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White - Off-dry
3/2/2020 - NotNYC wrote:
93 points
Was interested and a bit concerned about how these would age.
Turns out very well.
Gorgeous deep color. Inviting nose.

Day 1: good not great.
Day 2: Man this blossomed big-time with a great balance of acid/sugar. Some tropicals for complexity.
Day 3: Still in the pocket but would not wait for Day 4. ;-)

Might be n the outside edge of aging.
Summer is coming.
Balance. Nice acidity. Low ABV. Golden color. Shows it's age but still delightfully fresh.
5/24/2017 - NotNYC Likes this wine:
92 points
Pretty stunning surprise here. Essence of the varietal - while not an especially complex example - the purity and the clarity of the individual qualities shine through. Drink on the warmer side of cold.

Opened night 1 - took a taste, re-corked and put in the fridge.

Night 2: yeah baby- this sings with tight minerality, stone fruits, laced with an acid streak that knits the whole thing together. The mid-weight and smooth viscosity add an elegant mouthfeel. For some reason also get a hint of wet bamboo (?).

Night 3: Still singing but more of a sweet-tart affair as the mineral seems to have backed off. Prefer Day 2.

Couple extra points for the insane QPR - Am kicking myself for drinking all the other bottles years ago, but its all over now.
5/8/2017 - NotNYC wrote:
Opened Sat- drank Sun

This is closed down - not giving up much, even with warmth and air.
Beautiful intense straw color but a sleeper for now.

Mr Theise says drink years 12-18. Of course he's right.
Going to leave the rest for 2020+
White - Off-dry
4/26/2017 - NotNYC wrote:
91 points
No formal notes

Second wine of lunch (followed a Keller trocken), a perfect landing.
Heavier mouthfeel made for a nice viscosity/weight. Paired very well with simple salad then strawberries with creme fraiche.

Only regret is that it was a pop n' pour, as suspect this would benefit from a few hours of air, still it was a crowd pleaser.
4/26/2017 - NotNYC wrote:
92 points
What applies to the GG also works here "...Rich nose, good minerality. Lemon lime, nice texture. Bit of spritz."
Also got a whiff of petrol on open.

Overall a pure clean wine, certainly one that has benefitted from aging. There's just so much more here than there was when it was a baby.

Med-light in weight with pleasing smooth mouthfeel.
Polished off at lunch of charcuterie, soufflé - would like to see what this is like on day two.

No idea about whether this will benefit from additional aging - its in a great spot now - if you have a few, time to open and enjoy one.
White - Off-dry
2/6/2017 - NotNYC wrote:
91 points
Beginning to come round.

Its a crowd pleaser already.
Especially for those who enjoy very low ABV (7.5%) wines.
Still wants a good chill to show well.
Will try another in a year or so.
1/16/2017 - NotNYC wrote:
91 points
This was in a box with some '09 Nuts & Bolts and a TomBoy.
This On The Road Grenache aged nicely while the Syrah went down the drain..

This is BIG and juicy but exceptionally well integrated - as you would expect at this late stage. Wants a good amount of air before it shows well.

This OTR makes an exquisite high-end pizza wine, like the mascarpone pizza from Pizzetta 211 in San Francisco. Stunning.

Agree with others this likely is on its last legs - drink 'em if you got 'em.
1/16/2017 - NotNYC wrote:
94 points
Deep, succulent and unctuous -this aged beautifully.

Intense and certainly mature, to the point here the fruit is tightly bound and not at all youthful - yet not raisin like - more dry Sauterne; but absolutely CA.

Perfect cold winter night wine with warm just-cooked lobster.

Can't see this getting any better, so if you got 'em...
1/16/2017 - NotNYC wrote:
Found a box of '09 Herman Story in the back of storage -- a nice thing to rediscover .;-))

One would think the Nuts and Bolts Syrah would age brilliantly - sad to say this is not the case.
Both bottles are OTH, near undrinkable. Perhaps a year ago they would be amazing.Today its rough drinking.

LOTS of sediment in these - decanting essential. Take look at the pix I put up.

Reading other notes I gotta wonder if the storage or something went wrong over the ensuing years. However other H Story bots in the box have been superb... go figure.... its wine.
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White - Off-dry
1/2/2017 - NotNYC wrote:
incredible color
vibrant complex yet a bit closed on opening
T said petrol but I didn;t get that

Left open for 3-4 hours and that wasn't the best idea, as an odd plastic(?) overtone developed. Dissipated after hour 4.

Bottom line?
Let these breathe for about an 90 min, chill to about 50f and Njoy

Left half a glass out to see what happens... day 2 and 3 ... & Whoa!
Deeper intensity and viscosity. FANTASTIC!

Lot of layers to explore: Mineral, Citrus and bit heavy as its not a troken - yet aged Lauer has some depths we are starting to enjoy.

Cellared a ton of late naughts and these are just the beginning.
9/27/2016 - NotNYC wrote:
A tough call to be sure.
Consumed over 4 hours
Sound bottle but overall the consensus was Over the Hill.

Note on the back label it states 'from a private collection".
Storage and travels prior to my 2010 acquisition may have influenced the OTH.

Still its always fun to open an aged bottle to discover what's inside.
9/19/2016 - NotNYC wrote:
94 points
Took about 45 minutes to come round, no surprise things started ugly.

Once awake a stunning example. Deep yellow complexion, unexpectedly young citrus nose, but the taste was best characterized as what it "wasn't". Because it wasn't citrusy, it wasn't petrol, it wasn't old or flabby, it wasn't a lot of things and that is what makes this note so difficult to write.

It was absolutely a pleasure to share and drink!
Blind I would never have thought this to be nearly 20 years old.
White - Sparkling
N.V. Jacques Selosse Substance Champagne Grand Cru Chardonnay (view label images)
12/25/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
96 points
Absolutely a "WOW!" wine.

The complexity and balance combined with the strength and unique qualities makes this is my favorite Selosse.

Having tasted most bottlings but the single vintages, that is saying a lot.

Perhaps it was the additional aging, disgorged Sept 24, 2003. Something about this bottle distinguished itself as starting at 11 and just going higher as it developed/opened across the hours of the evening.


For my tastes, Substance benefits from additional aging.
Over time the Initial, Rose and others do not seem to gain as much.

I would drink those sooner before the youthful expression falls off.
In my limited experience, Substance develops the desired mature Champagne characteristics. This 2003 in 2014 was truly exceptional.
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11/24/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
91 points
I am with Frank- Glaze nails the character. Served with roast duck and this long forgotten bottle launched the meal into the stratosphere.

Tons of secondary character, a silky mouthfeel, gorgeous integration. Everything ties together into an impressive package made all the more impressive because in that this is a second label for the vineyard.
Well done!

once again provenance rule the day as this was not listed in my inventory.
Time has served this well but should you have any likely its bester to drink near-term.
10/25/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
95 points
Outstanding complexity with nuanced layers. An Original.
Every once in while the glass is filled with something that isn't simply another nice wine- even calling it wine belies what lies within.

The nose: While savoring the depths my daughter asks, "When are you going take a sip?" Honestly the nose alone is reason enough to seek this out.

Mouthfeel is extraordinary. Full yet weightless. Silky almost unnoticeable tannins, so well integrated from age and provenance.

Life cycle- 10 years old & I suspect this is just beginning to express itself. Any earlier and it was likely a jammy chewy mess. A crime to open. Given present vitality guessing 2024-2030 would be just insane.

Length, depth, vitality, balance and complexity.
Serious juice.

Not a party wine, this deserves contemplation and withstands intense examination.

3 hour bottle breathe, then decanted for another hour of air. Served with a grass-fed Porterhouse from Olivier's Butchery, mushroom risotto and sautéed spinach.
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6/30/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
87 points
Perhaps a bit late in the game for this. Bit thin & less fruity than a full-blown right moment to drink bottle.
Decant for an hour. Moderate sediment. Resolved tannins.

Beckmen does make some good wines; this one wasn't made to go the distance
6/22/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
94 points
Confirms why Ballard Canyon is that special.
Splash decant, four hours of air this delivers an extraordinary beauty.

Larner's legacy lives in this bottle.
Russel only honors his vision.

Our Thanks
6/22/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
91 points
Deep dark, moderate sediment. Splash decant.
Shy nose & needed considerable time to come around, either closed or sleeping deeply. This may take hours to fully awaken.

Full body, no discernible alcohol. Classic Petite Syrah that wants to fully express itself - it just never did. Fruit was back there somewhere, tannins well set, everything proper.

Recommend opening at least 4 hours ahead of drinking.
6/2/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
91 points
Impeccably well aged Syrah from a favorite vineyard.

There's a purity and melding of all the elements that's rare to capture.
Earthy, leather, bit of spice complemented by an exceptionally smooth velvet texture.
Not at all sweet yet the fruit holds this together.
Lusciously full bodied but not at all brawny.

Fantastic with roasted chicken, ramps and new potatoes.
Demonstrates just how good a Mid-Coast CA can be.
6/1/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
94 points
Superlatives deserved.
Deep golden color that leads to the deep and developing complex nose. No petrol.
Depth of halbtroken body shows minerals, stone, exceptionally smooth subtle stone fruits and citrus hints.
Slow to open, overall it was an elegant WOW wine appreciated by all.
Served with bacon wrapped monkfish, ramps and forbidden rice.
Made the dinner.
5/27/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
88 points
100% Mourvedre and in a Cab shaped bottle kind of threw me - thus approached with no expectations/open mind.

No sediment. bit closed upon opening, splash decant for air.

Less bold, not as full bodied and less chewy than a Syrah. A smooth texture. Well balanced acid-sweetness (and I do not care for sweet reds) some fruit & earth but nothing really sits center stage.
Overall a great companion for a teriyaki roast chicken. Versatile as no clash with asparagus - always a tough match.
In the end for me this, as with Cab Franc, seems more of a varietal to blend with rather than a 100%.
Now I can ID this in a blend rapido!
White - Off-dry
5/17/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
91 points
About 4 hours air and this is beginning to hit stride. But putting other bottles back into the cellar. Just too soon as perhaps its still a bit closed.
Delicious and enticing. Great with a Soft Shell Crab and Ramp sandwich.
Dunno why but suspect this may show its best after the 10 year mark.
5/4/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
91 points
Bit of bricking on the very light plum color
Nice earthy nose
Started a bit sweet then came around to a elegant glass with earth, cherry and acids in tune.
Atypical CA PN - no syrup here . More Burgundian today, so it did improve with age. Some might call it thin.
As it stared to fall apart after an hour, best to drink 'em if you got 'em.
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4/20/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
94 points
A WOW wine
Against the 2007 PS from a month ago, this is an entirely different creature. That was rough & a bit chewy. This is James Bond smooth.

Deep dark delicious. Time has served this well. The window has opened.
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4/16/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
92 points
Mmmmm, Mmmmm good.

Golden color. Lavish nose. A finish that lingers and doesn't quit.
Far more concentrated and lavish than expected.
This is one gorgeous wine.

Honestly for an Austrian that weighs in at 7 years with an obscure and delicious varietal clocking only $25?

… doubtful it gets any better.
4/15/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
89 points
Once again this surprises.
Still alive and well… every now and then its kind of hard to tell…

If memory serves this is a bit more sparse than last Fall.
Resolved tannins, not at all sweet and no overly alc traits.

Suggest drinking this 12 year old sooner rather than later
4/2/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
89 points
Pretty much what expected. Its a BIG rose.
Not a Bandol or anything close.
Rather odd that other reviews are so negative though.

I like Turleys. Had my fair share tasting through the range of Zin and Petite Syrahs undoubtedly one of CA best. But they are big, can be gloppy and a bit sweet- at least for my taste.
But dropped off the list years ago.

I thought this was fun. Went well with a frissee salad.
Agreed, few wines have been as deservedly lambasted as white zin,
but a Suckers Creek comparison seems off base.
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2008 McPrice Myers Altas Vinas Santa Barbara County Red Rhone Blend (view label images)
1/26/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
Afraid I have to go low in this.

Splash decant for an hour.
Lovely big nose of gorgeous dark fruits w/ a touch of alco bite.
While this BIG 7 year year old has resolved its tannins, the wrapping of huge sweetness crushes and distracts from other well meaning elements.
Unfortunately big fat CA are not to my taste and thus, I must pronounce this as one of McPrice's lesser efforts. Not in my wheelhouse.
Oh well.
White - Sparkling
1/21/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
91 points
Our new 'Everyday' champagne.

This lovely number may have a somewhat ostentatious label/bottle design; but its whats inside that counts and this is very balanced. With a mineral/acid spine that drives light bubbles with a lovely light almond color, it is very food friendly, also stands ably on its own as the late night bottle.

When you consider the price point it is positively astounding.
Doubtful I will ever to be able to buy only one bottle ~ drinks fast~
1/11/2014 - NotNYC wrote:
88 points
Saw a Mag of this at BiRite for $50. Making a beef stew and nothing at home suited.
For the stew this worked well both in the stew and as a complement. After an hour of air it blossomed. Earthy, bit sweet with some cherry and light floral notes, Balanced but certainly on the lighter side.

its not an important Burg yet decent enough.
Over the course of the afternoon/evening finished the mag between the two of us. On that alone QPR says would buy again. Solid party wine.
White - Sparkling
12/15/2013 - NotNYC wrote:
89 points
Mineral driven with well delineated balance. Nothing complex, perhaps the perfect choice for a bigger party. Everyone will be happy.
Insane QPR.
12/10/2013 - NotNYC Likes this wine:
93 points
Paired with filets topped with black truffle butter, baked potatoes (white truffle butter) and scorched garlic brussel sprouts. BAM!

Surprised to find this unsedimental but decanted about an hour before serving, which filled out the body and complexity. First taste was thin and simple. Blossomed into a complex earthy and very smooth wine.

Well worth the wait. This seemed to be at a peak - yet not a lot of experience with older Barolos.
White - Sparkling
N.V. Jacques Selosse Initial Champagne Grand Cru Chardonnay (view label images)
11/29/2013 - NotNYC wrote:
92 points
Nothing says Thanksgiving like Selosse.

As others have noted, improves as it warms in the glass. So go slow as complexity builds throughout. Dynamic mineral, citrus, brioche evolving in delightfully unexpected ways.

A lighter Selosse that we found difficult to pair with food. Best enjoyed solo...

disgorged Oct 20, 2010
If the most expensive wines are those that get poured down the drain...
This is expensive wine

There's corked… and then there's Alcina.
Black cork death
There's corked… and then there's Alcina.

So sad.
I remember opening one of these when it first arrived and it was exceptional.
10/15/2013 - NotNYC Likes this wine:
92 points
This perfectly aged Oregon Pinot won over not just me but also a diehard Burg lover. Beautifully restrained yet bold enough to know its New World, time has served this well.
The integration and balance, with a touch of spice makes for a great food wine.
9/22/2013 - NotNYC wrote:
92 points
What others do as a heavy, sweeter, sadly gloppier treatment of these grapes , this lies on the lighter side. True it is a bit sweet, but this is California. Thinking this is in the Zone as it plays well with a variety of food yet still drinks well alone.
Full of spice and sour cherries this is a smooth somewhat complex quaff. Clear and free of any cloudiness - see my earlier notes.

Decanted for air about 2 hrs, and 4 hours later its almost gone.
Bottom line: Time has served this well. Integrated and while light, delightfully well balanced. Drink em if you got em. Time is now. Wonderful wine.
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9/20/2013 - NotNYC wrote:
85 points
Some wines are not meant to age.
This is one of them.

2013.. best as a pizza wine. Good pizza.
9/20/2013 - NotNYC wrote:
88 points
Well blow me down.
Who'da thunk an 11 year old wine club number could hold up and actually be more than a pizza wine?
Not fair to compare this to a Turley Petite Syrah but for a causal wine this remains respectable.
Was expecting yech - medium body that exhibits faint big syrah character. Most importantly it goes down easy for a friday evening dinner with immediate family.
9/20/2013 - NotNYC wrote:
Poor bastard.
At some point this had what it takes.
For whatever reason -likely the cork- what remans is a really nice aged Pinot marred by an awful overriding flaw.
Curious as the Syrah was actually pretty good. More Pinots to go, so the test continues.

They say the most expensive wines are those that get poured down the drain.
9/15/2013 - NotNYC Likes this wine:
90 points
bot these ages ago & finally pulled from the depths of the cellar. Qualifier: I have so little experience with Aussie wine and although I do enjoy CA Central Coast and Rhones, you can pretty much ignore this review.

This 2003 Tatiarra Shiraz Cambrian is a very pretty wine. I decanted for a couple hours and poured, just gorgeous with the setting sun complementing the pour.
Nose is a bit restrained. Thought it backed off a bit from the decant. Which is consistent with the glass and this wine, they like one another. The more time in the glass, the more this wine grows.
10 years old going on 5. Well rounded and integrated. Brambly notes, lovely viscosity, not too sweet with a refined well stated spectrum of moderate complexity.
However, during dinner there's a hole that jars the acidity and the resolved tannins against one another. I dunno it made me think twice and that is what keeps me from scoring higher - much as I deplore scores.
About 3 hrs in, drinking solo and this drinks more complete yet sweeter, a character that detracts.
Something like 5 more bottles in the cellar, will not bury too far as I suspect these may dry out over the next 3-4 years. Then its OTH.
Longest review I have written in quite a while, if you read this far...
9/2/2013 - NotNYC Likes this wine:
89 points
Just unearthed my long buried Alicinas. Look to be in perfect condition. From reading others' notes, approaching these with hit-or-miss trepidation, black rubber corks and all.

Expecting the worst and the slightly funky nose quickly blew-off, replaced by deep dark fruit notes and a lush totally drinkable syrah. Yay!

Not jammy, reasonably complex, very well integrated. Lots of sediment- decant next time.
9/1/2013 - NotNYC wrote:
93 points
Insanely integrated in a complete package, oozing elegance and class. This has everything we look for in a CA Pinot. And you can posture that 9 years adds a lot to the 'bugundian' values found here; but this has the full, plush texture I associate with CA. It is true to its roots.
That ME makes wines that can go the distance is testimony to her craft to which she an absolute credit. Prefer this to a Smoke or K-B any day. Superb!
8/26/2013 - NotNYC Likes this wine:
93 points
Amazingly integrated and balanced. Ding a point for just a tiny peak of heat from the alcohol.
After drinking many a Roar at many a stage in the aging process, this is more complete than others. Full and luscious exhibiting a full rich texture that flows throughout. Its a lush CA but not at all jammy or overly concentrated.
In a perfect spot for drinking now. Cannot fathom it getting any better. Outstanding!
8/18/2013 - NotNYC wrote:
89 points
Good not great - against the 2004 this is a bit drier, giving it a harsh quality that detracts from its strengths. Perhaps its a bit late to be drinking?
McPrice & Larner are such a good match comments are more quibble from comparisons.
8/4/2013 - NotNYC wrote:
92 points
Remarkable that this is still a viable and decidedly delicious bottle. 14 years down the line and one of Merry's earliest solo bottlings.
Deep dark color and a solid if just a bit fading complexity. To think the terrior of this is now under someone's house seems borderline criminal.
Likely this peaked a few years back; yet still displays the character and essence of the vineyard and the winemaker.
Much respect.
7/14/2013 - NotNYC wrote:
91 points
Bit torn and primarily because of the price. This is a classic profile nice and respectable CA Cab. Its well integrated, well balanced and nicely complex with a lot going on in the glass that all makes sense.
Really its a lovely bottle.

Just can't get past thinking this was meant to be the next screeagle and its certainly not that.

Bottom line: Like it but not gushing love. This has a while to go as no bricking and has what it takes to continue it's development.
6/25/2013 - NotNYC wrote:
93 points
Really taken by this CA Pinot. A velvety sensuous texture that balances so very well with the slight sour cherry and acids. Lightly taut demonstrating elegance and class without being overly feminine.
One of the best CA pinots in recent memory.
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