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2019 Casata Monfort Pinot Grigio Rosé Trentino
8/25/2021 - Aparritz Likes this wine:
93 points
One of my top roses of all time. It’s got fruit for sure but the minerality and versatility were just so good. I’ll be following this one for sure.
  • Aparritz commented:

    5/22/22, 7:14 PM - Hey @guitarguy

    It looks like they have both a rose (which may be more orange than rose, but it’s is indeed labeled rose — look at the pictures) and also a traditional white PG. The (labeled) rose I had was spectacular.

2004 Barreri & Rovati Barolo Riserva Nebbiolo
3/19/2015 - Aparritz Likes this wine:
92 points
One of the best values ever from TJs. The notes below are all accurate in terms of flavor and depth. Grab this if you still see it at trader joes because it's a fantastic way to experience a Barolo like this at a pittance. Amazing in every way.
  • Aparritz commented:

    3/29/15, 5:46 AM - cJHarvey - it was the 2004 Barolo riserva.

2009 Sommavite Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
7/23/2014 - Aparritz wrote:
94 points
Hello trader joes.... This is the best I've ever had from you. Loads of complexity and powerful flavor, and fully open and accessible for a relatively young brunello. Wow!
  • Aparritz commented:

    11/3/14, 5:18 AM - Hi Mulligan-

    The tasting window is not mine but I'd say it's more or less accurate. I had this a couple months ago so I don't recall perfectly but i'd say it would be worth it to stock up on a few of these and drink them over the next ~5 years or so. You never know when these will disappear from TJs.

2007 Cims de Porrera Priorat Solanes Red Blend
7/7/2013 - Aparritz wrote:
88 points
Tart, tannic, chewy and dense. Pleasant over 3 days but the tart pomegranate and cherry could have used more balance.
  • Aparritz commented:

    1/6/14, 7:41 AM - I don't think it would hurt. If i recall correctly the wine tasted like it had a t least a few more years of life left. Give it a shot!

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