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2009 Dunn Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain
8/1/2013 - Merzbow Likes this wine:
93 points
Like drinking liquid marble, this could be the spitting image of a fiercer Pichon Baron. Fine yet overtly uncontrolled winemaking provides an exciting rough edge to the smooth, copious tannin and somewhat hidden fruit. I think this could have even been better if not forced through R.O. to remove alcohol, as Dunn has publicly stated he does. A bit more sweetness and generosity would do this wonders. As it is, I prefer the "lower-end" Napa Valley bottling from Dunn.
  • bmartz1 commented:

    8/2/13, 11:20 AM - I posted something similar to the following on another '09 Dunn Howell Mountain comment, so apologies for repeat -- Their Howell Mountain bottlings aren't meant to be consumed young, probably no earlier than 8-10 yrs after bottling depending on vintage. Napa Valley bottling is built for youth. Different strokes for different folks.

2009 Dunn Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain
2/17/2013 - mflesh wrote:
What a young, young wine. I felt like I was committing an act of homicide. This wine is completely locked up. After 2 hours of decanting we could get some restrained black fruit and graphite out of the nose. On the palate was a full bodied, dense and creamy wine up front. There was significant blackberry creme de cassis and even almost a hint of mocha sweetness. MAYBE some smoke or leather or was it just my imagination? There was blueberry that showed up a little later. Wine finished with rather stiff tannins and some moderate spice at such a young age. It was rather velvety without alcoholic headiness until the finish. I wasn't getting much in the way of forest at all - I was getting more of a tannic character. This wine isn't integrated at all. Locked up for sure, not showing its best in its infant state. Don't get me wrong, this wine is drinking well now and, if you HAD to serve this wine, you need to decant an entire afternoon. But I can only imagine how it will drink in 5 years. Best to drink starting in 2016-2017 ...and for probably 15-20 years after that. I'd say it's a solid 90 now, but will easily be 95-96 at maturation
  • bmartz1 commented:

    2/20/13, 10:51 AM - For what it's worth: somewhat unfair to rate a Dunn Howell mountain this early on -- these are pretty well known to need to lay down for 10yrs before hitting stride. Their Napa Valley offerings are more approachable early. One the one hand you as the customer obviously have the right to drink and opine on the wine whenever you want, but on the other hand the Dunns have never made any apologies or varied from the view that the Howell Mountain needs to lay down a long time.

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