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1964 Fratelli Minuto Barolo Riserva Speciale Nebbiolo
11/1/2016 - wrote:
92 points
Got this for 60 USD, which is somewhat of an impulse buy to try some very aged Barolo from a legendary vintage and a maker oft compared to the likes of Gaja. This is the first wine I have ever had that is this old, let alone one where the winery exists no more. Surprisingly, the cork came out in one piece despite the age. The bottle is not decanted, for fear of disintegration, but given a good 2 hours to let the wine stretch its legs. It pours a garnet, brick orange color with incredibly long, uniform legs and considerable amount of bricking. It is somewhat cloudy even. On the nose, the wine sings beautifully with a thickness that is redolent of properly aged Bordeaux. Tertiary at core, the concentrated bouquet yields plenty of musk, burnished leather, sous bois, truffles, smoked meats, macerated cherries, thyme and tobacco. Voluptuous, intense and masculine in stature, the generous palate mirrors the nose and certainly vouches for the pedigree and the vintage. Mild acidity attacks first, followed by finely integrated but once-grippy tannins. Flavors of sour cherries, anise, burnished leather, old books, tar and tobacco dominate. As time goes on, the muskiness and acidity blow off a bit and the wine gains in richness. Finish is very long for a wine that is 52 years of age, lasting almost half a minute. The juice then ends in a licorice-laden, intensely smoky and slightly acidic note. This is my first Barolo, and the first red I have ever tasted aging 50 years and more. Without much experience to compare with, I still find the wine immensely enjoyable, no less because of the price quality ratio but also because of the old-school, traditionalist approach (for example, seeing very little oak). Very few producers do it like that these days for sure. What an incredible find.
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    11/4/16, 9:04 AM - You are very welcome! I wouldn't decant it if I were you, as this seemed a bit frail at first. But once it's opened, give it some time and it will start singing.

2005 Château Talbot St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
8/23/2015 - wrote:
90 points
The wine is popped and poured a dark garnet color with decent legs. Quite excited to try this and see where the wine is at given this monumental vintage. On the nose, this is a classic left-bank Bordeaux - cabernet-dominated with a bouquet dominated by black fruits, tobacco smoke, cassis, sous bois and gravel. On the palate, the tannins in the wine are well-resolved, leaving behind a silky structure that fully bolsters the juice. Notes of cranberries, gravel, cigar box, pepper, kirsch and blackberries dominate the flavor profile. Acidity is moderate here and the greenness is discernible. While this is quite an enjoyable, textbook Bordeaux, the wine evolves linearly and lacks complexity in the finish. Drinking well now and I don't see how additional aging will benefit the wine.
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    8/24/15, 7:39 AM - Very welcome! Yeah - I wasn't particularly impressed, especially not given the price nor the vintage of the wine.

1999 Beringer Vineyards Chardonnay Sbragia Limited Release Napa Valley
5/15/2015 - wrote:
93 points
The wine is chilled, popped and aired for a good half a day before drinking. Out of the bottle, this 15.1% ABV beast pours a mesmerizing, amber copper color with crystal clarity and very thick long legs. The nose has incredible concentration and is just intoxicating. Bouquets beyond bouquets of charred pineapples, over-ripe bananas, honeycomb, vanilla pods, cloves, sugarcane, stewed peaches and aged comte meet the nose. The precision and strength of the nose is just remarkable. On the palate, the wine still drinks quite well. The alcohol, albeit strong, does not bite as age rounds thing out. Rather, the wine rolls off easily down the tongue in a velvety, voluptuous motion, bringing with it more flavors of hard-rind cheeses, banana toffee pie, bananas, buttered toasts and marzipan. Acidity is at a low here; in fact, I do not even pick up any citrus notes. Nonetheless, the wine is not cloying, but rather, flexes its strength and complexity in a gentle and assured manner. This wine has the archetypal profile of a Cali chard; and it does so beautifully with restraint and finesse. Great stuff from Beringer.
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    8/5/15, 11:36 AM - @LJD - I actually did decant it.

1999 Tardieu-Laurent Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend
9/26/2013 - wrote:
90 points
The wine surely demands attention with a whopping 14% abv. In the glass, it pours a musky red color with quite a bit of orange bricking and long legs. The alcohol is certainly potent on the nose with the alcohol coming to the fore before being followed by notes of red fruits, plums, peaches. There are remarkable end notes of wheat grass and aloe. On the palate, the wine is a definite fruit bomb with copious amounts of preserved plums, salted lemons and oak. Tannins are very well integrated and the texture is lush and luxuriant. The tingling from the alcohol is definitely there as if to remind the drinker of the robustness of the wine. Finish is medium. In honest opinion, this absolutely tastes more like a Right Banker (and one done almost exclusively with Merlot), than a CdP. Nevertheless, very strong wine and would most likely develop from the years to come.
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    9/26/13, 6:41 PM - whoops. no pun intended!

2005 Château La Tour de Mons Margaux Red Bordeaux Blend
2/14/2013 - wrote:
87 points
Medium legs with a rather viscous structure, clearly paying tribute to the 13.5% ABV. Dark garnet in color with slight bricking orange at the rim. The wine was left to air for 3 hours. The nose opens with bouquets of black fruit, elderflowers, leather and an unmistakable pungency of mushrooms. There is a slight trace of smoke too. On the palate, the wine is very unctuous with good layering and structure on the palate, cloying even! The wine is very robust and chewy. More cassis, truffles, and even some honey creep onto the palate before some acidity provides much needed freshness to the wine. The finish is long with an aftertaste of breakfast cereal (corn flakes in particular). Tannins very strong. Let sit for a couple of years for sure and I am very impressed with this QPR!
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    2/14/13, 9:13 PM - I thought Cantemerle's are also great for a go-to wine that doesn't break the bank. They are more or less from the same area.

    As for the other go-to wine that I like a lot - Chateau Olivier from Graves is a kicker. Also the 2005 is wonderful. 2009 is amazing across Bordeaux but generally needs cellaring and they are more expensive than the 05's!

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