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2017 Ridge Chardonnay Estate Santa Cruz Mountains
4/14/2019 - MaineMark Likes this wine:
93 points
Engaging nose of pineapple and tropical fruits, with a soft buttery backbone. Drank very well as a young wine.
  • MaineMark commented:

    4/14/19, 6:21 AM - We are fans of Kistler and Aubert. This is not quite up to that level, but at 1/2 the price, is a very good value if you like the style.

    The last Ridge Chard Estate I had was the 2015. We felt that one had WAY too much oak--it was all butter, and nothing else. This seemed quite different and more balanced. Not sure if my pallet has changed, the winemaking has changed, or if it is just the vintage, but we liked this much better. than the 2015.

2013 Ridge Lytton Springs Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel Blend, Zinfandel
3/5/2019 - fingers wrote:
This is my second time with this wine and it has not struck me as interesting or attractive to any great measure either time. Just kind of blasé and generic. Given that, it also seems young so I’m not sure how long you’re supposed to wait on these. I have one more that I’ll let sleep for awhile.
  • MaineMark commented:

    3/6/19, 6:15 AM - Agree with the 10+ year horizon. I have mine slotted to drink in 2023, and 2028. Some say this can go 20+ years, but I don't have experience with that.

2014 Pilcrow Cabernet Sauvignon Pym-Rae Mt. Veeder
9/9/2018 - rmcnees wrote:
92 points
Tasted from the wine list at Harry and Izzy's Indy.

This was was opaque garnet-crimson colored, medium full bodied with black berry and black currant fruits accented by creme de cassis, leather and tobacco with notes of lavender, cedar and cacao with lingering structured but smooth tannins.

This showed some bright acidity and tartness begging for more age and time to settle and integrate, this will probably improve for five to ten years and be at its apex for another ten years or more.
  • MaineMark commented:

    9/12/18, 9:53 AM - I was very pleased to find your review of the Pilcrow here and on your blog. I recently ordered a few bottles of the 2015, and am looking forward to trying them. Reviews and tasting notes for these wines are few-and-far-between!

    For what it is worth, when I ordered the 2015 I asked the wine maker, Sara Beer, about the drinking window. This was her response: "We recommend 5-7 years as a good window, and likely longer, if you are a fan of aged Cabernet."

2013 Királyudvar Furmint Tokaji Sec
12/10/2017 - TheAchean wrote:
Deep golden color. Apple nose. Honey on the palate. Utterly delicious
  • MaineMark commented:

    1/25/18, 2:36 PM - Sounds great. It was flawed?

2004 Clarendon Hills Astralis Shiraz Blend, Syrah
Meaty BBQ flavors on the nose with layers and layers of black fruits, and silky smooth. Tried this immediately after pulling the cork--it improved dramatically after a one hour decant. This has a very long life ahead of it. Will cellar my remaining bottle for several more years.
  • MaineMark commented:

    3/3/17, 6:59 AM - You definitely have a lot more experience than I do, but my sense was that this really will be better in 5-10 years. And, I am "voting with my cellar" -- I have one more bottle, and have tentatively slotted it to try again in 2024.

2008 Piers Saffran Walla Walla Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
9/8/2016 - tward wrote:
Can folks clarify whether they are reviewing the "Red Mountain" or the "Walla Walla" "Piers Saffran" here. I suspect that the confusing private label aspect of this could be leading to both. (I have a delivery of the "Walla "Walla" coming and it is inventoried as this wine.)
  • MaineMark commented:

    9/9/16, 5:35 AM - There remain two separate listings. I have bottles of both. It is a bit confusing if you are not looking, but there are separate 2008 Piers Saffran entries for the Walla Walla, and for the Red Mountain.

2012 Ty Caton TyTanium Caton Vineyard Sonoma Valley Red Blend
5/10/2016 - Bowmanifesto wrote:
92 points
Killer Diller! No idea when I acquired these or where. Strangely, it is not in my log of purchases nor in an email trail. Therefore, may be one of Garagiste "mystery wines." In any case, what a surprise it packs. Blend of five California reds: Cabernet; Syrah; Petit Syrah; Merlot; and Malbec. I'd call this an adventure. But it's more like a thrill ride at an amusement park. Buckle in and get ready for your hair to stand on end.
  • MaineMark commented:

    5/10/16, 2:45 PM - Good to hear! Yes, this was a Garagiste Mystery wine. This one was called, "Mystery that is not a Mystery" from October 2015. Enjoy!

2006 Den Hoed Marie's View Wallula Vineyard Horse Heaven Hills Red Blend
12/26/2013 - MaineMark wrote:
91 points
Decanted two hours. Served with Christmas dinner. Very nice nose, nice wine and it was well received by guests, but overall, did not feel it held up over the course of dinner. No one was clamoring for more.
  • MaineMark commented:

    1/4/14, 1:52 PM - We had roast Duck for dinner. But, to be honest, I cannot be much help there with the pairing since I myself did not have the duck (vegetarian...). It is a nice wine, but given my experience, perhaps I might offer that it might be better if you did not decant it, or decanted it for less time? Either way, enjoy!

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