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2008 Marcassin Chardonnay Marcassin Vineyard Sonoma Coast
6/1/2013 - tp096255 Likes this wine:
96 points
COLOR: Slightly cloudy honey-gold (though I decanted extremely carefully on its side). I think this needs a few more years for the lees to autolyse and drop out. That may enhance the experience and could lead to a higher score.

NOTE: Wow, this is an elixir of striking depth and beauty. It is in the same company as the 2005 Shibumi Knoll and 2008 Aubert Reuling and could perhaps surpass them. It is hard to find a flaw in this. Maybe just a hint of leesy rawness between the mouth and finish, and just a tinge of overt oakiness in the nose.
However, I'm just nitpicking here. This delivers on all aspects. The nose is a mélange of perfectly toasted marshmallow, citrus oils, Madagascar vanilla bean, crème fraiche. The nose obviously gets more complex as it warms up in the glass. Eventually some honeysuckle (and jasmine?) show up for the party. It's very complex.
Then the mouth, oh what a mouth! This is opulent, unctuous, voluptuous, corpulent, glycerin-driven, whatever you want to call it. It's like a hard citrus candy dissolving in your mouth. No heat anywhere, just a prominent lemon oil base buttressed by sweet cream butter, cooked scone, even a hint of cornbread (weird, never experienced that before in any white). White peach shows up after a couple hours. The finish is 45+ seconds long and echoes much of the mouth, but there are distinct impressions of the finish as well, especially the white flowers. It just has such a lovely balance. I was planning on selling my remaining bottles if this was just another over-rated Chard, but I think I'm keeping my last 3. This is special-occasion juice, not to be missed.

Between 2-3 hours the finish seems to yield a sweet glycerin that is absolutely addicting. It's a dry wine obv, but that sweet fruit is amazing.

Another interesting thing is that this had little dingleballs sticking all around the edge of the cork bottom, like amber droplets. They didn't look like tartaric acid crystals, but were amber/beige and opaque. One dropped off into the decanter and never dissolved. Never seen this before in any wine, white or red.

DECANT: 0-3 hours
GLASS USED: Sommelier Montrachet
TASTE: 9.6-
COST: 129
VALUE: 8.0 (because it's so darn good)
TRY AGAIN: 2014 - 2020
PAIRING: nothing.
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  • Button Yang commented:

    9/24/13, 11:24 PM - Do not intend to offense, yeasts/lees do not polymerize, they will AUTOLYSE LOL.

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