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2005 Red Zeppelin Black Zeppelin Paso Robles Syrah Blend, Syrah
4/11/2018 - p2002 wrote:
82 points
Getting past it's prime. Pop and pour was off - tasting a little of vinegar. After having been left on the shelf for an hour or so, the wine integrated nicely. Though nothing on the nose and without much in the way of fruit, it opened up to an interesting complexity; mineral, floral, faint non-discernable fruit. A definite improvement in hour two and three over PnP.
That said, a day on the shelf with just over a half bottle left did not do this wine any favor, the second day tasting was frankly flat and lifeless, even a little sweet and flabby. Not all together unpleasant, but not at all improved, and maybe even degraded (working with food pairing to improve the experience.)
Based on this I am suggesting this wine is past and I am sorry I held this in the cellar for so long. I have one bottle left that I will open sooner rather than later and will approach the 2009 set I hold within the year.
  • p2002 commented:

    4/12/18, 5:20 PM - I would love to hear from other current consumers as it looks like there are some 80+ shelved bottles. I may have had an off bottle.

2012 Immersion Wines Napa Valley Red Blend
3/13/2017 - Ghengis Likes this wine:
80 points
Purchased at Sam's for $6.51. Well worth the money.
  • p2002 commented:

    1/26/18, 6:50 PM - Still at $10.41 locally, you found a great deal.

2009 Cameron Hughes Cabernet Sauvignon Lot 283 Napa Valley
3/14/2014 - p2002 wrote:
Thin, flat, and lifeless, a subtle not-pleasant underlying cherry-candy aftertaste, and without much improvement on day two. I had opened a bottle about a year prior, this not as I remember my first bottle. It is an ok wine given the QPR, but not the best showing by CH.
(edit) I believe this bottle to be flawed. I opened my last bottle of this lot and found this fresh opening to be much more 'cab' like; better body (though still thin), black berry and herbaceous. Still, not the best expression of a NV cab in my (very limited) experience. Not a wine I can recommend to hold onto for the cellar, best to drink now. To be fair, I bought this as a drink now wine - I got just what I asked for.
  • p2002 commented:

    5/3/14, 5:03 PM - Worth noting: This was one bottle out of ten that was flawed the others were all of fair quality. Further, I contacted CHW about this bottle, and without hesitation was a offered a replacement CS of my choosing as this lot was no longer stocked. Great customer service at CH. I am finding more and more CH is a brand in the wine-world that laity (like myself) can readily embrace.

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