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2015 Rivers-Marie Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
8/18/2017 - ews3 wrote:
90 points
Ripe redfruited notes of red plum, red cherry, raspberry, brambleberry, cinnamon. Some pine notes. A bit ripe and has a touch of heat on finish. Some pine notes creep on with air. Such a great QPR.
  • ews3 commented:

    8/21/17, 6:25 AM - Yeah Frank -- I was surprised as well. Still very tasty, and if I recall, the stated ABV was 14%, so maybe I've just been drinking too much Kutch/Rhys in the 12s!

2013 Kutch Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
7/25/2017 - ews3 wrote:
secondary fermentation -- fizzy. vigorously decanted and we will see if anything is salvageable tomorrow.
  • ews3 commented:

    8/18/17, 4:11 PM - Jamie -- appreciate the top notch customer service and replacement. Thanks again!

2014 Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Santa Cruz Mountains
8/6/2017 - ews3 wrote:
91 points
California Vacation (Sonoma, SF, Monterey); 8/5/2017-8/12/2017: Tasted at winery. Brighter plum fruit and cherry, graphite, and spice, with some floral notes that give this a nice lightness. Nice structure with some powdery tannins.
  • ews3 commented:

    8/18/17, 4:09 PM - True -- it was still pretty tasty and lots cheaper. For my taste, splurge on the Monte Bello for the cab, and go cheaper on the Zin blends... can't really go wrong at Ridge though!

2013 Dominus Napanook Red Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
5/5/2017 - ews3 wrote:
91 points
Tasted at large walkaround tasting. lots of black fruit on this with a nice pencil lead and cedar note. some smoke and sweet spice. herbal notes (sage?). balanced. this is good, don't get me wrong, but boy do i miss the days when a "second" wine was in the $30 range, not the $70 range.
  • ews3 commented:

    7/14/17, 3:54 AM - Agree that quality is high (and consistent), and the price of the flagship has also approximately doubled over the same timeframe...

2011 Carlisle Zinfandel Bedrock Vineyard Sonoma Valley
3/3/2017 - ews3 wrote:
87 points
This was a disappointment, given how much I love both Bedrock Vineyard and Carlisle's wines. Herbal sage notes dominate the nose, with some plum. The palate is odd, with some menthol and candied plum that seem to be conflicting. May just be in an odd adolescent state, but I had higher hopes. Finishes nicely, with the sweet fruit prevailing.
  • ews3 commented:

    3/4/17, 12:14 PM - dsimmons -- thanks for the comment -- agree with you, although i have enjoyed some of the other '11s and dont mind an herbal streak. my guess is just got this in an awkward spot and it still had some redeeming qualities -- i did not think ti was a flawed wine.

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