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N.V. Barbolini Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro Lancillotto
11/14/2017 - skp88 wrote:
85 points
I want to like Lambrusco (it seems the urbane thing to do) and this is my first effort, but I don’t like this wine. Grapey, thin, and unsavory. Like a blend of soda water and grape syrup. In fairness, one reviewer found bliss in pairing a Lambrusco with a simple dish of hot pasta in a marinara sauce and so that’s what I tried. I think that not a good combo, but that this wine on its own as an aperitif on a hot summer day could be very refreshing
  • quaglia commented:

    11/23/17, 12:16 AM - Best combo for Lambrusco are Salami (not hot), Mortadella and ham...try another one! :-)

2015 Enio Ottaviani Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore Caciara
11/5/2016 - quaglia wrote:
78 points
Argilla e mare: Rimini Sangiovese (S. Giovanni in Marignano): Very particular at nose: green notes come along with the red fruit. Clear iron note.
At taste very good acidity and high minerality overpassing a light fruit..
Bitter ending
AiS Rom. > 86; AiS 85/88 2017
  • quaglia commented:

    12/7/16, 2:27 AM - Probably a strange, particular, bottle.

2013 Azienda Agricola Bruna Riviera Ligure di Ponente Maje Pigato, Vermentino
8/28/2015 - bubblewitz Likes this wine:
80 points
Bruna rossese 2013. Strawberry, raspberry, light but with length
  • quaglia commented:

    10/26/15, 10:55 AM - I think your note refers to rossese..this is a pigato...

2009 Château Beauregard Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend
6/18/2013 - quaglia wrote:
84 points
Bordeaux Vinexpo 2013 (Saint Estephe/Sauternes/Pomerol) (Bordeaux (F)): Nice, with typic hints, both at nose and taste, but a bit without grace in the ending, with some harsh tannins.
  • quaglia commented:

    7/3/13, 11:21 PM - Thank you very much for your attention, Stefan.
    The note (and rating) strictly refers to the bottle as tasted; that particular bottle in that moment.
    I personally think that the wine (if properly cellared) will get much better, and other CT community notes are significant.
    I will wait for your note in the 20's!

2007 Tenuta San Guido Bolgheri Sassicaia Sassicaia Red Bordeaux Blend
10/1/2012 - quaglia wrote:
Sassicaia! (Roma - Hilton Cavalieri): The climate season was regular.
Strange vintage, different from the others.
Iron powder and wet soil at the beginning, iodine.
Coherent at taste, with a lond mineral finish. ***
  • quaglia commented:

    12/15/12, 12:03 AM - Yes, it was too young for sure, but differently from other (also younger) vintages, it had something strange and not so promising!

2006 Fuligni Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
2/20/2011 - quaglia wrote:
77 points
Benvenuto Brunello 2006 premiére (30 TN inside!!) (Montalcino (Si)): Weak nose. Nice entry in mouth, but decaying fast. [IV: 92]
  • quaglia commented:

    12/14/12, 1:38 PM - Hello, I accept comments, not offenses. Be polite or read someone else's notes
    I was referring decaying fast in mouth, not persistent

2003 Meerlust Rubicon Stellenbosch Red Bordeaux Blend
1/16/2011 - Chasse_spleen wrote:
89 points
Sometimes one's taste develops over the years - or maybe it is that some early enthusiasm wears off. This wine - which we initially were very impressed with - does not maintain that position when revisited some years later. It is now mature, with the tannins fully melted. Good acidity and fruit. But, unfortunately, the tar (or smoke) is for our current taste too overwhelming and onedimensional. Sorry, but the Medocs have nothing to fear from this style.
  • quaglia commented:

    1/18/11, 12:06 AM - My bottle, just 8 months ago, was young!!!... could be a problem of wrong cellaring?? Good TN!!!

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