overall this is a shadow of what many of the more forward Marlboroughs are (Kim Crawford being the obvious example), and for me has a low QPR. Would probably not seek out...
11/3/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
86 points
Tried alone and with slow cooked beef and vegetables with a red wine reduction.
On the nose this has crisp grass, barnyard, and floral notes, on the tongue this stays true - with more of a floral influence and more heat than I would have preferred. Will give it a few nights in the cellar and revise, and I'll try again in the next year.
10/21/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
85 points
NOTE: This was previously filed under the 2005 Norman Zin, my apologies.
10/21/2008: Tried one glass w/no food, will revise tomorrow after corking in the cellar for a day.
On the nose - Considerable heat layered with blueberry, hints of cassis, pepper, and maybe currant?
Could be possible that it's just way to early, my buds were off, or something else.
Will try later this week and revise acc
On the tongue - disappointing amount of alcohol... let me be clear this is not heat, but more like a vodka tonic. The taste of alcohol is really overpowering.
10/24 - Has been loosely corked in the cellar for three days. Notes above are not much different now... seems to pair okay with milk chocolate... that was the best I could come up with for the moment...
10/27 - Now trying the second half of the bottle after again having been loosely corked in the cellar. Somewhat better integrated but still way too alcoholic for me. For point of reference I am reminded of a Malloy O'Neil Syrah from 2004 in Paso, it was almost bitter, but the structure was there and it held up, though it was way over the top. On the other hand this has nearly the same alcohol content with out the fruit structure to back it up. I looked up the other notes here are cellartracker, and the works "Jammy" are appearing... okay... this bottle is most definitely not jammy. If it was ,the high alcohol might integrate better. I;ve had other Normans that I like, but sadly this is not one of them. Revising the score downward.
2005 Bogle Vineyards Phantom California Zinfandel Blend, Zinfandel (view label images)
10/24/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
84 points
Brought to a dinner at the house by friends, tried over two nights. Both nights the first tastes were devoid of food, and my notes for both tries are consistent. On the nose there is light cedar, plum, and vanilla. Oddly the nose to me is not indicative of the blend, at least from my expirences with red blends that would contain similar varietals. Regardless... On the tongue it's pillowy, with too mild tannins and a flatness that indicates something is significantly out-of-balance. I honestly can't think of what to pair this with that it would properly stand up to, except maybe wheat bread. Horribly disappointing after having have other Phantoms in the past.
2006 Ancient Peaks Zinfandel Paso Robles Santa Margarita Ranch (view label images)
10/14/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
90 points
Heard rumors about this wine... a first time effort by a winery no one had heard of, and a zin of great taste and structure for the price.
Well, I'd say it's true. Shared two bottles between four of us and people couldn't stop drinking it. On the nose big fruit, pepper, and some smoke. On the tongue the fruit is big, and layered with brighter fruits and some darker cherries. The mouthfeel is great, and the fruit lingers. Balance on this is very good, especially considering the age. Will try this on a brown bag night and see how it rates. The score does not reflect the incredible price on this... if I was basing on that, it would be a 94+. This is possibly the best deal in zin that exists right now. I'm buying in big.
10/15/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
90 points
Too early to drink and rate properly, needs another 2 yrs minimum. Tried alone and with a Petite Filet spicy potatoes, and grilled green beans.
On the nose there is very evident tar, dark fruits, and violet. On the tongue there are currants, a small amount of rich fruit (I would figure from the zin), raisins, and tannins in that are, in general , out of balance for the moment. This is a wonderful wine, but it's definitely too early to drink. I will update tomorrow after leaving softly corked in the cellar overnight.
10/8/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
90 points
Tried alone and with NY Style supreme pizza. Distinctly Limerick (though this does remind me of the 04 Talty a lot), there's a lot of burnt sugars, dark cherries, and some currant on the nose. Seems creamy and rich. In the mouth the alcohol is more obvious, and it impedes the finish at this point. Tannins are definitely there, but the balance needs a few years. Look forward to trying in 2010.
10/4/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
92 points
This is a red winer drinker's white. Had with some stunning sushi, including toro, salmon eggs with uni, and assorted other fish-based dishes. Great crispness, but has some warmth to it - had to explain. Tropical fruit overtones but very rich, buttery, and complex. Very aggressive for a white. Possibly the perfect combo for fatty sushi. Expensive, but definitely worth it.
10/1/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
94 points
Had the pleasure of having this two nights in a row - at AOC and then at Gordon Ramsay's. Defines "Huge". Largely indescribable. Has many o the typical Syrah characteristics with some additional tar and fruit, but is beyond anything I have ever tried of the varietal. So big, and yet balanced. The tannins are enormous, but they work. Would love to get a case of this and try it every year. Not those who are expecting something subtle, but if you like them big, this is among the best I have ever had....
10/4/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
91 points
Had this as a latter course wine at Urasawa. Super rich on the nose and the palate - berries, casis, considerable tar. There's also something slightly of a sweeter fragrant here, possible dried flowers or something... and a very long finish. Overall quite stunning. We tried alone and with a multitude of dishes, including kobe beef (practically fois gras texture) and it was amazing. Certainly could wait awhile to mellow, I think it would be interesting to try again in a few years.
9/28/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
87 points
Popped and poured. Had alone and with sicilian style pizza. On the nose it's mild fruit a little currant, and some soft spice. On the tongue it is lighter than what I have known of other Williamson wines... There is some heat here, but without the fruit to really back it up. Overall the wine seems off-balance to me. Finish is short. Overall nothing to right home about....
2003 Treana Red Paso Robles Red Blend (view label images)
9/27/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
89 points
Tried alone and with brunch (maple sausage, peppers, and eggs). Left open for about 20m. On the nose lots of dark fruit and some heat, slight oak in the background. I would have expected more cab-like characteristics based on the blend, but this is more syrah-zin like. On the tongue lots of dark berry, considerable pepper, and a bit og tobacco. Again, surprised that there is not more obvious cab influence here, especially the oak which seems nearly absent. Holds up well to mild-medium spice. Enjoyed quite a bit. This was a gift, so I can't speak to price, but I would have to agree that $50 is too much for this wine. $30, yeah maybe.
9/11/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
Tried alone and with spicy beef chili. On the nose it's dark berry, maybe even black cherry, followed by a bit of spice and maybe vanilla? Taste is surprisingly restrained - not as smoky or heavy currants/plum that often dominate the Rosenblum syrahs. Finish is a little alcoholic and shorter than I would typically expect. Certainly this is not as chewy or robust as a Pickett or Fran's, but it's a decent value for the price ($20). For me this is too early to fairly rate. UPDATE:
I am loving this on the second night (half bottle corked kept @57F for about 24h). Tried alone, and now enjoying with Petite Filet, rosemary potatoes, and local green beans with oregano and chili flakes. For various reasons this combo seems to agree well with this wine. The overnight has allowed mellowing on both the noise (similar to before, but has more chocolate and vanilla at the end). Taste is still a little hot, but shows a nice future for this one. Plum is more present and and slightly less alcoholic. I will probably buy at this price.
8/23/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
90 points
It's a little early to be tasting this. Tons of berry and spice on the noise, but seems a bit out of balance at the moment. On the tongue its distinctively Rosenblum, lots of dark fruit, more than a hint of currants, but a bit too hot to try right now. I would hold for at least 3 years to let it mellow.
8/27/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
91 points
Wow. Had alone and then with a spicy tofu stir fry. Still a bit alcoholic on the nose just out of the bottle, but that settles in about 10 minutes. Overwhelming dark cherry on the nose, along with plum and a hint of currants. On the tongue it's still big cherry and plum, but the spice is much more present. Big and bold, and yet still like syrup. Holds up to heavy spiced food without a flinch. Surprisingly long finish that continues the spice, almost like a fruity Syrah. I'm sure this is not to everyone's liking, but for those who like them over the top and full of fruit and spice, this is a big winner. Glad to have more in the cellar...
2003 Girard Artistry Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
8/26/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
90 points
New World Bordeaux, more subtle than I expected, but very nice. On the nose there is currant, brown sugar, coriander?, a bit of pepper, and cocoa. Quite complex, and beyond my ability to full describe. On the palate there are layers of soft pepper over the fruit. The oak is very restrained, and nearly entirely absent on the lingering finish. This wine, while not perfect, defines elegant. Wish I had more. Tasted alone, with grilled melon and fried proscuitto, and then fries and beef ribs. And yeah, it works. Try it.
8/17/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
92 points
Accidently opened (don't ask), but this has some more time to go. Unique at this stage for a Pinot.
Syrah-like on the nose, cassis, dark fruits. On the tongue it is very berry, almost overwhelming in fact. Long finish with considerable tartness. No heat, well-balanced considering it is a ways off from it's peak. Definitely a long-term winner, and fun now also - if you accidently open like I did :)
8/6/2008 - Caring_Bear wrote:
89 points
Fairly typicaly shiraz on the nose, but a sharper than normal strawberry accent on the tongue, plum and currant very present. Very well balanced. Medium finish. Drinkable now, or hold for then next 3 years or so max.
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