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1999 Paoletti Non Plus Ultra Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
10/31/2018 - jeginmt Likes this wine:
95 points
This bottle has been in my cellar for many years. Is this the last one around? It is still vibrant and strong, no age deterioration. Minimal sediment. Dark red, full bodied, excellent dark berry fruit flavors, medium tannins that soften an hour after opening. Easily compares to the best Bordeaux wines.
  • jeginmt commented:

    11/5/18, 12:36 PM - Michael in what city is your wine located?

2012 Quilceda Creek CVR Columbia Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
9/15/2018 - jeginmt Likes this wine:
94 points
Dark red, full bodied, rich dark berry fruit, oak, medium tannins, high but integrated alcohol—an excellent wine. It definitely improved after opening and exposure to the air. Very oaky and alcoholic when first opened, had some doubts, but every hour it improved, until wow! To my surprise I found a few bottles at Costco? Going back for more.
  • jeginmt commented:

    9/26/18, 12:24 PM - The wow was for the wine, not Costco. What store you ask? Billings MT. Every once in a while the Billings Costco gets what seems to be some warehouse clearances from other Costco stores. Or maybe some winery clearances. Some high end wines. Keeps me coming back. When the oil boom was going on here a few years ago we got lots of big time expensive wines in Costco. Not so now.

2014 Mount Eden Vineyards Chardonnay Santa Cruz Mountains
8/30/2018 - jeginmt Likes this wine:
93 points
I let the wine breathe two hours after opening. Kept it cold. Complex scents and flavors opened up. There is some oak and some butter, but subordinate to the excellent fruit. Good acidity helped the long finish.
  • jeginmt commented:

    9/4/18, 4:38 PM - I appreciate the comment letting me know that I had a typo in my original rating. I intended to give this excellent wine a 93 rating, but it got posted as 63 points. Wrong! I have edited my tasting note to post the correct 93 rating. That teaches me not to use my iPhone to post tasting notes.

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