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2009 Nickel & Nickel Cabernet Sauvignon Kelham Vineyard Oakville
10/5/2020 - gjv115 Likes this wine:
90 points
Started out a little toasty but opened up. Smooth and interesting. Probably past peak. Not sure where it's going from here.
  • cbforever1 commented:

    10/5/20, 2:33 PM - Are you sure about 99 points? Your words kind of tell a different story

2013 Château de Pibarnon Bandol Mourvèdre Blend, Mourvèdre
9/7/2017 - cbforever1 wrote:
84 points
Very pretentious but with a very bitter finish not very pleasant
  • cbforever1 commented:

    9/18/20, 2:24 AM - Sorry, perhaps that was confusing. What I meant was that this wine gave me the impression of really wanting to be a top wine (in terms of oak, extraction, style) but was falling very short. Of course it was the winemaking team behind it and not the wine itself. Hope that clarifies, or maybe it was just poor vocabulary on my side (I am not native)

2013 Azienda Agricola Vignalta Colli Euganei Gemola Red Bordeaux Blend
9/20/2019 - cbforever1 wrote:
91 points
Great find! How knew in colli euganei they could do a very credible bordeaux blend!
  • cbforever1 commented:

    11/10/19, 2:59 AM - You are right, i meant 91 not 81 gonna fix it now

2000 Bruno Giacosa Barbaresco Riserva Asili Nebbiolo
6/3/2018 - Anonymous wrote:
CORKED and I am heart broken.....
  • cbforever1 commented:

    6/3/18, 11:09 AM - Man, what a tragedy. I feel your pain!

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