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4/13/2020 - Lilgoldie wrote:
90 points
The wine has low acidity. It smells like strawberry jam and sandalwood. The body is medium. It tastes like raspberry and strawberry. The wine looks ruby colored. There is no sediment in the bottle. The wine has smooth texture.
12/21/2018 - Lilgoldie wrote:
75 points
Barnyard on the nose. Decent but definitely had better from Siduri.
9/20/2017 - Lilgoldie wrote:
easy drinker, a little on the sweet side, well balanced in terms of acid
9/15/2017 - Lilgoldie wrote:
Easy drinker, low acid, good but not great
6/10/2017 - Lilgoldie wrote:
It smells like honey. It tastes like hazelnut.
5/14/2017 - Lilgoldie wrote:
Short finish, easy drinker, no need to pair with food, raspberries, red currant, cranberries, hint of spice
5/14/2017 - Lilgoldie wrote:
Excellent. Full-bodied. Stewed fruits. Inkiness.
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