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2015 St. Innocent Pinot Noir Freedom Hill Vineyard Willamette Valley
4/12/2021 - HFLED wrote:
85 points
There is a nice wine with black fruits and mild acidity here, unfortunately it is underneath an oak barrel.

Seriously though, way too much oak, this is really woody tasting and the wood dominates what may be some blue and black fruits. I really don’t understand how a winery is only using 30% new oak at maximum (according to their website) manages to make a wine so oaky. Beyond the oak dominance, the wine is ok, although it is a bit overly extracted and is lacking acidity. Unfortunate.
  • JimHow commented:

    6/6/21, 7:45 PM - I just don't get any over-oaking here. Do they even age this in oak? I find this wine a beautiful balance of fruit and restraint. 91 points.

2015 Château Larose-Trintaudon Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend
5/27/2021 - racerchris Likes this wine:
90 points
Red blue and black fruits. Well integrated oak. Lightly spiced finish. Superb balance. Excellent bottle.
This just keeps getting better and better.
  • JimHow commented:

    6/1/21, 5:29 PM - Amen, my brother. Drank my last bottle this week. It is a classic true to form Medoc, one of the truly best values out there. I love both the 15 and the 16, but this may be the rare left banker where I like the 15 slightly more. But that's nitpicking. This is a 90-point classic Bordeaux for me, especially when you factor in the $20ish, or even sub-$20ish price.

2015 Château du Tertre Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend
12/2/2019 - blanquito wrote:
92 points
Man, this is good and still drinking well right now. Sexy levels of inky, blackberry fruit but well balanced with rhubarb, pomegranate juiciness and a compelling greener note of mint and wintergreen. Rounded and smooth, but without that spit-polished, tannin-managed vibe uber modern bordeaux have. Tangy, juicy finish, helping sweep up all the inky, iodine-infused fruit and glycerin. Might have to find more. 92+
  • JimHow commented:

    5/15/20, 3:16 PM - I have trained him well.

2016 Château Haut-Brisson St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend
9/10/2019 - Ianjaig wrote:
91 points
Day one and this is a big brooding beast. Thick, dense and heavy with a lovely nose of leather.
Day two and it has mellowed significantly. Silky, smooth with lovely fruits, raspberry and currants. Surprising lack of tannin.
This hints at being something quite special, but it needs time! 5 years + IMO. Is it worth tucking some away?
Edit: there is a hollowness to this wine which is a concern that I can’t quite resolve.
Edit: But I'm being overly critical here and have bought some more to tuck away.
  • JimHow commented:

    2/6/20, 5:38 PM - I think your Day One comment is accurate.
    I thnk your Day Two comment is accurate.
    I think your Edit is over-analyzing. Somewhere along the way, presumably after Day Two, you became concerned about a "hollowness"in the midpalate. C'mon Ian. This is a $20 wine. At 91 points, it's a great QPR.

  • JimHow commented:

    2/8/20, 5:20 AM - Ha ha, I'm just giving you the business.
    I've been enjoying my 2016 Haut Brissons.
    Cheers from the USA.

2010 Château Cantemerle Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend
6/18/2016 - JimHow Likes this wine:
97 points
Drank this beast again last night. I'm sorry, this wine is immense. It is an absolute stunner, approaching first growth/Chateau Margaux quality. Very, very concentrated, inky black color, the perfume on this wine jumps out and fills the room immediately every time I uncork it. I have drunk it about a dozen times now, I have bought another case, and after last night, I intend to buy yet another. This will be a 50 year wine but it is currently exhibiting deep rich fruit, violets on the nose, and just a great texture, "mouthfeel" in the mouth, the classic balance of strength and elegance that I look for from left bank Bordeaux. As I have said repeatedly in my notes on this wine -- and last night's encounter again only corroborates my sentiments -- the 2010 Cantemerle is "modern" only in the sense that they have extracted the best out of the fruit. The wine is dense and concentrated but not over extracted. It is a stunner. 13%. In the mid to high $40s, it is priced very fairly. As I have done on numerous occasions on, I again rate this an enthusiastic 97 points. Nothing over the top. The fruit and wood in perfect balance. It is big and enthusiastic and youthful and powerful, like a young Doberman bounding about, still a lot of rawness but the class and breed are obvious. A brilliant effort. Best Cantemerle ever.
  • JimHow commented:

    6/18/16, 9:38 AM - Be sure to let it breathe, Tim, it is big and enthusiastic and youthful and powerful, like a young Doberman bounding about, still a lot of rawness but the class and breed are obvious.

  • JimHow commented:

    6/18/16, 9:42 AM - Thanks, we created it back in February 2000, it's a great group from around the world, check out our forum section.

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