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2015 Rivers-Marie Cabernet Sauvignon Calistoga
10/4/2021 - Elkcims Likes this wine:
94 points
Slow Ox 3 hours at 60*. Medium to full bodied, black cherry, blackberry. Nowadays, a real value for $95. Soft tannins, smooth finish, lots of residual skin but didn't need to filter.
  • RobbieC commented:

    10/5/21, 6:25 PM - You wrote: "Nowadays, a real value for $95". So true! A bummer that $95 for a good Napa Cab is a "value" wine these days. Appreciate your note.

2016 Rivers-Marie Chardonnay Sonoma Coast
5/19/2018 - csimm1161 wrote:
87 points
TRB wines (SF): Lemon liqueur, yellow pear, glycol, and lamp oil. Some faint lemon verbena and grass on the back end, but mostly hits of lemon and alcohol. A furry/pithy aftertaste made for an abrupt finish. Even with the good QPR, this wine isn't the friendliest or most quaffable of Chardonnays. It's ok, but pretty wonky overall. Previous vintages of this wine have performed much better. Hold for another year...I guess...
  • RobbieC commented:

    5/25/18, 3:20 PM - Your review of the 2016 Rivers-Marie Chardonnay Sonoma Coast is spot-on. Enjoy many of your reviews and appreciate the notes.

2015 Rivers-Marie Chardonnay Sonoma Coast
1/29/2018 - TimboSlice wrote:
91 points
First bottle of RM Chardonnay and was pleased with the experience.

The wine is gold and medium bodied, no sediment or haziness.

The smell is beautiful - almost like the filling of an almond croissant! Also getting some lemon curd and fresh cream. Very aromatic.

On the palate, it is more steely and crisp than expected, but with an undeniable rich roundness that makes for a lasting finish. Creamy tropical fruit and lemon curd, with some marzipan throughout.

Overall a strong impression and compels me to max out my allocation in the upcoming 2016 release! Need to delve into the SVDs and get some Theriot and Bearwallow as well.
  • RobbieC commented:

    2/10/18, 4:26 PM - Excellent review of the 2015 Rivers Marie Chardonnay. My tasting notes were similar but I think you nailed it. Well done!

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